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Why You Should Upgrade to Android 12, and How to Do It?


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Android 12 offers a more personal, secure, and effortless experience on your device. Featuring a completely redesigned user interface just for you, new privacy features designed to keep you safe and in control, and a more seamless way to access your games directly or switch to a new device. I’m here.

Why You Should Upgrade to Android 12 in Detail

1. Background-based dynamic theme

One of the highlights of Android 12 is the dynamic theme engine “monet” that makes Material You so special. The engine picks up colors from the applied background image and uses them throughout the UI and system accents for these purposes. To further enhance the experience, the colors are also applied to apps that have been updated to support the theming engine.

Android 12’s dynamic theming engine keeps the user interface from getting boring. A simple change of scenery is enough to give everything a fresh coat of paint.

2. Game Dashboard

For now, a Pixel-exclusive Android 12 feature, the Game Dashboard is a few key tools, including the ability to record gameplay, stream game sessions to YouTube, and view live view FPS. It is intended to enhance the gaming experience by overlaying information. You can use the counter to know your phone’s performance.

Depending on your needs, also can choose one of three different game profiles: Performance, Standard, and Battery Saver. However, this particular feature only works for games that have been updated to take advantage of Android 12’s new APIs.

To enable Game Dashboard on Android 12, go to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb. Select the Schedule option from the menu that opens, then select the settings icon (gear) next to Games. Then enable the Game Dashboard option. If you don’t want to be disturbed by notifications while you’re gaming, you can also turn on silent mode for the game.

3. One-handed mode

In honor of his Android skin from a third party, Google has added a native one-handed mode to Android 12. As the name suggests, this feature makes it easier to operate your phone with one hand. This benefits the device with big, giant displays like the Pixel 6 Pro.

On your mobile, click on Settings > System > Gestures. Tap One-Handed Mode to switch it on. You can now enable one-handed mode by simply swiping down from the bottom edge of the display. Note that this feature only works if your device uses gesture navigation.

In contrast to Samsung and Xiaomi’s implementation, Android 12’s one-handed mode on Google Pixels shrinks the entire user interface and moves it down, making the top elements easier to reach with your thumb. You can exit the one-handed mode by tapping anywhere on the top of the screen.

4. Fast Tap

Android 12

After the back-tap gesture in iOS 14, in Android 12 Google put a new emphasis on fast taps. Simply double-tap the back of your phone to launch selected apps, control media playback, take screenshots, view recent apps, or launch Google Assistant.

Quick tap gestures are hidden under Settings > System > Gesgestures Android 12. Now select the action you want to assign to the quick tap according to your preference.

5. Share directly in the Recent Overview menu

Android 12 further improves the ability to quickly share images from the Recents summary menu. Simply drag and drop a photo from Instagram, Chrome’s webpage, or other similar apps, and a list of suggested contacts will appear at the bottom for quick and easy sharing. This makes the whole process of sharing content from your recent overview streamlined and more convenient.

6. Privacy Dashboard

Google is once again bolstering its commitment to privacy with the Privacy Dashboard. The privacy dashboard gives you an overview of which apps have accessed your location data, camera, microphone, and other permissions in the last 24 hours. It gives you a complete breakdown down to the minute your app uses particular permission.

If you’re worried that an app installed on your device is secretly tracking you or eavesdropping on your conversations, you can use the privacy dashboard to find out if it’s true. increase. You can access your privacy dashboard from Settings > Privacy > Privacy Dashboard.

7. Dim the screen

If you find your phone’s screen brightness a little too bright, even on the lowest settings, Android 12 has a new Extra Dim option that makes the screen even darker. This is ideal for people who tend to stare at their phone’s display in a dark room.

This option is hidden under Settings > Accessibility > Extra Dims. Alternatively, there’s also a quick settings tile for that.

8. Conversation Widget

Google overhauled its widgets with Android 12 and added a handy Conversation widget. Widgets give you one-tap access to your favorite conversations, regardless of which app you’re using.

9. Take a scrolling screenshot

Scrolling screenshots are finally here on Android. These screenshots capture not only what is visible on the screen at that moment, but also what is hidden underneath.

This is the same screenshot shortcut as before, so hold down the power button and volume down button to capture everything on the screen. A Take More button appears next to Tap to enlarge the screenshot further.

10. Optimize the user interface

Visually, Android 12 adopts a new design language that Google calls Material You. That said, we’ve added some customization options. If you prefer, you can set menus and other design elements to follow your current wallpaper color scheme. You can also check out the new widgets.

11. Share Wi-Fi details more easily

You may need to share your Wi-Fi credentials with someone. For example, you may have someone at home who wants to get online, or you may be with a friend at his shop for coffee and want to help you sign up.

This is easier than ever with Android 12. Swipe down from the top of the screen, tap Internet, then tap the gear icon next to the network you’re currently connected to. Tap Share to get a QR code to share with others. There’s also a nearby button on the same screen that lets you wirelessly transfer your details to another device.

How to install Android 12?

Once that’s done, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to Settings > System > System Updates. This is the Google smartphone path, but your path may be different. For example, on Samsung phones, scroll down until you see Software Update in the main Settings menu.
  3. Select Download and Install regardless of how you access it.
  4. Your phone will check for updates. If available, follow the instructions to install it. Note that the device will reboot and be busy for about 30 minutes. So don’t start this while waiting for an important call.

Once this is done and your phone has restarted, you should be running the new version of Android. Congratulations and have fun!

Conclusion: –

Android 12 is one of the biggest operating system upgrades in recent years. This comes after Google focused on improving under the hood and improving usability with Android 10 and Android 11. Material you is the highlight of Android 12, but the OS has a lot more new features.


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