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Top 10 Apps to Make International Calls from iPhone


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The majority of domestic calls have minimal standard fees. However, the phone bill might be pricey for international calls due to roaming fees and other supplemental costs. Additionally, it is anticipated that roaming market tariffs will increase from $70 billion in 2021 to $100 billion in 2028. That implies that calling abroad will become even more expensive! Should you lose contact with family and business partners? Nope. Traveling offers several methods to communicate. IPhone and iPad apps to make international calls. The best thing, though? They are generally all free.

Best Apps to Make International Calls from iPhone

  1. FaceTime
  2. IMO
  3. Rebtel
  4. Skype
  5. Talk360
  6. Viber
  7. WhatsApp Messenger

Details for top Apps to Make International Calls from iPhone

1. FaceTime

The calling app Facetime comes highly recommended. The built-in FaceTime program allows you to communicate with another Apple user. You can place free voice and video calls using this software on your iOS devices. You can use Facetime with Wi-Fi or data to communicate with anyone globally, with the exception of a few nations. Dial your friends’ and family’s phone number or Facetime ID to make a free international call. One of the best free apps for international calling is FaceTime, thanks to a number of interesting features.

These qualities consist of the following:

  • Calls can be made using both audio and video.
  • In a group FaceTime session, up to 32 people can participate.
  • Suitable for iOS 10 and later
  • A variety of foreign languages, including Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, and Turkish, are supported.
  • The sole requirement for creating a FaceTime account is an Apple ID.
  • Its Cost is Free

2. IMO

IMO is a popular internet messenger for making free international calls. Although it functions similarly to WhatsApp, the user interface is cleaner for better video and audio call quality. The free international phone call software from IMO encrypts all calls, which is essential if security is your primary concern. Even encrypted calls with up to six individuals can be made using the program. You can send messages to family and friends anywhere in the world, even if the connection isn’t very fast.

Other outstanding, IMO, features are as follows:

  • QR code and barcode scanning
  • Support for multi-person voice and video calls with up to 20 participants
  • Even on 2G networks, calls remain stable.
  • You can share files and papers thanks to it.
  • Its price is free

3. Rebtel

Being able to make free international calls to over 53 countries without using the internet or Wi-Fi makes Rebtel special. It uses local numbers to establish connections with other Rebtel users. The Rebtel app outperforms other apps in terms of call dependability and quality when making international calls. Additionally, Rebtel offers a reliable and user-friendly app for traditional phone service. Additionally, it offers incredibly affordable international by-the-minute pricing for all nations. With Rebtel’s exclusive Red Box feature, you may tailor your experience to meet your individual needs. Its cost is free.

4. Skype

Skype also makes international calls free. Skype allows free voice, video, and group calls with up to ten people. It’s easy to use. You may video or phone call, share the screen, talk in the meeting, and more.

Skype makes remote meetings better. Skype makes high-quality international calls. Calling non-Skype users costs money. The company offers monthly subscriptions with unlimited minutes at reasonable costs. A $3.49 monthly subscription allows Skype-to-Skype calls.

5. Talk360

Talk360 offers affordable international calling choices. As mentioned, the WhatsApp recipient needs a good internet connection. Talk360 works whether or not the recipient is online. It can call landlines, conventional phones, and smartphones abroad. Only you can install it. Your recipients needn’t do anything.

Free one-minute trial. Thus, calling Cuba, Hispaniola, and other Caribbean islands is free. Talk360 uses VoIP, like most international calling apps. VoIP simplifies internet calls. Talk360 connects to the PSTN via a gateway (PSTN). It can reach Internet and phone users.¬†Talk360 must be on the caller’s phone. Your international calls, whether to a smartphone or landline, will be of the finest quality.

6. Viber

The greatest app for free international calls is Viber. You can create groups with your friends, family, and coworkers and have free call chats with them. Click “Free Call” after choosing a contact from your Viber contact list. The Viber software also allows you to call anyone for nothing.

You may now speak with those who don’t have access to the internet or the Viber app with the help of Viber Out, a cheap international calling plan. There are several security options available, including end-to-end encryption, trusted contacts, and self-destructing chats. It’s free (subscriptions begin at $1.99).

7. WhatsApp Messenger

One of the most popular messaging platforms in the world is WhatsApp. It also offers useful choices for making international calls, which can make life simpler. To avoid paying expensive international calling rates, you can make a call right away by connecting with other Whatsapp users.¬†Additionally, since it uses data, you won’t need to worry about your cellular plan. You must keep track of your monthly data usage, but you may make free international video and phone calls.

If that is still too much, you have the option of not spending any money at all. You only need to connect your device to a reliable Wi-Fi connection to get started. Additionally, it incorporates end-to-end encryption to guarantee the security of your entire conversation. Communication that is secure is essential, especially when working with client data.


IPhone calling apps abound. However, the best one depends on the country you want to call and the needed video features. Users can choose a free international calling app based on its features. International calling apps have expanded businesses and enhanced relationships. Talk360 is flexible and simple to set up. Which do you employ? Tell us in the comments section.


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