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List of Best Fantasy Cricket Games to Play and Earn Money Online 2023


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Cricket is a popular sport all over the Indian subcontinent, whether people are playing gully cricket, cheering for their favorite cricket players, or playing fantasy cricket online. Fantasy apps that focus on cricket are often the most popular, but other sports are slowly gaining ground in the business. Basketball, baseball, the NFL, and other sports are getting the space they deserve. The Indian fantasy sports market is expected to be worth $3.7 billion by 2024, according to the Mint. Because of how well the Indian Premier League (IPL) has done, more people in India are playing fantasy sports. Today’s we will discuss about Best Fantasy Cricket Games to Play and Earn Money Online.

Here is the list of Best Fantasy Cricket Games to Play and Earn Money Online

  1. 11Wickets
  2. FanFight
  3. HalaPlay
  4. HiScore Games
  5. MPL Opinio
  6. MyTeam 11
  7. Playerzpot
  8. ProSports11

Let’s discuss Details are here for best fantasy cricket games to play and earn money online

Top 10 Earning Apps Like Winzo – 2023

1. 11Wickets

11Wickers, which has more than 3 million daily users, is one of the best-known fantasy apps in India. After getting your email address and phone number to verify your account, they add Rs 75 to your account right away. You can also play fantasy versions of games like baseball, cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, and others. Just because of that, this dream program might be the best of the bunch. To get paid, you can use PayTM or a bank payment.

2. FanFight

FanFight App is an app for iPhone and Android phones that lets you play fantasy sports. The user interface is easy to use, so it’s a good choice for new users who want to try their hand at fantasy games. The app has a feature that lets people form teams, compete in contests, and get prizes every day. It also has a sale mode and a league mode that lets people play together.

3. HalaPlay

The HalaPlay cricket app has quickly become one of the most popular dream cricket apps in India. This is easy to understand. HalaPlay uses machine learning and data analytics to help users figure out how to play better. This helps them get better at games and win more of them.  It is easy to use and understand because its user design is very natural. Users can make their own teams, play daily and weekly matches, and compare their results to those of other users.

3. HiScore Games

Users of the HiScore games app can play fantasy games and take quizzes. Players can build a fantasy team and increase their chances of getting a prize by picking the winner of the game. You can play badminton, tennis, table tennis, and fighting, among other games. They have a program called “recommend and earn” that lets people make more money. It’s also easy to join HiScore because it has so many benefits that players are sure to like.

4. MPL Opinio

MPL Opinio encourages people to post their predictions about future cricket matches and other hot topics with entertainment value, like movies, awards, and reality TV. It works as a prediction program, like other dream apps. They offer many ways to get paid, including the long-time favorite UPI, which gives you cash almost right away. The fact that Virat Kohli was chosen as a brand ambassador and that MPL is good at marketing has helped the company becomes more well-known and famous. It has the largest user database in the country, with 25 million people.

5. MyTeam 11

MyTeam11 is without a question the answer to your prayers if you want a full-featured app that does everything. You can get the MyTeam11 app for free by downloading it. The app has many great features, such as fast transfers, different ways to play, a daily prize pool, a program that pays you for referring friends, and many more. Even better, the user interface of MyTeam11 is international, so users can talk to the system in the language of their choice. Users can make up to ten teams for a single game, which increases their chances of getting lucky.

6. Playerzpot

Playerzpot gives sports fans who want more than just cricket choices that are completely unique. It lets you play fantasy versions of volleyball, hockey, and the NFL, in addition to the regular sports. After you sign up, they add 1000 gems to your account, which you can use to buy things in the game. They have a great referral program that gives you 50 rupees for every new account you help start. With daily contests and more than 7 million busy users, a user has a better chance of winning a decent amount of money.

7. ProSports11

ProSports11 has one of the fastest-growing busy user bases and sources of income for fantasy sports apps in the United States. Before the coin toss, users can make as many teams as they want and change the members of the ones they already have. ProSports11’s success is also due in part to their very profitable referral program, which gives users up to 50% of the money their friends put into their wallets.


Here in this article we describe Best Fantasy Cricket Games to Play and Earn Money Online 2023. We create List of Best Fantasy Cricket Games to Play and Earn Money Online. If you have any questions, please submit them in the space provided below.


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