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Top 20 Marketplace App Development Companies in USA, UK 2023


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Hiring a trustworthy marketplace app development companies is critical to the project’s success. A reliable provider will design a marketplace platform with corporate goals in mind, ensuring compliance with a software requirement document and, if necessary, providing helpful suggestions. In addition, an experienced IT partner may assist you in creating design criteria, selecting features, selecting a technology platform, and determining the type of design that will best fit your present needs.

When looking for a dependable IT service provider, clients should consider a number of aspects such as hourly rates, time zone, specialty, portfolio, and awards. So, let’s take a look at the top 20 Marketplace App Development Companies in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada in 2023, starting with the lowest hourly rates and working our way up to the highest pay. Let’s get this party started!

Best Marketplace App Development Companies in the United Kingdom and the United States in 2023

Top Metaverse Development Companies in USA and UK – April 2023

1. Data EximIT- A Prominent eCommerce Marketplace App Development Company

Data EximIT is a renowned and trusted technology service provider, employing 120 trained individuals and assisting over 450+ firms in establishing high-quality marketplace apps. It is a creative marketplace app development company that creates unique and engaging platforms while taking into account business needs and existing IT infrastructure. Data EximIT’ team revolutionizes digital presence by building a successful, scalable, and high-quality marketplace and adopting best industrial practices utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology. 

2. Innowise Group — Marketplace Development firm

Innowise Group is a well regarded software development firm with a diverse eCommerce portfolio. With 15 years of experience, the organization provides cutting-edge multifunctional enterprise and NFT marketplaces. Innowise Group brings together over 1000 specialists to create marketplaces of any scale and complexity, leveraging innovative technologies such as blockchain, IoT, big data, AR/VR/MR, cloud computing, and computer vision, among others.

3. WebClues Infotech- Leading Marketplace App Development Company

WebClues Infotech provides comprehensive marketplace app development services worldwide. Their team consists of specialists with an average of 8+ years of experience who are dedicated to introducing digital innovation through the use of cutting-edge technology and solutions. WebClues delivers bespoke and unusual technological solutions to assist organizations develop a strong digital presence, whether they are start-ups, small businesses, or enterprises.

4. Arateg – App Development for Marketplaces

Arateg is a marketplace for mobile app development that serves industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, food and hospitality, education, real estate, freelancing, and human resource management. The company was created in 2014, with headquarters in London and offices in Switzerland and Germany.

Arateg’s professional team has developed over 20+ marketplaces and has 14 notable projects in its portfolio. For example, Arateg recently created a recruiting tool for a Canadian corporation, which now has 80,000+ monthly users. A real estate website, an online accommodation marketplace, e-learning programs, and a web healthcare marketplace are some more options. In addition, the company creates markets akin to Uber Eats and Amazon.

Arateg specializes in Blockchain and data analysis solutions. Furthermore, the company’s software expertise may assist with competitor analysis, feature prioritization, drawing out an implementation plan, and choosing a technology stack and design.

5. Uptech – App Development for Online Marketplaces

Uptech, one of the best custom mobile marketplace development firms in the United States, was created in 2016 and specializes in full-cycle software development for industries such as finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and hospitality. The majority of the company’s clients are startups and small companies.

Uptech, with extensive experience in implementing projects of all sizes and complexity, can build e-commerce marketplaces and on-demand service platforms akin to Uber. The company’s competent employees build web systems using a variety of technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React. Native, Node.js, Java, and Ruby, as well as Swift, Java, Kotlin, and React Native for smartphone solutions

6. Bilberry – Marketplace App Development Firm

Bilberry was formed in 2010 with the intention of providing specialized mobile marketplace development services as well as software engineering services to industries like as retail, e-commerce, finance, and banking. Bilberry, headquartered in the United States, also has a presence in Ukraine.

The company, which has vast experience in web and mobile development, also produces digital marketplace platforms that prioritize scalability and performance. For example, Bilberry created a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows businesses to advertise things for sale and connect with customers in their local communities.

7. CobbleWeb – App Development Marketplace for iOS

CobbleWeb, a marketplace app development company founded in 2012, assists startups, SMEs, and enterprises in attaining their business objectives. The company’s headquarters are in London, but it also maintains offices in Paris and Germany.

With extensive experience in developing online and mobile app solutions, the company provides full-cycle services ranging from UI/UX design through testing and releasing. They develop a wide range of multi-sided platforms, including B2B, B2C, and P2P markets. Among the featured ideas are a web marketplace for purchasing tickets to sporting and entertainment events, as well as a platform comprised of a website and mobile app that functions similarly to Airbnb’s parking counterpart.

8. ESparkBiz – Development of Marketplace Applications

ESparkBiz is a prominent online marketplace app development firm that specializes in developing web and mobile apps for a variety of industries. Apart from retail and e-commerce, the corporation also has interests in healthcare, travel, baking, education, and a few other areas.

9. Webkul – App Development for a Service Marketplace

Webkul is a well-known marketplace app development company that builds multi-faceted platforms for the e-commerce business. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in the United States, with offices in Italy and India. It’s worth noting that the company specializes in software development, including CRM and CMS.

The expert programmers at the organization can also create web progressive web applications (PWAs) and accelerated mobile sites (AMS). Webkul offers marketplace development services to both startups and large corporations, with a focus on AI and AR. Food delivery services and two e-commerce fashion marketplaces are among their featured ventures.

Webkul firms use Javascript, Kotlin, PHP, WooCommerce, Magenta, Java, Swift, XCode, Flutter, Objective-C, React Native, Shopify, Firebase, Laravel, Ionic, and other technologies.

10. Cleverroad – Mobile App Development Marketplace

Cleverroad is a prominent marketplace for mobile app development that services industries such as healthcare, logistics, retail and e-commerce, finance, and education. With extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), and VR/AR, the company offers software solutions to startups, medium companies, and large multinational corporations.

Many B2B review and rating systems have recognized the company’s competent employees in e-commerce marketplace development. For example, among the company’s featured initiatives in this industry are a global trading app (iOS, Android), a marketplace to find a specialist providing a specific type of service (iOS, Android, and web), and a platform for visitors to find a gym nearby (iOS, Android, and web).

Cleverroad technology stack is comprised of React, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Node.js, Kotlin, Swift, and Flutter.


While all of the major marketplace app development firms have vast experience in providing unique solutions to a wide range of industries, it is critical to select an IT firm that can not only generate a high-quality product but also stay under budget.

Another element to consider is time zone, as communication is essential for effective teamwork. When choosing an IT service provider, evaluate the industries supplied by the company. The top 20 marketplace app development companies listed above can assist you in making an informed decision. When ranking these firms, every factor is taken into account, including their locations, services offered, and client feedback.


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