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Small Business Weekend Ideas That Will Get You Customers


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Small Business Saturday is a chance for numerous business owners across the nation to grow their clientele and boost their Q4 earnings. However, with so many small businesses vying for customers’ attention, it is imperative that you develop a marketing approach that is effective and distinctive.

We spoke with ten small business owners and asked them how they approached and were successful on Small Business Saturday in the past to get you started on creating a distinctive campaign. To find out how to attract more clients this year, keep reading!

List of Small Business Weekend Ideas

  1. Price-Matching Bonus
  2. Use social media to advertise products
  3. Prepare the necessary work in advance
  4. Inform them of sale prices in advance
  5. Possess a Clear Call to Action
  6. Get Your Products Seen by Customers
  7. Adapt Your Website to Mobile Devices
  8. Encourage Clients to Spread the Word
  9. Join the neighborhood scene
  10. Make It Public That You Run a Small Business

Detail of Small Business Marketing Ideas for Saturday

Small Business Weekend Ideas

1. Price-Matching Bonus

Customers loyal to larger competitors can be enticed away with a price-matching bonus. The difference between large and small enterprises essentially comes down to cost. Small enterprises frequently charge more since producing their goods is more expensive.

Increasing foot traffic can be accomplished in a few different ways, including matching prices with competitors and offering discounts and coupons to customers. When competing with larger businesses, it can seem like an uphill struggle, but providing incentives whenever you can starts to increase traffic.

2. Use social media to advertise products

Utilizing social media for brand promotion and marketing can be a great way to increase sales. It will be easier to build a larger client base and brand visibility by advertising your company and products online and directly to individuals in your neighborhood. This will be useful when consumers are looking to buy products in your industry. You may attract attention and point clients in your direction by using hashtags, keywords, and advertisements.

3. Prepare the necessary work in advance

Putting up a lot of effort in preparation! Without doing the essential preparation work in advance, such as scheduling emails, creating social media posts, testing systems, or ordering more products, your business will lose out on the chance to score a significant victory. Plan ahead for major holidays or peak shopping weekends to benefit greatly.

4. Inform them of sale prices in advance

Customers in today’s market are keen to conduct research and make financial plans. You can arouse interest and boost demand by letting customers know exactly what will be offered and how much it will cost. Large companies like Walmart and Best Buy have used this tactic, and small firms can use it as well. You only need to advertise on your website, on social media, and wherever else a potential customer might be doing research.

5. Possess a Clear Call to Action

Plan out your promotion beforehand. Your marketing efforts should Centre on the issues facing your target market and how you can address them. Make sure the call to action in your marketing is crystal clear. Stay away from clichés and generalizations and focus on solving problems for your market.

Have a strategy in place for how you want to market your business (social media, paid ads, local media, podcasts, blogs, newsletters, etc.). Get your sales procedure in place and ready to go so that you can start talking to potential customers.  Don’t wait till the weekend is here to start getting ready; start moving today!

6. Get Your Products Seen by Customers

Customers today are very tech-savvy and intelligent! They’ll probably be doing some internet or social media research before Small Business Saturday to get a sense of which businesses are offering the best prices. You should advertise any promotions or discounts you will have on that day to make sure you are on your client’s radar. This will increase interest and encourage more word-of-mouth advertising.

7. Adapt Your Website to Mobile Devices

More than 79% of smartphone users use their portable devices to make online transactions. Your website needs to be user-friendly and responsive to mobile devices. Regularly update your top listings and business hours. Making ensuring your website is listed for a simple search on Google, Yellow Pages, and other comparable portals is equally crucial. Always keep your contact information easily accessible so that customers may reach you by phone or on your website anytime they need to.

8. Encourage Clients to Spread the Word

Small firms do not have the resources large multinationals do to fund extensive advertising efforts. However, they typically have a strong local client base to support them, therefore I would suggest offering incentives to customers who share or recommend your business to their network. Small online stores can give a referral discount or free delivery, whichever option is most cost-effective but best for your business. Brick-and-mortar establishments can provide on-site referral discounts.

9. Join the neighborhood scene

The best chance is to collaborate with other organizations, like Local First Arizona, that will be advertising this particular weekend. These particular associations may leverage your business in ways that would be costly, if not impossible if you operated it alone since they have “purchasing power.” For instance, Erin Westgate, the founder of Songbird Coffee and Tea, was recently featured in a social media post for my favorite coffee shop because LFA was using its resources to promote Songbird widely. Always work together and make use of your resources!

10. Make It Public That You Run a Small Business

If you run your business online, it may give the impression that it is much larger than it actually is. For instance, having a lot of positive reviews, significant press coverage, or even just a really well-designed website may all give the impression to a visitor that you are a bigger company than you actually are. Therefore, let potential customers know that your company is small.

A website banner describing the company as “small” and providing the number of employees would be one option. Additionally, you might write case studies or articles about running a small firm. Another technique to show that you are a business owner is to highlight the owner and their involvement in daily operations.


In this post, we collect information about Weekend ideas for your small business that will increase sales. We hope this information will help you with your queries.


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