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Top 10 Cardano NFT Projects You Must Eye On


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What Exactly Is Cardano NFT Projects ?

Decentralized, blockchain-based Cardano transfers and stores digital assets securely and sustainably. Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of Ethereum, led IOHK in creating Cardano. After recognizing the PoW model consumed too much energy, Cardano implemented a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus method to reduce energy usage and increase scalability.

What Exactly Is Cardano NFT?

The Cardano blockchain, a third-generation blockchain, creates and trades Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Cardano NFTs include digital art, collectibles, music, videos, and other digital material. Like other NFTs, Cardano NFTs are blockchain-verified. Cardano’s PoS consensus process creates and trades NFTs more efficiently and sustainably than other blockchains. Smart contracts in Cardano allow developers to design more complex and customized NFTs. The biggest issue currently is choosing the best NFT from the numerous available.

How Do I Choose the Best NFT To Purchase?

To choosing the best NFT to buy, keep in mind that not everything is suitable for everyone, so consider your hobbies, goals, and budget before making a final decision. Furthermore, the following factors assist you in evaluating NFTs and selecting the best ones.

1. Rarity:

The rarity of an NFT item has a direct impact on its monetary worth. Rare NFTs with one-of-a-kind features or limited editions cost more than typical NFTs.

2. Scarcity:

Scarcity, in addition to rarity, is an important component in evaluating the value of an NFT asset. If a particular type of NFT has a restricted supply, its value rises over time as demand rises but supply falls.

3. Popularity:

When an NFT asset is generated by a well-known artist, project, or platform, it tends to be more expensive. Furthermore, high-profile creators or projects garner more attention and can command higher prices for their NFTs.

4. Quality:

NFTs representing high-quality, one-of-a-kind, and well-designed digital pieces of art are more expensive.

5. Historical Significance:

NFTs depicting significant historical events or cultural occasions are more valuable because collectors prefer them.

6. Future Potential:

The long-term potential of NFTs, as well as the underlying technology, are two variables influencing their price. NFTs funded by innovative initiatives or platforms with high potential for growth may become more expensive over time.

7. Authenticity:

The NFT must be confirmed and authenticated on the blockchain. To ensure the authenticity of an NFT asset, examine its unique identity on the blockchain and determine if it matches the one connected with the NFT. Now that you’ve learnt the general guidelines for buying the best NFT and that Cardano is a promising platform for NFTs, let’s look at how we may find the greatest future Cardano NFT projects in 2023.

How to Start an NFT Project: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Top Ten Cardano NFT Projects

The top ten Cardano NFT projects by trade volume are shown here, but remember to DYOR (do your own research) before investing in any of them.

1. SpaceBudz

SpaceBudz is a collection of 10,000 one-of-a-kind NFT characters that exist on the Cardano blockchain. Each SpaceBudz NFT is unique and can be utilized in a variety of game scenarios. The daily volume of SpaceBudz is around 500 ADA, with a total volume of around 16M ADA and a floor price of 3500 ADA. On the Cardano platform, there are currently over 2700 NFT owners.

2. Clay Country

Clay Nation is a group of 10,000 NFTs on the Cardano chain, with a daily transaction volume of approximately 1500 ADA and a total volume of approximately 13M ADA, with a floor price of approximately 950 ADA. Clay Nation currently has approximately 3700 NFT owners on the Cardano blockchain.

3. Pavia

Pavia is a Cardano-based decentralized gaming NFT project with over 7000 land owners on Pavia.io. Pavia has 100,000 land parcels in total, with over 8000 NFT owners. Pavia has a daily transaction volume of over 900 ADA, a total volume of over 9 million ADA, and a floor price of approximately 250 ADA.

4. Delicious Universe

Yummy Universe is an NFT collection of creatures, cards, and artwork with over 20K assets and over 5000 NFT owners. Its overall trading volume exceeds 4 million ADA, with a daily volume of approximately 400 ADA and a floor price of approximately 150 ADA.

5. Deadpxlz

Adrian Fanatiu created 10,000 NFT code for Deadpxlz, and PXLZ is the first interactive NFT collectible manufactured on the Cardano blockchain. Deadpxlz NFTs have a total trading volume of roughly 3M ADA and are owned by about 1500 persons. The daily volume and floor price are between 800 and 700 ADA.

6. Chains of Zombies

Zombie Chains is a collection of 10,000 one-of-a-kind NFTs held by over 2000 people. The entire trading volume of this collection is around 3 million ADA, with a daily volume of 250 ADA and a floor price of approximately 150 ADA coins.

7. Unassigned algorithms

Unassigned algorithms‘ is a collection of over 31K algorithmically-generated NFTs held by over 1400 different people. It has a total trading volume of 2.5 million ADA, a daily volume of 500 ADA, and a floor price of roughly 400 ADA.

8. Baby Alien Club

Baby Alien Club (BAC) is a two-series CNFT (Cardano NFT) collection that includes around 10,000 NFTs in the first series. These NFTs have over 4500 owners and a combined trading volume of over 2 million ADA.The collection’s daily transaction volume and floor price are approximately 180 and 20 ADA coins, respectively.

9. CryptoDino

Over 3000 collectors own 10K original dinosaur NFTs in the CryptoDino collection. This collection’s assets total 20K (10K CryptoDino and 10K DinoSaviors) NFTs, with a total trading volume of around 2M ADA.

10. Chilled Kongs

Chilled Kongs is a collection of 8888 one-of-a-kind NFT assets purchased by almost 2 million collectors. Chilled Kongs has a floor price of around 400 ADA and a daily trading volume of around 90,000 ADA.

The top ten Cardano NFT projects by trading volume are listed above. The newest Cardano NFT projects will be introduced in the section that follows.


Cardano is one of the most popular cryptocurrency projects due to the features it has and the services it provides in terms of DeFi and NFTs. Many NT projects have recently preferred Cardano and its marketplace over competitors. While there are many promising Cardano NFT projects to choose from, this article attempted to highlight some of the best, each with its own set of unique and high-quality NFTs. Choosing amongst them necessitates analysis and precision, as well as carefully analyzing your options and creating reasonable goals. In addition, Cryptologist is your one-stop shop for locating the best crypto investment opportunities as soon as possible.


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