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How To Buy A Web3 Domain?


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Since the introduction of Web 2.0 in the early 2000s, the internet business is ready to experience its next paradigm shift. The second iteration of the internet’s design, known as Web 2.0, replaced Web 1.0. It is an interactive Web with dynamic and user-generated information that is represented by internet protocol (IP) addresses, also known as domains, over a network. Yes, a domain is a condensed version of the IP string that designates a website domain name’s location within the Internet. This indicates that the owner of the website has administrative control, autonomy, or power over the IP address.

But that is a far cry from how things actually are in the Web 2.0 world. Due to centralization, domain owners vehemently assert that they have little power over and control over their sites. The internet system is governed by a small number of enormous central actors, which results in bottlenecks for users and domain owners such tailored advertising, data suppression, privacy infringement, and more.

As a result, Web 3.0, the new internet framework, is being sought after globally. Actually, cutting-edge platforms, lead by Ether Domain Name Services (EDNS), are working hard to provide the foundation for web3, which will be driven by blockchain technology.

This decentralizes web3 and establishes the groundwork for a safe, private, and censorship-free internet ecosystem while also granting domain owners authority over and control over their domain names.

Additionally, Web3 domain names come with new features that will revolutionize the metaverse and crypto payment sectors.

Describe Web3 Domains

Web3 domains use blockchain technology to become decentralized, reside in your cryptocurrency wallet, and interact with blockchain apps and smart contracts. This is in contrast to web2 domains, which are housed on the vast network of Domain Name System (DNS) servers. As more and more people throughout the world yearn to experience the emerging democratic online world, the domains are continually being accepted. The disruption’s center of gravity is EDNS, which offers these domains and unbreakable web3 technologies.

Machine-readable addresses are transformed into human-readable names that owners have complete ownership and control over using the Polygon chain-based naming protocol. The EDNS domain names can also be used as an NFT, for hosting and creating websites, for accepting cryptocurrency payments, and a lot more. At general, EDNS serves all needs associated with web3 in one location. In just six months, the platform claims to have registered more than 1 million domains.

Where can I learn more about Web3 development?

How Could I Purchase a Web3 Domain?

A web3 domain can be obtained quickly and easily. Finding a web3 domain name registry is all that is necessary for EDNS to function flawlessly. The platform provides a number of TLDs that correspond to various web3 environments. You can get a TLD connected to the metaverse, gaming, or sandbox, among other things.

Users have the opportunity to select a 3- or 5-year bundle at a different price in addition to the reasonable membership fees of $25 per year. In web3, EDNS has one of the most active communities and committed teams. When you claim a web3 domain, the administrators are ready to help.

What Advantages Come with Purchasing a Web3 Domain?

List of benefits buying Web3 Domain

  1. It’s an NFT
  2. This crypto wallet address is remarkable
  3. It supports the construction and hosting of secure and censorship-Free websites
  4. It is your digital identity throughout the metaverse

It’s an NFT

EDNS domains are ERC-721 tokens on the polygon blockchain, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, just like any other NFT. As a result, they are distinctive and interchangeable, making it simple for any domain owner to list them on a marketplace like opensea.io.

This Crypto Wallet Address is Remarkable

Up to 36 hexadecimal characters make up the addresses of cryptographic wallets, which are often impossible to memorize. These standard wallet addresses are swapped out for simple, human-readable names in EDNS web3 domains. 

It Supports the Construction and Hosting of Secure and Censorship-Free Websites

No central authority or organization can control the material you put on your website if EDNS domains are hosting it. At the same time, your website won’t be monitored in the same way as web2 sites are, and problems with hacking and data breaches will vanish.

It is Your digital identity Throughout the Metaverse

Your EDNS domain will be used as your digital fingerprint in this universe when the Metaverse, which has been prepared as the frontier for social interactions, matures.


Here we compile the information about how to purchase Web3 domain and its benefits. We hope this article will help you to slove the queries and kindly share your views in comment section.


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