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Top 10 free business listing sites in Netherlands


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Do you want to advertise your brand or product in the Netherlands by using websites that list companies? If so, here is a list of the Top 10 free business listing sites in Netherlands for 2023. Which will do a better job of promoting your business? If you have a business, it is important to list it online. To run your business well, you must first tell potential customers about it. When customers find your business online, they might find it interesting and be eager to take the next step and buy your goods and services.

Sites that list businesses will give you a lot of exposure and boost the web profile of your business. You can improve your organic and local SEO game in a real way. If you use these websites, you will be able to grow your business and get good leads.


On Dutch websites that list businesses, you can create a public profile for your business. In a business listing, the name, address, phone number, location, products, and services of a business are often included. You can also include information like your website, office hours, pictures, videos, client testimonials, and other information that is important to your business.

Local citation sites in the Netherlands are very helpful.

Are there any other reasons you should try Dutch company listing sites? So, here are some great things that will happen if you do this:

  • Your online presence should grow.
  • Grow your customer base.
  • If your website has correct and true information, it will do better in search engine rankings.
  • Get the attention of possible customers.
  • Make your online reputation and credibility better.
  • Cost-efficient. In the Netherlands, there are websites where you can list your business for free.
  • It’s easy to find customer reviews. On much business listing websites, customers can write reviews and rate how well a business is doing. Good reviews will make other customers want to try your products or services and will also let you know how your customers feel about them.
  • Easy to use on any device that can connect to the internet.
  • Yes, you can take advantage of these benefits quickly and for free. Many methods of digital marketing cost money, but company listings are free and have a number of benefits.

Things to think about when choosing websites in the Netherlands that list businesses

There are a few things to think about when choosing a website for business listings. Some of them are:

  1. When people are looking for something important, nobody wants to see irrelevant ads and information, so the website must be free of spam. Since listing your website makes spamming more likely, it is useless.
  2. The domain authority rating of the site needs to be high. Sites with high domain authority scores do better in search engine results. So, they will make your SEO efforts better and bring you more visitors and leads.
  3. The site must have backlinks that people can trust and that help them. The links should have some kind of value. Your business would not benefit if you acquired backlinks with little to no value. But if you can get even just a few very valuable backlinks, your business could grow quickly. Choose the website based on this as well.

Top 10 free business listing sites in New Bangladesh

List of free business listing sites in Netherlands

Your company is just as important to BulkSEOSite as you are. So, we do our best to give you the best help we can. We have put together a list of 10 free business listing sites in Netherlands that will help your company for sure.

  1. https://skyindias.com/
  2. https://www.bulkadspost.com/
  3. https://www.bulkpostads.com/
  4. http://lekkoo.com/
  5. https://nl.bizin.eu
  6. http://www.tupalo.nl
  7. https://addyp.com
  8. https://www.opendi.nl
  9. https://www.places.nl
  10. https://www.startpagina.nl
  11. http://www.local.com/
  12. http://www.netherlandsseek.com/
  13. http://www.spoke.com/
  14. https://biz.prlog.org/
  15. https://biz.yelp.nl/


We tried to share information about the Top 10 free business listing sites in Netherlands in New Netherlands. We sincerely hope that you will find this material to be helpful. Last but not least, leave a comment below to tell me what you think.


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