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Creative Ways to Raise Brand Awareness on Social Media


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Successful businesses are constantly discussed on social media, and these conversations are critical to increasing brand awareness and sales growth. Here are some ideas for using social media to raise brand recognition.

List of Creative Ways to Raise Brand Awareness On Social Media

  • Choose the Most Appropriate Platform(s) for Your Audience
  • Provide Content and Engage Audiences
  • Encourage People to Share Your Content
  • Connect With Influencers and Learn From Them
  • Mention influential people, partners, customers, and others.
  • Maintain Customer Relationships
  • Utilize Trends and Breaking News
  • Invest in promoted posts and advertising.
  • Always Track Your Progress

Details of Tips to Raise Brand Awareness on Social Media

1. Choose the Most Appropriate Platform(s) for Your Audience

Many brands struggle to keep up with all of the social media platforms. Because the purpose of social media marketing is to locate your consumers and potential audience, concentrate on where they spend the most time. Keeping your efforts to one to three sites can help to keep them manageable.

2. Provide Content and Engage Audiences

Share or repost the same message or material across platforms. It’s critical to develop material tailored to the type of social media you’re using. Twitter, for example, is a venue for short 140-character updates, whereas Facebook generally sees higher engagement with longer posts that include photographs or videos. Instagram, on the other hand, is all about the graphics, and quick funny remarks with emojis can go a long way.

Regardless of the platform, visuals will usually have a good influence. Facebook posts with images receive 2.3 times more interaction than posts without images. Visual assets are used by 80% of marketers in social media marketing. Images (80%), videos (63%), blogs (60%), and live video (35%), are the most prevalent types of material. Consider this while deciding how to pique your audience’s interest, distinguish yourself from the competition, and engage with your following.

3. Encourage People to Share Your Content

One of the most powerful aspects of this form of marketing is social sharing. You contact not only your direct audience, but also their network. Sharing is received as a suggestion from a friend, family member, influencer, or peer, which is critical in encouraging potential customers to become customers.

People who like to repost look for humor, values-driven content, and articles that elicit an emotional response. Wendy’s marketing team gains shares and engagement using Twitter comebacks that pleasure their audience sufficiently for them to share the fun. Remember to include social sharing buttons on your blogs, ecommerce store, and even specific email content so that your audience may share directly from those places.

4. Connect With Influencers and Learn From Them

Connect with influencers who share your target demographic, complement your product, and do not compete with you for access to established consumer groups. The framework of joint venture collaborations with influencers might vary. They may include content exchange, the bundling of packaged giveaway offerings, and the development of an affiliate fee system.

It is entirely up to you how complicated and involved you want to make these relationships. Follow influencers who are relevant to your brand in order to study and learn from their postings. Examine what they talk and engagement levels to determine what forms of material perform best for their audiences. Your team can use their popular postings to generate fresh brand concepts.

5. Mention influential people, partners, customers, and others

Because social media is all about community development, don’t be stingy with your likes, comments, and shares. Creating an interaction culture on your accounts will motivate others to do the same. Mentions are extremely effective.

Customers and followers enjoy seeing their names highlighted on social media. This simple deed will make your audience feel valued and appreciated. Mentioning partner businesses or influencers can also help you gain favor with other accounts looking to grow their following and audience.

6. Maintain Customer Relationships

Customer interactions are essential for improving brand awareness and sales. When you interact with your customers on social media, you give their network the opportunity to learn about your business. Reading your responses to queries allows other followers or visitors to understand more about your organization and professionalism. If these responses reflect well on your organization, they will help you create trust with potential consumers.

7. Utilize Trends and Breaking News

Your brand may use trends and breaking news to get noticed, entertain your audience, and inspire followers to share your content if your marketing team can react swiftly.

8. Spend money on promoted posts and advertising

Unfortunately, social media is no longer an equal-opportunity environment. Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms intentionally limit your posts’ reach to your target demographic, resulting in decreased engagement across businesses and accounts. Companies should invest in sponsored posts and advertising through posts and stories to combat this. Ads that appear organic perform better and result in more conversions.

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, improve audience targeting, or create engaging ad creative (hello, dynamic advertisements!), our AI-powered solutions have you covered.

9. Always Track Your Progress

Remember, like with any smart digital marketing strategy, to track everything feasible with your brand awareness efforts. Pay attention to your social profiles’ engagement numbers to monitor how much reach and interaction your posts, advertising, and other material are generating.

Track if the visibility of your posts is increasing or decreasing and continue to experiment until you find your sweet spot. Tracking links in posts (e.g., bit.ly) will assist you in gathering and analyzing this data. Also, look at your website statistics to see where your referral traffic is coming from.

Consider employing software tools to assist you assess and optimize your social media activities to make this process easier for yourself. Platforms such as Ahrefs assist you in observing what your competitors are doing well and learning how you may improve. Social mention tools can assist you in tracking any mentions of your business on various social sites in order to determine how much buzz you’re generating.


If, you’re searching for a one-and-done analytics program, your quest is ended. You can quickly measure all of your marketing activities and see how they interact with one another when it comes to creating conversions using cross-channel performance dashboard. No more login into each isolated dashboard, evaluating duplicated data, and relying on guesswork.


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