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How Can Startups Afford to Hire the Best App Development Team?


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It’s exceedingly challenging to find developers for a firm, especially one in its early stages. A startup may only have a basic organizational structure, making it impossible for it to compete with larger organizations for benefits and pay. However, even if it does, many developers still choose to build their careers at large, well-known corporations because of the greater stability and advancement opportunities offered by those organizations.

In the sector, outsourcing development has become standard. 37% of small businesses outsourced their company operations in 2018, and that percentage is predicted to increase. It’s interesting to note that 60% of outsourced workers are in the IT industry, which speaks something about the demand for IT outsourcing.

In this post, we’ll provide you with advice on how to hire the best developers for your fledgling business and take advantage of the outsourcing development model.

Important Motivators for Startups When Hiring Developers

When you hire engineers, you should already have a concept of how they can benefit your startup. Because a business, whether it outsources or not, couldn’t afford the incorrect recruits, you must carefully establish your priorities.

A startup’s reasons for hiring developers

  1. Set Up the Tech Stack for Startups
  2. Fast Growth
  3. Staying Within Budget
  4. Build A Strong Team

List of 7 Steps to Hiring Developers for a Startup

  1. Specify Your Business Needs
  2. Determine The Employment Model
  3. Choose A Country To Hire From
  4. Finding Necessary Specialists
  5. Verify The Expertise
  6. Conduct Interviews
  7. Start The Job

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Details of Hiring Low-Cost Developers for a Startup

1. Specify Your Business Needs

Hiring Low-Cost Developers for a Startup

Every startup is different, and this holds true for the kind of hire you must make. Evaluate the reasons you need the help of a software engineer. Do you want to launch a brand-new app idea and need developers to whip up a working prototype right away?

Or, do you require access to iOS developers in order to upload an app to the App Store? While some companies may have a stable team of developers on hand to work on their apps, others may require additional specialists who are up to speed on the latest technology. If, for example, your business does not already have a data streaming expert on staff, you would be wise to get one.

2. Determine the Employment Model

You must choose the kind of employment arrangement for the outsourced developers once you are clear on your company’s needs. That’s accurate. There are several choices available.

If you’re working on a modest project, you might want to think about the project-based paradigm. This strategy is appropriate for projects with predetermined needs and fixed-price developer compensation. However, it lacks flexibility because it is unsuitable for projects with changing requirements.

Choose the dedicated team model if you don’t yet have a clear vision of how your product will function. An entire team of programmers will focus completely on your project, as the name says. Your tech company will hire developers on a short-term basis.

Working in an energized group increases your ability to adapt. The group makes it simple to voice opinions and provide instant responses. Additionally, there are no restrictions on changes being made while developing.

Now, you should choose the third option, the extended team, if you already have an internal team. It’s more about hiring IT specialists to fill in the skill gaps. Your internal team will oversee the development while an outside developer will do the specific duties.

3. Choose a Country to Hire From

For startups, it’s crucial to hire developers from the appropriate nation. Although some nations are more affordable than others, issues like language barriers and time zones should be taken into account. You should seek out developers who can work with you in your language, are competent in their field, and aren’t overly expensive.

These days, Ukraine is the best country for outsourcing. You can achieve good outcomes by hiring an IT developer for $30 to $50 per hour. Additionally, of the three popular outsourcing nations in Eastern Europe, Ukraine comes out on top.

4. Finding Necessary Specialists

Finding prospects is necessary before you can hire a developer for your startup. If you don’t know where to start your search, it can be daunting. Job placement firms are an option, but they can be pricey and not always helpful.

Finding people who have started their own businesses is something you should look into on your own. If you’re seeking developers who use various collaboration methods, the best places to start are talent marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru. You have the option of paying by the hour or for each work that is assigned. By allowing you to screen candidates based on skill sets, these platforms make it easier to assemble the best specialists for your team.

You should look at sites like Clutch and Software World if you want to work with a committed team. Clutch is an excellent location to start looking for trustworthy businesses because it lets customers submit ratings on the IT development companies they’ve worked with. Software World offers listicles of the best IT development companies by area and category.

Additionally, the fact that a seasoned IT development company created this post may help you find a new job. Please feel free to contact the editor with the kinds of developers you’re looking for.

5. Verify the Expertise

Hire the Best App Development Team

Background checks on potential freelancers or IT development firms are essential. Verifying their competence and skill sets is essential for your position.

Before employing someone through platforms like Upwork and Guru, make sure you read their customer reviews. Inquire for a resume of their previous work experience. It can help you weed out candidates who aren’t qualified for the role.

Use the same hiring process when you choose an IT outsourcing company. Read through the reviews left by previous customers, and if you can, get in touch with them to get their honest opinions. Additionally, much about a company’s reputation can be learned by looking through its LinkedIn profile.

You must make sure the developers have soft skills like communication, teamwork, and anticipation in addition to technical knowledge. Clear communication between you and the developer is essential to success. Make sure everyone can communicate effectively by providing a neutral space for dialogue in which language is not an issue.

You want the developers on a committed team to work well together. They must be self-motivated and able to solve problems on their own. The candidates must be proactive in offering advice and bringing up problems on their own initiative.

6. Conduct Interviews

The best way to know if a candidate has the required hard and soft skills for the job are to have them shown during the interview process. The greatest tactic is to conduct interviews. Interviewees should be prompted to talk about their project experience. Exuberance for one’s work is reflected in one’s behavior.

Create a set of questions that test the candidate’s resilience under pressure.

If you ask all of the applicants the same set of questions, you can easily compare their responses. It aids in the selection of top candidates who excel under pressure.

7. Start the Job

You can then offer the position to the shortlisted candidates after you’re happy. Make sure that the contract’s conditions are accepted by both parties. Provide the developer with a start work order and specific instructions on what needs to be done.


Finding developers can be challenging for startups. For startup entrepreneurs to choose the finest developer for their team there isn’t much room to maneuver. We’ve shown that outsourcing is feasible, and provided a how-to guide for finding the most qualified programmer.


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