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What Is RCS Messaging and How Does It Help Your Business?


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Rich communication services (RCS) messaging is revolutionizing texting. RCS provides various options for support personnel to communicate with consumers by providing advanced capabilities such as suggested replies and rich media. The majority of these interactive features are likely already being used by customers on other platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. RCS messaging, on the other hand, incorporates the functionalities within the texting capabilities. Customers must have both a capable cell carrier and a capable smart

Hone to use RCS texting. RCS functionality is currently available on newer Android-powered Google and Samsung handsets from the majority of major carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. IMessage, Apple’s messaging service, is powered by proprietary technologies.

SMS messaging versus RCS messaging

Simply explained, RCS messaging is a more advanced form of SMS texting.

SMS is a “key communications standard” that is available on any phone now in use, independent of device or operating system. SMS messaging technology, which was commercially released in 1992, hasn’t altered much since its inception—even the 160 character restriction for a single text message hasn’t changed.

RCS is more sophisticated than SMS; however it is only available on Android phones. The technology was developed to improve standard text messaging by offering consumers more expressive and appealing communication tools.

“RCS messaging gives you a lot more flexibility,” explains Stephanie Langlois, a Zendesk product expert. “It’s very similar to what we’ve come to expect from social media channels nowadays.”

RCS has not completely replaced SMS. RCS technology had been dormant for years until Google said in 2018 that it was working with global mobile operators to implement the technology, rebranded as Google Chat. Unless both texters have RCS-capable carriers, devices, and messaging programs (Google Messages and Samsung Messages), these messages return to SMS.

Features of extensive communication services

Let’s look at what companies may (and cannot) do with RCS communications.

RCS advantages

  • Images, video messages, and GIFs of high quality
  • Receipts for delivery and reading
  • Video conferencing skills
  • Suggestions for responses and actions
  • Sharing a location
  • Payment choices in-message: Users can make purchases directly from the messaging app.
  • Sender label verification: RCS requires businesses to become “verified senders” (akin to Twitter’s and Instagram’s blue checkmark logos).

RCS disadvantages

  • RCS messages do not presently provide end-to-end encryption.
  • Usage on several devices: Because RCS still relies on a user’s phone number; Android users will be unable to receive messages on a tablet or laptop.
  • Finally, most users and communication technology professionals regard RCS messaging as a positive development. It has the potential to be both an advanced form of SMS and a competitor to iMessage.

3 reasons why RCS is critical for customer service and sales

RCS texting benefits both customers and businesses. It gives the user a secure, dynamic, and consistent experience. Sales and support employees, on the other hand, may simply deliver informative visual messages, allowing them to handle consumer concerns more efficiently.

1. RCS communications improves the customer experience.

Previously, asking a customer to do an action, such as subscribing to a newsletter, via SMS meant providing a URL. When the buyer clicked on the link, they would most likely be brought to a webpage where they could fill out the required information.

RCS communications enables a more straightforward process directly within the text discussion. Customers are not need to leave the platform or switch screens in order to take action, making it considerably more user-friendly.

Customers, for example, can utilize RCS messaging to finish a purchase, contact an agent, or sign up for a subscription with a single click.

2. Agents receive real-time information regarding the status and effectiveness of messages.

According to a Harvard Business Review survey, metrics and analytics data (including read receipts) are the most significant elements of sophisticated messaging apps for 82 percent of firms. RCS excels on both counts.

Support personnel and sales reps can observe typing signs as well as if consumers have read and engaged with their messages while utilizing RCS. Customer experience leaders can utilize this data to figure out what resonates with their target audience and adjust their communication tactics accordingly.

3. Customers are put at rest when they recognize a brand.

Customers are concerned about security as text message scams become increasingly widespread. In 2021, the Federal Trade Commission received 290,551 text-based fraud complaints, so customers are generally leery of messages from unknown numbers.

Brands can use RCS messaging to get verified by a verification authority, which is a specialist group that provides this service in a variety of business sectors (such as mobile network carriers, chatbot platform providers, and so on). Once authenticated, businesses can personalize messages with their own colors, fonts, and logos. Branding gives immediate recognition and a sense of legitimacy, boosting the possibility of the buyer engaging.


Here in this article, we describe RCS messaging and how does it help your business. We provide information about pros and cons of RCS. If our readers have any questions in their mind, let us know in the comment section below. For more information visit our official website www.techdeposits.com


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