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The Best 3 Apps That Allow 24/7 WhatsApp and SMS Spying


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WhatsApp is one of the most popular ways to talk to people every day, especially in secret. It’s a fast and free way to send an SMS or call someone. Even though the app is a great way to communicate effectively, it poses serious privacy and security risks. WhatsApp made it much easier for cheaters to converse without their partners’ awareness, just like any other social media. When it comes to cybersecurity, children and teens are now more likely to be attacked by hackers. Here we will discuss about the Best 3 Apps That Allow 24/7 WhatsApp and SMS Spying.

List of apps WhatsApp and SMS Spying

  1. Cocospy
  2. mSpy
  3. SpyBubble
  4. uMobix
  5. XNSPY

Details are here for top 24/7 WhatsApp and SMS Spying

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1. Cocospy

It’s hard to figure out how to use WhatsApp. But Cocospy makes it look easier than it is to listen in on Whatsapp. First of all, it’s easy to run the app on an iOS or Android device without having to root or jailbreak it. Once the program is loaded, it will send all of the information from the Whatsapp account on the target device to your Cocospy browser dashboard. You will be able to read every Whatsapp message you have sent, received, or even removed.

All of the timestamps for the conversations you can see from a bird’s-eye view give you more information about what someone is doing on Whatsapp. In addition to messages, you can look at pictures, videos, and listen to audio or voice messages sent or received on the account.

2. MSpy

MSpy is a tool that can be used to track and keep an eye on cell phones. It can get access to a lot of information from a target gadget. It can use GPS to find its way. It lets you keep track of calls, video files, and WhatsApp messages. You will be able to see both calls you make and calls that come to you. The software has more than 30 ways to keep an eye on something, like Web History, Keylogger, and Geo-Fencing.

To start tracking, all you have to do is buying, install, and set up mSpy. It can be used on both Apple and Google smartphones. A lot of different messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, etc., can be used to spy on people.

3. SpyBubble

SpyBubble is a tool that was made just for WhatsApp and other free chat apps. With this spying software, you can quickly get into the Android or iPhone phone of your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can easily check not only the texts your partner sends and receives, but also any other media he or she sends or gets.

The App does more than just show what’s on a user’s account. With SpyBubble’s advanced features, you can even check if all the texts that were deleted from the phone you are spying on were really deleted. Your partner might delete some messages to keep themselves safe, but SpyBubble’s control panel makes it easy for you to see them. Information tracking can be done on a laptop, smartphone, or any other device that is easy to use. More than you could have ever imagined, tracking tools let you keep an eye on more than just WhatsApp.

4. UMobix

UMobix is the first app that is frequently used to spy on WhatsApp. With this powerful tracking app, you can see what your child does on WhatsApp in real time. You will be able to read and send messages to and from your child. You can check the names of everyone on your child’s contact list to make sure they are talking to safe people. You can view all the media your child exchanges through the app and read their entire private and group chats.


XNSPY is another piece of software that lets you see everything a partner or child does on WhatsApp on any Android device. The application contains numerous options.

First, WhatsApp makes it simple to keep track of all conversations. You can look at the date and time of a message, watch outgoing and incoming calls, and see all the sent and received media. Simply install the desired software on the target smartphone to begin spying.


Here in this article we describe The Best 3 Apps That Allow 24/7 WhatsApp and SMS Spying. We create List of best WhatsApp and SMS Spying. If you have any questions, kindly submit them in the section provided below.


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