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Top 5 Web3 Healthcare Firms Establishes Themself in Virtual Space


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The game has shifted in the field of healthcare. Things are about to change even further with the arrival of virtual reality and augmented reality (VR and AR), telemedicine and telehealth services, artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, and so much more in the future. So, what does this imply for healthcare organizations? To begin, they must raise their game in order to be relevant in the future.

Companies have established themselves in this virtual area as interest in VR, AR, AI, and other digital advancements grows. There are numerous options accessible right now for anyone eager to take advantage of them, ranging from AI-enabled chatbots to AR clinical training simulations.

Top5 Web3 Healthcare firms

  1. Bloom Built
  2. Cognition Health
  3. InnVenn
  4. Meridius
  5. Sapien Network

Details for Web3 Healthcare companies                    

1. Bloom Built

Bloom Built is a medical research organization that offers a blockchain-based platform for storing, tracking, and validating health data. The Bloom Health Network allows for the secure storing and sharing of health data in accordance with HIPAA regulations. It also provides a clinical application suite, which includes Bloom Health, Bloom Health Research, and Bloom Health Analytics.

Bloom Health is a platform for patient health records and research that allows patients to share and control their health data. It complies with HIPAA as well as other regulatory frameworks such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Bloom Health Research is a marketplace for medical research.

It enables patients to commercialize their health data by allowing them to choose how they wish to share it. It makes use of Bloom Tokens, a cryptocurrency-based platform, to give patients power over how their data is used, making the token especially valuable for research involving sensitive health data. Bloom Health Analytics is clinical decision support software that assists patients and physicians in making educated decisions. It accepts Bloom Tokens as payment and combines them with other Bloom products to give a comprehensive set of clinical applications.

2. Cognition Health

Cognition Health is a corporation that manages and analyzes clinical data. It collaborates with hospitals and health systems to improve patient care quality. Cognition Health assists medical professionals in patient monitoring by combining cloud-based technologies and proprietary applications. They enable experts to analyze patients’ medical issues and track the effectiveness of therapies using technology.

Epocrates, a consumer health information platform, is one of the company’s offerings. Care Score, a patient safety and quality program, and Epi-Info, a clinical decision support tool. With the launch of its Cognition Health Blockchain (CHB) platform in 2017, the company joined the blockchain market. The CHB facilitates the transmission of medical data between hospitals and clinicians.

3. InnVenn

InnVenn is a medical research company and one of the top healthcare companies in web3 that tracks research data using blockchain technology. It uses its blockchain technology to store and publish research data from clinical studies. Kirt McMaster, a former head data scientist for the pharmaceutical corporation Merck & Co., started the company.

Its technology stores and manages data across research trials using a blockchain-based method and provides publicly verified data. InnVenn makes advantage of the Ethereum network, claiming that its decentralized architecture allows for very efficient data storage and distribution.

4. Meridius

Meridius is a medical research startup specializing in the application of blockchain technology to the research industry. Dr. Clyde T. Whitcomb, Jr. and Dr. Michelle Y. Lee, both former pharmaceutical executives, founded the company in 2015. The company’s primary emphasis was the development of MERID, a cannabinoid-based drug delivery platform that is both an evidence-based drug delivery system and a unique cannabinoid-derived therapeutic.

The MERID platform combines blockchain technology with its existing drug management system to provide a variety of benefits, including the capacity to track patients’ data and validate medical claims. It also allows healthcare providers to share data with researchers in order to crowdsource potential new therapies.

5. Sapien Network

Sapien Network is a healthcare technology firm that provides patients with a blockchain-based platform for managing their health data. It attempts to address both the data management and security challenges associated with the exchange of health data. The platform includes a decentralized application ecosystem (Dapps) that allows users to see, share, and store their health data.

Patients can see, share, and edit their data via the Sapien Network smartphone app. To give complete patient data visibility, the app interfaces with medical providers’ electronic health record platforms. This startup was founded in 2019 by Adam Cohn, a former executive at Facebook, Airbnb, and Groupon, and Daniel Castano, a former executive at Google and Goldman Sachs.


Web3 Healthcare is a fast-expanding domain that has the potential to add significant value to the global healthcare sector. Blockchain technology has the potential to significantly impact healthcare and pharmaceutical innovation. The blockchain’s highly decentralized structure benefits the system, which does not require server farms, cloud storage, or data centers. As a result, it is far more secure and efficient than traditional databases and cloud providers. Although there are many exciting advances in this sector, it is crucial to remember that blockchain is still in its infancy. It is still in its early phases of development and is not commonly utilized. Having said that, a number of blockchain healthcare firms have already established themselves. They have the potential to become industry leaders.


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