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Top 15 metaverse games to make money in 2023


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A metaverse game is an online game in which millions of people interact with one another in a single virtual realm. Metaverse games allow you to play at your own speed while still promoting your businesses on your own terms. Furthermore, the majority of these games include virtual NFTs, which are entirely distinct and virtual. With Facebook‘s rebranding to “Meta,” several businesses have switched their attention to the metaverse. As a result, it is realistic to anticipate that top metaverse games will gain significance in the next years. Despite its popularity, many people are ignorant of metaverse games’ unique idea.we will discuss about top metaverse games to make money in 2023.

Here list of top 15 metaverse games to make money in 2023

  1. Axie infinity
  2. Sandbox
  3. Sorare
  4. Illuvium
  5. AlienWorlds
  6. Splinterlands
  7. Farmer’s World
  8. Plants Vs Undead
  9. Farming Tales
  10. My Neighbor Alice
  11. StarCrazy
  12. Metastrike
  13. CyberTrade
  14. Flight of the ages
  15. Decentraland

Top 10 metaverse Games for android

Detail information of metaverse games to make money in 2023

1. Axie infinity

Money-making metaverse game Sky Mavis releases Axie Infinity. The in-game economy of the online metaverse game, which leverages Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, is well-liked. It rewards players for playing a growing universe of games using blockchain technology, making it the most profitable metaverse game. In Axie Infinity, token-based axes hunt for money, fight, and build. Each Axie has pros and cons that affect quests and conflicts. Fortunately, Axie Infinity is a platform-neutral metaverse game that lets iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, and Macintosh users play on their platforms. The online strategy game is the most expensive Axie at $820,000. Its internal market has traded NFTs and other gadgets worth $3.6 billion with 2.8 million daily players.

2. Sandbox

The sandbox would be considered one of the most prominent entries among the top metaverse games available right now. It provides a virtual world in which you may create, own, and benefit from monetization opportunities generated by your gaming experience. The Sandbox, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, is currently in the early phases of development. The Sandbox, on the other hand, has proven efficient in drawing players because to its visually appealing design and entertaining gaming experience. Sandbox, one of the most popular blockchain games in the metaverse, is causing havoc in several well-known games, including Roblox and Minecraft.

3. Splinterlands

Best money-making game Splinterlands lets players win daily prizes through competitions, top-ranked play positions, and fascinating adventures. Players can earn regardless of ability or collection size. The blockchain-based metaverse game is cross-compatible with various blockchains including Ethereum, Tron, and WAX. Players can mix their cards to level up, sell them on any platform, convert them to bitcoin, and rent or trade them. The four rarities have levels and circulation caps, seven stats to measure player performance, and seven “Splinters” aspects. 64+ distinct abilities that vary the game in unexpected ways and 500+ cards to develop a sizable collection are the games’ primary elements. Splinterlands creates a spectacular metaverse gaming experience using blockchain technology.

4. Illuvium

The main goal of Illuvium, an open-world role-playing metaverse game built on the Ethereum blockchain, is to explore the vast virtual area it contains. The goal of the most profitable sci-fi adventure metaverse game is for players to build powerful, extremely rare, and difficult to find monsters known as “Illuvials.” Players can earn cryptocurrency tokens as in-game prizes by participating in the game, completing quests, and achieving specific goals. On its exclusive marketplace, they can also buy, sell, and trade Illuvials as well as other digitally created/collected NFT products. The best thing is that peer-to-peer trading won’t have to pay a gas fee.

5. Sorare

One of the best online metaverse games accessible, thanks to its incredible ease of use. Anyone could create a free account in the game by just providing their email address and immediately start playing. Players can acquire Sorare NFT cards using either Credit or Debit cards and through bank transfers. Customers in over 40 countries around the world could also easily acquire Sorare NFT cards. Sorare exemplifies what it means to expand the realm of gaming by introducing new options.

6. AlienWorlds

Alien Worlds is one of the best metaverse money-making games. It has a Trillium (TLM)-based economy and seven planets that simulate Earth. Alien Worlds is free-to-play on Steam. It allows users to transfer TLM, their in-game currency, between Ethereum, WAX, and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Planet DAOs, along with Trillium’s interoperability, allow people to run for planetary council, vote in weekly council elections, and propose ways to spend the planet’s treasury. This game lets players create NFTs, join hobby communities, share their creations, and explore the metaverse. These elements make Alien Worlds one of the most profitable metaverse games.

7. Splinterlands

Splinterlands, a digital play-to-earn Metaverse game based on blockchain technology, allows players to digitally earn rewards. It demands strategy and forethought, similar to games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone. In a similar way to previous games, you create a deck of cards with varied attributes and powers and then use them to fight against other players in skill-based battles to earn points.

8. Farmer’s World

Farmers World is an NFT metaverse farming game, using the WAX Blockchain. Anyone can join Farmers World by enlisting, receiving a WAX wallet, and buying gaming equipment. Players can build farms and manage livestock. Players can mine GOLD and NFTs and visit competing farms to compete for in-game resources. Farmers World is a profitable metaverse NFT game with over 150000 users.

9. Plants Vs Undead

Zombies-themed multiplayer tower defense game emphasizes cooperation. Players can buy NFT-backed digital plants and other in-game assets to compete or fulfill tasks. Users can grow plants or sow seeds. Within the platform’s internal marketplace, users can sell and buy plants and seeds from one another. In “Planet Plants,” players use zombie-fighting plants to defend their “Mother Tree” from zombies and other threats.

10. Farming Tales

Farming in this Metaverse game earns players SEST tokens. Farming games, like this one, are popular. The game is characterized as “a crypto farm where NFTs represent genuine items from our real farms” on the game’s official website. Your game efforts will yield real-time results. Unity is building the game’s WAX-based Metaverse. But, Farming Tales is not free and requires NFTs to progress.

11. My Neighbor Alice

Alice is a multiplayer construction game that has introduced blockchain technology to millions of players around the world. Anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and develop fascinating items, and meet new people. Virtual islands can be purchased and owned by anyone. In My Neighbor Alice, a free-to-play game where you can earn money by playing, you can customize your game avatars and other in-game items. Metaverse: Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a great Metaverse game similar to Animal Crossing in that you can own virtual islands, collect items, and meet other gaming enthusiasts. It is games in which you may monetize you’re in-game experience and make money while you are participating. The game’s rewards are in the form of ALICE, an ERC-20 token that can be used to purchase various in-game goods. You can gain ALICE by accomplishing tasks in the game. Other top metaverse games to make money in 2023

  • StarCrazy
  • Metastrike
  • CyberTrade
  • Flight of the ages
  • Decentraland


Here in this article, we describe Top 15 metaverse games to make money in 2023. Metaverse games could be used to study how the metaverse aids communication and profit. The Internet customers, particularly those who aim to be professional gamers, have been interested in money making metaverse games. Many free metaverse games to generate money allow users to express their preferences and contribute input to help design the best metaverse games. The list of cryptocurrency-rewarding metaverse games on this page is unfinished. That’s because many other metaverse games, like Decentraland, Sorare, Metastrike, etc., can provide you with a little more money. This metaverse NFT game to earn money list has been developed purely for educational purposes; consequently, before making any financial decisions based on it, please undertake adequate research. If our readers have any query, please leave your comment in the comment section below.


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