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List of Top 50+ Free Cattle Record Keeping Apps & Software


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Farmers track cows with Cow Manager. This eliminates paperwork for this lengthy process. The app displays and reports cow statistics. It reminds users of important events like the animal’s injection. This program serves as a data hub. Cattle record-keeping apps reduce cattle losses and increase profitability. Apps for cattle management provide improved analytics and data. Customized cattle management software can help you manage budgets, breeding, grazing, records, and herds. Cattle farming may be tough with multiple animals. Farm managers no longer record animal information with pencils and paper. Running a cow farm as a business requires top free cattle record keeping apps & software . Cattle record keeping apps & software helps most livestock ranchers compete.

Top free Cattle Record Keeping Apps & Software List

  1. Farmbite-Cattle Management App
  2. Ranchr – Keeping Cattle Records
  3. Cattle Manager
  4. Yagro – Cattle Tracking Software
  5. 365 Cattle
  6. My Cattle Manager
  7. Herdbase Cattle Management
  8. Cattle Expert System
  9. Cattle Expert System
  10. H Livestock Records

Details are here for Cattle Record Keeping Apps & Software

Cattle record keeping Apps & software for a mobile phone or tablet device can help with some of these, such as tracking herd performance, comparing costs, and calculating grass growth and fertilizer requirements.

Best & Simple App Ideas to Make Money in 2023

1. Farmbite-Cattle Management App

Farmbite manages livestock and agricultural records. It improves agricultural productivity, efficiency, and profitability. A powerful, easy-to-use farming software solution, not just a record-keeping system. Farmbite has all you need to organize, keep better records, manage resources, track production, spot patterns, acquire insights, and boost efficiency and profits. Farmbite was created to help you run a more efficient, productive, and lucrative farm.

2. Ranchr – Keeping Cattle Records

Ranch Manager Ranchr’s mobile app and computer dashboard handle cattle without paper. Keep Record animals. Identify, breed, and plan. Plan your identity; Document sales, animal locations, and treatments. Track herd performance, costs, profit, and loss. Use an unlimited-note ranch calendar. One livestock program for animal record. Cattle, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, deer, elk, alpaca, llama, and dogs—activate modules for any combination.

3. Cattle Manager

Farmers will appreciate the cow Manager app for tracking their cow herd. This removes a substantial amount of paperwork normally associated with this time-consuming activity. Users can submit information about each cow and view previously submitted data about the animals using the software. It will tell the user when important dates and times, such as when the animal’s injection is due, have arrived. This programme collects all of your data in one place, providing the user with an efficient and effective record-keeping system. In 2013, this software was also awarded the Dell “Power to Do More – Getting the Most out of Your Time” award. Cattle Manager is available for free installation on Android-based devices.

4. Yagro – Cattle Tracking Software

Individual farms can use the yagro app to compare pricing and get bids from multiple providers for feed, fuel, fertilizer, seed, chemicals, and equipment. Suppliers reply quickly with competitive estimates, and all transactions are handled through the app.The software logs transactions and graphically shows them, displaying expenditure and savings.

5. 365 Cattle

Farmers can use these cattle management applications to keep track of herd information such as medical data, vet visits, breeding data, age, sex, and more. Keep a record of each animal’s history, including any treatments, health problems, or other relevant information. Any changes to the herd or inventory may be readily input and tracked. The programme is totally offline, and data is sent whenever internet connectivity is restored. On the desktop, 365 Cattle interacts with 365 Farm Nett.

6. My Cattle Manager

Due to its simplified cow, milk, and transaction record keeping, this software is perfect for dairy farmers. This tool simplifies dairy farming. It manages cows, bulls, heifers, weaners, and calves. It helps manage beef cattle. The software can follow cattle from calf to weaner to heifer to cow. The software also tracks cow insemination, pregnancies, abortions, treatments, vaccinations, castrations, weighing, spraying, births, and attaching calves to their moms and sires. The software generates a report after tracking cattle incidents for any time period. The application lets dairy farm owners manage cattle breeds, including adding and removing breeds.

7. Herdbase Cattle Management

Herdbase is a dairy farm management application that optimizes herd performance and productivity. Herdbase provides easy cloud-based solutions for offline work. The herd base livestock management android app needs to access your data now. Everything is within reach. To improve efficiency, record pregnancy, verify breeding, calving, and more while on the farm, and receive real-time notifications and warnings, you may now add, examine, and change farm data remotely.

8. Cattle Expert System

Livestock produces milk, meat, and other value-added goods that reduce poverty and ensure food security. Organic manure improves soil fertility and productivity. Livestock power agriculture, transportation, and fossil fuel conservation. The TNAU Cattle Expert System smartphone app manages cattle and buffalo feeding, breeding, and management. Cattle and Buffalo Disease Control, Production Technology Calves, buffaloes, and farm machinery are covered.

9. H Livestock Records

The 4-H Livestock Record app is an excellent tool for keeping 4-H members organized as they prepare for show day. This programme allows users to effortlessly track all of their livestock project animals’ weights, feed, and health, as well as project income and expenses. The 4-H Livestock Record app is available for free download for iOS devices.

Here list of more 35+ free cattle record app

  1. 65 Cattle
  2. 4-H Livestock Record
  3. AGvisorPRO
  4. Angus Mobile App
  5. APHIS Mobile
  6. BCS SowDition
  7. Beef Cow BCS App
  8. Beef Market Central
  9. Blue Team Wethers
  10. Calf Book
  11. Calving Calculator
  12. Cattle Forum
  13. Cattle Manager
  14. Cattle Market
  15. Cattle Visions
  16. Cattlemen’s Toolbox
  17. CowCalf
  18. CowManager
  19. Countries DairyExpress
  20. Countries DeLaval FMC
  21. Drought Feed Calculator
  22. Espiga Livestock
  23. Farm Track Livestock Manager
  24. FarmMed App
  25. Feed for Growth
  26. Fodjan
  27. GESDATE Swine
  28. Herd – Animal and Livestock Management
  29. HerdApp
  30. HorseBCS
  31. iCalve Mobile App
  32. iCattleMgrPro
  33. Kingsway Dairy Specialists
  34. Intake


Here in this article, we describe the Top 50+ Free Cattle Record Keeping Apps & Software. We hope that our readers like this article if have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.


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