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Why Animated Explainer Videos Are Effective These Days?


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6/10 consumers prefer online videos than TV. 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2024. Video viewers retain 95% of the message, whereas reading retains 10%. This post is all about Why Animated Explainer Videos Are Effective These Days?

Main findings

Include videos in your marketing plan, whether on your website or social media. Video is huge and one of the key ways businesses communicates with new and returning customers. Statistics show how popular and effective live-action explainer videos can be for your marketing approach.

Detailed animated Explainer Videos

Quick, typically animated explainer videos introduce a topic or product. Its 90-second tale and captivating graphics attract visitors in. Explainers often list a product’s benefits to sell it. An explanation can also teach users how to utilize a program or software and its capabilities. It can also explain what a brand does and why explainer videos work.

Effective explainer videos educate and entertain. Today’s most successful marketing strategy is explainer videos. Visuals and audio help customers understand the product or idea without much explanation.

Why animated Explainer Videos Work?

Explainer videos are the best way to educate humans. These reasons

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1. Videos Outperform Text

Video converts prospects best, according to recent statistics. Videos can teach consumers about companies and their products. Videos help clients understand a product’s benefits. Explainer videos teach better than text.

More surprising is that over 95% of consumers questioned have seen an explainer video to learn about a product or service. This research reveals that consumers love viewing videos and actively seek them out. Explainer videos are the most common marketing videos.

Consumers prefer videos to reading or viewing a manual. Structure, brief duration, and clear substance are more appealing and efficient. Nearly 90% of consumers wanted more video content from their favorite brands.

2. Shareable videos

When they like an explanation video, they recommend it twice as often as other material. Again, this is because videos are more likely to be seen than extensive essays, confusing infographics, or lengthy e-books. Though it may not “go viral,” a video is more likely to be shared than a simple web page.

3. Explainer videos are concise.

No matter how engaging the information, animated explainer videos examples will lose viewers. Explainer videos work because they’re brief. Today’s consumers expect information quickly, not after reading online pages or watching a lengthy film. An explainer video may quickly and clearly communicate your message while highlighting the most crucial points.

4. Explainer videos simplify product and service explanations.

Explainer videos demonstrate a product’s use or a service’s benefits. Videos are better for instructions than words.

5. Videos boost conversions.

Explainer videos engage viewers and solve problems, making them more likely to buy. According to Forbes and other sources, over 90% of buyers say watching a video influences their buying decisions.

6. Explainer videos are affordable.

Make an explanatory video without spending your marketing budget. Modern technology makes professional films affordable. You can trust a skilled video marketing company to represent your brand and message well. This will distinguish your company from competitors. Explainer videos work!

7. Explainer videos distinguish you from competitors

Explainer videos are still rare! If you have explainer videos on YouTube, you’ll stay ahead of your competitors and boost your search engine results, making it easier for clients to find you before a competitor.

8. They boost SERPs

Explainer videos about specific topics, products, or services can be tagged and titled with keywords to boost SEO and web traffic. Videos on your website improve search rankings since Google uses algorithms to measure how long visitors spend on a page. Google ranks your website higher for specific keywords if visitors stay longer to watch a video.

9. Explainer videos boost mobile marketing.

Mobile shoppers want to watch videos on their phones to learn about new products. Mobile-friendly live-action explainer videos improve brand awareness and keep you linked to your target audience 24/7.

10. Consumer journeys depend on explainer videos

80% of marketers who use explainer films report higher website traffic, leads, and revenues. Explainer videos service the sales funnel better than text-only marketing. Explanatory videos in the customer journey will boost ROI and conversion.


Explainer videos are a powerful approach to increase your online presence and engage prospective customers by utilizing their captivating graphics, usefulness, accessibility, and ability to showcase business culture. Furthermore, you can strike an emotional chord with your audience, allowing them to decide for themselves whether or not to purchase from you. You can take your organization to new heights with the right explainer video strategy.

Now that you understand why explainer videos are so popular, it’s time to implement them into your marketing approach. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, ranging from leveraging social media and video platforms to include them on your website and landing pages.


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