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Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in UK


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Are you trying to find local business listing sites in UK in 2023? Check out our curated list of top 10 free business listing sites in UK. Here is another entry in my series on company directory websites. Find more widely used and extremely valuable articles in the squad.

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I’ve created an exclusive (tested) list of UK citation sites in response to the positive feedback I received for my trilogy on the finest business listing sites. Like with my prior writings, I firmly believe that outstanding websites will increase the local visibility of your company. The process for submitting to these sites is also included in the essay. Adding your company to a listing will increase lead generation and local brand recognition. Hence, if making your business acceptable locally is your issue, here is the fix: Top 10 reliable free business listing sites in UK.

List of free Business Listing Sites in UK

  1. 192.com
  2. Applegate
  3. Britaine
  4. Business Network
  5. City Visitors
  6. Cylex:
  7. Find us here
  8. Fyple
  9. MySherrif
  10. Opendi

Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in USA

Details are here for free business directory listings UK

1. 192.com

In terms of online business listings site I UK, 192.com is among the most popular resources out there. Every month, millions of people rely on it to help them find nearby stores, restaurants, and other services. Among its more than 700 million records are business listings, location details, and detailed property reports. Submitting a company to 192.com is a breeze.

  • Domain Authority Score:  57
  • Page Authority:                  65
  • Domain Age:                       20 Years
  • Listing:                                 Free

2. Applegate

When looking for the best services in their area, Applegate, one of the most popular local business directory sites in the UK, is a great resource. To have your company included in the website’s database, just fill out the appropriate fields.

  • Domain Authority Score:  47
  • Page Authority:                   43
  • Domain Age:                        19 Years
  • Listing:                                  Free

3. Britaine

If you’re looking for a great place to host your blog, advertise your business, or post classified ads, look no farther than Britaine. In the Britaine, customers can look for businesses based on their needs and where they happen to be located. Listing your company here is at no cost to you.

  • Domain Authority Score:  40
  • Page Authority:                   50
  • Domain Age:                        8 Years
  • Listing:                                 Free

4. Business Network

Business Network is a brand-new approach to searching free business directory listings UK. With the company directory’s responsive design, customers may easily locate establishments that are convenient to them on the go. Thousands of businesses have signed up to be listed in this wonderful business directory. It’s now or never, and you really should.

  • Domain Authority Score:  35
  • Page Authority:                   38
  • Domain Age:                       11 Years
  • Listing:                                 Free

5. City Visitors

City Visitors acts as a command and control center for all of your various marketing endeavors. Altering your profile and ads, in addition to presenting your business, could potentially be beneficial to your efforts. In addition, you can broadcast marketing films and provide discounts and bargains in order to draw more people’s attention.

  • Domain Authority Score:  46
  • Page Authority:                  54
  • Domain Age:                       17 Years
  • Listing:                                Free and Paid

6. Cylex

Cylex, a business listing website, facilitates communication between businesses and their prospective customers. Two options exist for adding a business to Cylex. There is the choice of a free or basic listing, and then there is the option of a paid, more prominent listing.

  • Domain Authority Score:  50
  • Page Authority:                   44
  • Domain Age:                       9 Years
  • Listing:                                 Free or Paid

7. Find us here

A large local business listing website for the UK is called Find us here. It is spread over numerous places, including the UK, Australia, the USA, New Zealand, and many others. You can select the category that best fits your specialization from a list of categories that listing options are divided into.

  • Domain Authority Score:  41
  • Page Authority:                   44
  • Domain Age:                        5 Years
  • Listing:                                 Free

8. Fyple

Fyple is widely recognized as one of the free local business listing sites in UK. The website is broken up into many parts that focus on specific services, regions, and cities. Your business can be listed on Fyple at no cost to you.

  • Domain Authority Score:  29
  • Page Authority:                   41
  • Domain Age:                        7 Years
  • Listing:                                 Free

9. MySherrif

MySherrif is one of the most popular free business directory listings UK. Adding a company to MySherrif is a quick and easy process. It offers a number of resources, including company listings, which can be used to find locals that share one’s interests.

  • Domain Authority Score:  36
  • Page Authority:                   46
  • Domain Age:                       8 Years
  • Listing:                                Free

10. Opendi

Opendi can be accessed from any location. Each month, about 9,000,000 people use Opendi to search for local businesses and stores in their area. There is no charge associated with listing your business on Opendi.

  • Domain Authority Score:  36
  • Page Authority:                   35
  • Domain Age:                       10 Years
  • Listing:                                 Free


We collected the information about top 10 free business listing sites in UK. We hope this information will help you. Finally, I would appreciate it if you could make a remark and share your ideas with me.


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