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Top 20+ Fintech App Development Companies in USA


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What is a fintech app? By developing fintech applications using the latest technology and security best practices, businesses can provide easy-to-use and secure software solutions for managing their financial operations. In recent years, the market has expanded and moved towards customer-centric offerings such as neobanks, educational portals, stock market apps, and investment solutions.

List of top 20 Fintech applications development firms in the USA: –

Fintech App Development Companies
  • TechAhead
  • WillowTree
  • ArcTouch
  • Zco
  • Naked Development
  • Konstant Infosolutions
  • InnovationM
  • NineHertz
  • EffectiveSoft
  • Orases
  • Softjourn
  • TerraLogic
  • Sidebench
  • Intellectsoft Technologies
  • Belatrix
  • LeewayHertz
  • BairesDev
  • Money Lion (USA)
  • Appventurez
  • Hexaview

Detail of 20 best fintech app development services providers in the United States of America

1. TechAhead:-

TechAhead is an end-to-end mobile application development company based in Southern California with offices in Agoura Hills, CA, and Noida, India. The company has focused on bespoke digital solutions and UI/UX since 2009, working across industries for some of the world’s largest companies. TechAhead has completed the development, testing, and deployment of your software. This project included a mobile application and a web application.

2. WillowTree, Inc:-

Many of the leading companies have worked with and endorsed WillowTree. It is an innovative agency that understands the need to implement digital products in enterprises. WillowTree has won multiple awards for its support and professional app development services. It provides clients with web development, mobile marketing, product design, prototyping, and branding services.

3. ArcTouch: –

ArcTouch was founded in 2008 with offices in San Francisco, California, New York, and Florianopolis, Brazil. I specialize in application development, Blockchain, and UX/UI design. They guide enterprise clients through the app development process by defining strategies for the best user experience, planning visual design, prototyping, testing, optimizing, and growing.

ArcTouch was directly involved in the development of his mobile app for the luxury electric vehicle manufacturer. They wanted to integrate their products with his IoT assistants like his Apple Watch, Siri, and Google Assistant.

4. Zco:-

Zco the premier mobile app development company, has been in business since 1989. The types of products Zco develops are generally first-class, well-defined, consistent, and engaging, and its longevity has made it one of the most popular and successful application development agencies. More than their expertise and efficient team in this field has been selected for multiple specializations.

5. Naked Development:-

It is a mobile app development company based in Irvine, CA. Founded in 2017, our team of 6 specializes in mobile app development, UX/UI design, and web development. Naked Labs managed the design and development process for creating an iOS app with payment processing and scheduling capabilities. A joint marketing effort and port to Android is imminent.

6. Konstant Infosolutions:-

Konstant Infosolutions is a leading US-India web and mobile app development company. Using technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, wearables, and AR/VR on all kinds of platforms, we provide web and mobile application development services to various small, medium, and large enterprises. They transform these into valuable products for their customers by providing world-class services. In this way, businesses can reach their full potential. They have a great team of over 180 people with experience in all areas most needed by their clients.

7. InnovationM –

It is a recognized web and mobile application development company based in India. Over the past decade, we have transformed many visionary businesses by building end-to-end mobile apps, websites, software, and e-commerce sites. InnovationM’s highly skilled and knowledgeable team of developers and software engineers have created outstanding software projects for SMBs.

 8. NineHertz: –

It is a development hub that helps business owners reinvent their businesses for the digital age. With thorough analysis and market research, the project structure is combined with perfect planning for accurate results. For ten years, we’ve been working to bridge the gap between people and technology around the world. NineHertz conducts various workshops and programs to keep employees updated and support their personal growth.

9. EffectiveSoft:-

It is a global software development company that provides custom software solutions optimized for various industries including finance, healthcare, logistics, education, retail and industrial. EffectiveSoft Corporation combines effective solutions, customer-focused policies, cutting-edge technology, impeccable results, and the best development team with the same goal of delivering quality products within set timeframes. The company focuses on banking and financial software services. Building and adapting effective software

10. Orases: –

It is a conglomerate of information technology, research and discovery companies, and UI/UX design developers. Orases is your one-stop solution for all your digital problems. The company combines creative and technical skills to achieve industry standards. Erases reliably delivers high-end products that help create meaningful connections between customers and customers.

11. Softjourn: –

Softjourn is a technology service provider based in Silicon Valley. They develop a wide range of projects based on world-class technology, from mobile applications and self-service portals to independent platforms, helping reduce customer service costs and increase sales. The company’s strength lies in increasing market share through new technologies and non-traditional solutions. They develop creative solutions or augment our in-house technical teams to provide critical support and project-specific expertise.

12. TerraLogic: –

It is a technology solutions provider, from product conception to finished product. A global family united to think about innovation by making product solutions more sustainable. The company is an industry leader with extensive experience in IT management, cloud computing and consulting cybersecurity, design, and app development. Founded in 2008 by Ash Bhardwaj.

13. Sidebench: –

Sidebench is his award-winning UX design, mobile app, and fintech software development company based in Los Angeles. It includes a diverse group of digital strategists, technologists, financial software developers, thought leaders, and more. The institution provides financial software development outsourcing services and comprehensive financial technology solutions to meet the changing needs of modern finance. Streamline the process for government agencies to deliver innovative fintech software solutions to the healthcare industry and unique experiences for leading consumer brands.

14. Intellectsoft Technologies: –

According to Clutch, Intellectsoft is one of the best providers of financial software development in 2019. The institution provides FinTech software development outsourcing services and comprehensive financial technology solutions to meet the changing needs of modern finance. B2B App Development Company Ranking Platform recognized Intellectsoft as one of the top 10 startup app development companies. He is also listed as one of the top custom software development firms in Los Angeles, according to Clutch. These awards demonstrate that the company can be a great partner in creating digital experiences for financial services.

15. Belatrix: –

It is a fintech software company that has established itself as an innovator in its field. We change the world with our expertise, supporting companies of all sizes. Good Firms notes that Belatrix has developed cutting-edge technology to make business more efficient through automation and provides a comfortable interface, so good that you won’t feel like you’re working behind the scenes all day long.


It is one of the leading custom financial application development companies, highly regarded by start-ups and companies looking to transform technology. We are committed to helping multiple industries transform their ecosystems through constructive disruption to stay competitive and keep up with market trends. LeewayHertz has transformed the world of finance and technology by providing innovative services.

17. BairesDev: –

BairesDev is an innovative financial applications development company with a mission to help brands of all sizes and industries get the most out of technology. We offer everything from software development, IT staffing, and architecture services to businesses across multiple industries. BairesDev’s bilingual team works 24/7 to meet deadlines and help customers achieve their digital transformations faster than ever before. The BairesDev team consists of more than 3,000 of his experienced engineers in 36 countries, providing Time His Zone-related services to Fortune 500 companies and leading brands.

18. Money Lion (USA):-

MoneyLion is a private fintech company that provides credit, financial advice, and investment services to consumers. Founded in 2013, MoneyLion targets 70% of US consumers, most of whom live paycheck to paycheck. The company generates revenue from its lending business, generating leads from users on its website, and monthly subscription services. Individuals using MoneyLion’s services initially choose to use the platform for free as a visitor or purchase premium consumer services through a premium membership or credit application.

19. Appventurez: –

Appventurez is a leading mobile app development company founded with a mission to provide end-to-end technology-driven services for all businesses, large and small, to improve the entire business lifecycle. It’s a company. We have served our customers with passion in the past and have created over 139 applications across multiple disciplines. We work with our customers to provide all kinds of software development services.

20. Hexaview: –

Hexaview uses its fintech expertise to bridge the technological gaps between numerous in-house software solutions, delegating the tedious tasks to our intelligent applications to create robust, efficient, and dynamic Developed to simplify the work of US financial advisors and companies. Tools for handling application data and establishing compatibility between different systems.


When outsourcing financial app development to a leading fintech app developer, business owners need to consider many factors. Clarion wants to help searchers with a list of the best companies to develop its mobile fintech app. We believe that to find the best fintech software developers and introduce them to our clients, we need to cover all performance components.


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