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Top 10 Earning Apps Like Winzo – 2023


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Mobile gamers’ new goal in 2022 is to make money by playing online games on their phones. The recent evolution of the gaming industry sends a clear message to game owners: create multi-game applications like Winzo where users can earn real money. So, what is the Top 10 Earning Apps Like Winzo that you can use instead?

List of best Earning Apps Like Winzo

  1. Big Cash
  2. Dream 11
  3. Hago
  4. MPL
  5. Paytm First Games

Details are for top Earning Apps Like Winzo

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1. Big Cash

The interfaces and game designs of Winzo and the Big Cash game app are the same. The Cash app is one of the most specialized programs for making real money while you play online games. In this app, the user has to take part in and win tournaments, just like in many of the games above. If the user wins the competition, they will get money that can be put into their bank account.

2. Dream 11

Dream 11 is another popular game app that lets you bet on other players’ chances instead of keeping your own money. Dream 11 is a money-making program that lets you make real cash. It is similar to Winzo. The goal of this software was to let people bet on a few safe sporting events. The first idea was to pay for cricket competitions. But the program has grown to include more sports, such as baseball, football, and kabaddi.

Unlike most online sports games, you don’t have to pick the winning team. Instead, you can choose 11 players from either team, including a captain and vice-captain, just like in MPL and Winzo. If your guesses were right, you get points and money when the game is over.

3. Hago

Like Winzo, Hago is a great app that has more than one game. You can play at any time with family, friends, or even people you don’t know (online players). Hago has a lot of features, but the one that makes it stand out is the live audio chat with friends.

4. MPL

The Mobile Premier League, also known as MPL, is known for being a great place to play games and earn real money. MPL stands out among mobile gaming apps, where you can play different games and make money in a number of ways. People stick with gaming apps that are reliable, let them play smoothly, and have a high level of optimization. MPL is definitely one of the best money-making apps like Winzo.

With MPL, there are many different ways to play games. In general, it includes fantasy sports games, as well as card games, puzzle games, arcade games, casual games, and brain games. Users can pay to enter tournaments or games, and winners can cash out their winnings through UPI methods (Paytm, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Phone Pe, etc.).

You can enter many different contests, such as Mega Bonus, Double Bonus, 8x Bonus, and 4x Bonus. Your returns will depend on how much money you put in and how many points you earn.

5. Paytm First Games

Possible replacement for Winzo: Paytm First Games. It is run by Paytm, a well-known company that is number one in UPI transactions, and it has a lot of fun games that people can play to earn money. A player can make money here by taking part in tournaments run by the game’s owner. When a user wins a game, they can put the money they won into their bank account.

Business owners have a chance

Earning Apps Like Winzo are good investments for business owners. The number of multigame apps is growing, and gamers love them. These game apps are unique because they have a lot of different games in one app, as well as thrills and excitement. Here, users can make money and play games that don’t involve money. When we look at all of them together, we can say that new technology is making the gaming industry grow, and apps like Winzo are great places for young entrepreneurs to start.


Those points are the best way to describe a few of the Earning Apps Like Winzo. If you want a gaming app with a variety of game types and ways to make money, the ones listed above are the best. In a world where mobile gaming is so popular, do you still want to play games where the competition is at the highest level?


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