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Top Game Development Companies in Japan | Japanese Game Studio


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Want to find the best game development companies in japan? Here’s a list of the best Japanese game makers who can make you a unique, long-lasting game. The main goal of game development services is to make a high-quality game within the time frame and price that have been set. Techdeposits made a list of the best game creation companies because they knew what you needed. Just look through the list and pick the company that fits your project the best.

List of Top Game Development Companies in Japan

  1. Alconost Inc.
  2. Arsaga Partners, Inc
  4. Chukong Technologies
  5. CoolGames
  6. Gaea
  7. Goodgame Studios
  8. Nadia
  9. Prolific Studio Inc
  10. Tinhvan Outsourcing Jsc. (TVO)

Details are here for Game Development Companies in Japan

Top 10 Metaverse Game Development Companies 2023

Alconost Inc.

Since 2004, Alconost has provided professional translation, localization, and marketing localization services for websites, apps, games, and other software in more than 100 languages. Using expert CAT tools, different language management platforms, and API, we can set up continuous localization for apps that are always being updated. We keep our commitment to high quality through editing, quality control, and careful project management around the clock.

Arsaga Partners, Inc

Arsaga Partners, Inc. is a one-stop shop for IT system creation. Its main goal is to “develop as quickly and well as possible.”  Our one-stop solution includes all the services needed for IT system development, such as IT strategy consulting, UX/UI consulting, planning, engineering, designing, support, and operations. Since more than 90% of our staff are engineers, we have direct touch with our clients.  Our goal is to offer services at fair prices without outsourcing, and to put the Japanese spirit of omotenashi into the development services we offer.


BEETSOFT is a well-known company that makes games and is good at IT, IoT, AI, BPO, and annotation. It has offices in both Japan and Vietnam. The company provides outsourcing services for mobile and web game development, with a focus on 2D and 3D designs. It works with SME and MNC clients from a wide range of businesses.

Chukong Technologies

CocoaChina was first started in 2008 as a place for Chinese mobile developers to meet each other, share ideas, and talk about market trends. Since then, CocoaChina, which is also known as Chukong Technologies, has become a top game developer and publishing partner. It helps Chinese game developers break into the US market and shows international developers how the lucrative Chinese mobile games market works. As a publishing partner, CocoaChina/Chukong’s cross-promotion and advertising network reaches more than 50% of Chinese mobile devices. The company has a track record of protecting partners’ intellectual property and stopping scams.


CoolGames pioneered messaging platform casual gaming. After developing ad-hoc single-player HTML5 games, we’re now focusing on multiplayer games on messaging platforms like Facebook’s Instant Games. CoolGames was founded in 2010 to prove mobile games can prosper without app stores. We launched hundreds of games worldwide since then. We use HTML5 only. We have an Amsterdam headquarters and a Tokyo branch.


In September 2014, Beijing-based Gaea launched an international interactive entertainment company. We have offices in China, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the US and hope to open more soon. Gaea wants to be the top producer of mobile entertainment, films, and animation, resurrecting historic cultural figures on new platforms, and connecting creative minds to the market.

Goodgame Studios

Goodgame Studios is a top software company that focuses on making and distributing free-to-play games.


Sales marketing and business problems lead to planning and creativity in business. By using the production function and special network, we come up with a single answer. Nadia is able to get the best price, schedule, and quality by bringing all of the production processes in-house, from new production to operation (update management).

Prolific Studio Inc

Prolific company is a creative online design and animation company that can help you make a memorable brand identity and get your message across to your target market. We are a group of creative and experienced designers, artists, and marketers who love digital design and communicating visually. We offer a wide range of services, such as video animation, social media campaigns, website design, mobile app design, logo design, and any other digital marketing services you might need.

Tinhvan Outsourcing Jsc. (TVO)

TVO promises to have the best project success rate to show that it has the same goals as its customers. TVO is one of the few software companies in Vietnam to have certifications that meet foreign standards, such as CMMi-L3, ISO 9001, and ISO 27001. It offers the highest-quality projects at competitive prices and has a team of dedicated workers.


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