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Solution of Blocked URL Cannot Appear on Bing


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If you are looking at this site, I can be sure that you are also having the Blocked URL Cannot Appear on Bing Indexing problem. I know that Google has already listed your page, but Bing hasn’t. So, you could be a new website or SEO expert, or you might not have done much work on Bing. As you read through techdeposits, you will find a surefire way to fix the “Blocked URL Cannot Appear on Bing” problem. The first step to getting free traffic from the Bing Search Engine is for Bing to scan your website or blog. If your site isn’t listed, it’s all over for you.

To fix a search problem on Bing, the first step is to figure out what’s wrong.

Use the list below to help you find it.

  1. The site or page(s) are blocked by robots.txt.
  2. The Website’s Meta Tag says NOINDEX.
  3. You do not have a sitemap.xml file.
  4. Your website has a lot of information that is already out there.
  5. .htaccess stops people from getting to the site.
  6. It takes 2.5 years for your site to load.
  7. Most of the time, you can’t use your server. Change it.

You’ve turned on your privacy settings if you use WordPress CMS.

  • To check, go to Admin > Settings > Privacy.

Details about Blocked URL Cannot Appear on Bing

What do most of the new people say?

I’ve tried everything I can think of to get my site listed on Bing, like watching a lot of videos and doing a lot of searches, but I still haven’t found an answer. When I look at a URL, I see the following message: Bing can put URLs in its index. It might show up in Bing search results if it is listed by Bing and passes quality checks. But when I ask for Indexing, it says

Bing won’t show a URL that has been put on a block.

The URL that was checked is known by Bing, but it has a few problems that keep us from showing it to our readers. Follow the Bing Webmaster Guidelines is what we suggest.

Solution if your URL does not appear on Bing

How to Web Scrape without Getting Blocked

When crawling and storing web pages, Bing has to decide which pages are most likely to be used by searchers. Because there are so many pages on the Internet, not all of them will be picked. Because of this, your pages might not be in the Bing search right now. This article tells you how to check if a page from your site is now in the index. It also tells you the most common reasons why a page isn’t in the index and gives you some tips on how to improve your chances. Check out Bing’s rules for webmasters.

Google will list us, but Bing won’t. Why?

We don’t know why Bing crawls our site but doesn’t index it, or why Google does it right. Do you have any ideas about what might be wrong with Bing?

Here are some details that back up what we’ve already told you:

  1. We have four 301 redirects, and the rest of our website works.
  2. We’ve already made sure that our Robots are fine, and we’re working on making our site map better.
  3. We can’t find anything on the site that would stop Bingbot from being able to see it.
  4. Since there is neither varnish nor a load broker, nothing stops access from that end.
  5. We also can’t find any rules in the apache or. Htaccess settings that would block entry.

The best way to find sorting problems is to use FETCH AS BINGOT.

Fetch as Bingbot is a great tool for finding bugs. The Diagnostics and Tools area of the main menu has this tool. Fetch as Bingbot lets you see exactly what Bingbot sees when it gets a page from your website. So, it’s a great way to find out if a page on your website can be viewed or not. To use it, all you have to do is type in the URL of your website and click Fetch. This tool usually takes a few seconds to finish because it sends your request to Bingbot to be processed. Just below the box where you type the URL will be the URL you asked for, along with any other URLs you’ve asked for before. When Bingbot is done with your request, the state of the URL will change to Completed. Click the “Completed” link to see what Bingbot found at your URL, and then scroll down to see what Bingbot found in the page source.


Here in this article we describe Solution of Blocked URL Cannot Appear on Bing. We try to describe each step in detail for Blocked URL Cannot Appear on Bing. If you have any questions, please use the form below to submit them. Please refer to www.techdposits.com  for supplementary data.


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