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A Comprehensive Guide to Metaverse as a Service Platform


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Thanks to the Metaverse, enterprises now have a new way to create and deploy services. Additionally, Metaverse-as-a-Service platforms have emerged, enabling new revenue streams and business efficiency opportunities as companies take an interest in this latest innovation.

In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the Metaverse-as-a-Service platform, how it can be built, and what use cases best demonstrate its huge potential for businesses of all sizes.

Exploring the metaverse system as a service

Companies are already using existing metaverses like Decentraland and Roblox to understand user preferences better and test different models and modes. The next step for companies is to create 3D worlds that fit the story of the Metaverse and provide users with various services and conveniences, such as shopping, medical consultations, group yoga classes, and learning opportunities.

The phrase “Metaverse as a Service” or “MaaS” refers to a commercial solution that allows organizations to enter the Metaverse and create their virtual worlds for various purposes, including education, entertainment, and even healthcare.

However, this does not mean that MaaS is used as a tool to compete with Decentraland and Roblox. Instead, it will be a model allowing companies to infiltrate the current Metaverse infrastructure and extend it to integrate their operations, much like SaaS or Software as a Service.

Top Biggest Augmented Reality Store and AR Shopping In Metaverse

Use cases that require MaaS products

While Metaverse can be used for just about anything regarding business, some specific use cases are gaining momentum, leaving much room for MaaS platform solutions. Let’s take a quick look at some of these use cases below.

1. Remote work

People still miss face-to-face meetings, brainstorming sessions, and team-building workouts, though remote work has yet to go away. Metaverse fills this gap by providing a virtual workspace where you can do business. This speeds up collaboration and increases the efficiency of various team initiatives.

This concept has been furthered with Microsoft’s launch of its Metaverse for Teams software, the company’s video-conferencing application. Shortly, the demand for offices in the Metaverse will be extremely high, contributing to the need for MaaS solutions. Even industry leaders like Facebook (the new Meta) are working to build Metaverse platforms to work with.

2. Healthcare

Metaverse offers countless domain possibilities, from using it to securely share private patient information to enhancing cross-departmental collaboration. AR for robotic surgeries, cognitive therapy, virtual patient support groups, conducting psychiatric examinations, accelerating recovery through virtual collaboration, and using touch sensors for physical therapy are some of the key benefits. The market has just begun to dominate the Metaverse, and the tsunami of demand is just around the corner.

3. Education

Metaverse provides a fantastic opportunity for learning and education by expanding virtual learning centers and bringing the campus idea online. One of the greatest strengths of the Metaverse is its ability to support engaging learning models through games and scenarios, as well as remote collaboration between students and teachers.

Educational startups in the Metaverse are booming, with companies like ClassVR and Stemuli leading the way with cutting-edge learning setups and models. And the demand is expected to grow. Market leaders are trying to create Metaverse platforms for this use case, and there is currently no monopoly on the market.

4. Games

Players get a unique experience in the exciting world of Metaverse games, and businesses can take advantage of new marketing opportunities. The Metaverse will fuel the next big wave of play-to-win gaming models.

Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Illuvium, Chain of Alliance, Alien Worlds, and other notable metaverse platforms are working in this area. The scales are about as lopsided as can be when comparing the current supply of video games to the demand for them in the Metaverse. The store needs to catch up with demand. The possibilities are endless if the Metaverse platform is built for this use case.

And that’s not all. Businesses in social media, travel, money, real estate, customer-facing businesses, and more can benefit from metaverse apps.

Only a small number of metaverses will be unable to meet the future demand, given a large number of metaverse use cases. So as industries begin to appreciate the value of dedicated spaces, the Metaverse as a service will inevitably become the dominant business model of the future.

Many companies have already started offering MaaS services to their customers.

Companies using the MaaS business model

Some companies set the standard for the industry by including MaaS as a core component of their enterprise offerings.

1. Lovelace World

Lovelace World specializes in providing end-to-end MaaS solutions designed to accelerate customer adoption of Metaverse.

With the company’s MaaS toolkit, customers can manage smart contracts on Cardano and various other chains, develop NFT experiences, seamlessly integrate with other platforms, and monetize VR games.

2. Promote MaaS

Although still young, this company is already known for the effectiveness of its turnkey Metaverse solutions and services.

The company specializes in creating and implementing smart contracts for the validation, negotiation, resolution, and performance monitoring of the Metaverse environment. In addition, it offers game integration, Defi, and NFT services to its clients.

3. Tactile transmission

This business receives a well-deserved response from corporate clients and event organizers. Commercial customers are free to assert their rights. Metaverse and create your own Mcity (a dedicated service provided by Touchcast) with flexible benefits and easy integration.

Let’s now discuss how to successfully build a MaaS platform and set up your business for success.

How to create a Metaverse as a Service platform?

Contrary to popular belief, with our help, your business can enter the Metaverse in a few simple steps. The following factors will enable you to create and use the perfect MaaS platform.

1. Compatibility

It’s one thing to find the perfect platform. As with Fortnite, you’d like your Metaverse as a Service offering to support multiple accounts, major platforms like iOS, Android, and Xbox, and numerous payment methods.

2. AR/VR excellence and model flexibility

The development of your asset will begin now. Whether a game or a virtual office space, AR/VR technologies will be at the forefront of your asset development. Your model must be creative, flexible, and scalable to meet your customer’s needs. Please note that they can now purchase your MaaS offer. However, if the quality or scale of the experience meets their expectations, they will turn to the competition.

3. Expanding the digital footprint

For your MaaS offering to be successful, you need to grow your online presence. You will need to reach people interested in this market and show them your VR services with easy access to a relevant website.

Experience Excellence

Combining the new-age experience with the traditional brand experience is a surefire way to win over your audience and unlock new sales and revenue opportunities that you can use to differentiate your business from the competition.

Our Metaverse Development Services will guide you through these processes and more to help you implement your MaaS platform. Metaverse’s unique development platform is designed to enable you to quickly and easily realize the full potential of a domain for your business.

You now better understand how to set up your own Metaverse-as-a-Service platform and how business and commerce can evolve in the future. With comprehensive Metaverse development tools as a service and ongoing technical support. At Risingmax Inc, the Metaverse consulting company, we provide end-to-end solutions to help companies like yours move their service portfolio forward into the future. This allows you to realize your vision and establish future leadership.


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