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List of best equipment management & maintenance software 2023


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The best equipment management software allows you to manage your tool inventory while keeping track of important elements like asset location, maintenance records, tool costs, user rights, and checkout and return dates. High-quality tool management solutions also include auditing and reporting functions to assist you in making decisions regarding asset inventory demands and future tool purchases, as well as security elements to prevent tool loss. Techdeposits assessed dozens of popular tool management software products based on usability, overall features and usefulness, price, and customer service. Only solutions that excelled in every category made our selection of the best tool management software for 2023.

Top equipment management software free

How we to Use CMMS Software to Track and Manage Maintenance Costs

  1. Asset Panda: equipment maintenance management
  2. ShareMyToolbox- equipment management software
  3. GigaTrak- equipment maintenance software
  4. EZOfficeInventory- equipment maintenance program
  5. GoCodes- best equipment management & maintenance software

Details are here for best equipment management

1. Asset Panda: equipment maintenance management

Asset Panda is one of the top tool management software systems on the market, because of its comprehensive spectrum of beneficial features,. Asset assignment, barcode generation, checkout and return capabilities, compliance tracking, contract management, funding source tracking, asset kitting, maintenance and repair tracking, signature capture, straight-line depreciation, and record-level attachments are all included in the user-friendly solution.

Additionally, the adaptable software provides action-based forms, configurable audits, custom fields and reports, client-defined workflow steps, and push notifications for when specific tasks, such as maintenance, are necessary. The mobile apps for iOS and Android provide built-in barcode scanning, GPS pin-drop, audit setup and execution, and rapid asset addition. The highest level of security is provided via role-based access, Amazon AWS hosting and 256-bit SSL encryption.

Asset Panda employs a quote-based pricing strategy, with rates dependent in part on the amount of assets you intend to manage, which can grow up to 5,000 or more. Every subscription includes an unlimited number of users. For a price, premium connectors such as Google Workspace, Jamf, and Azure Active Directory, as well as SSO, are available.

All users have access to a comprehensive online resource database and help center. There is also live chat, email, and online conference support. Phone support is available to qualified clients between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. CT.

2. ShareMyToolbox- equipment management software

ShareMyToolbox is intended to assist construction companies in tracking tools and small equipment in the warehouse and on the job site. You can use this software to generate an endless tool catalog to help you manage your inventory. Upload photographs of your equipment, usage history, and maintenance schedules to your catalog. You and your team may get precise tool information from anywhere using mobile apps for Apple and Android smartphones.

The user-friendly tracking software assists your staff in quickly locating tools. Before transferring a tool from one entity to another, authorized users must accept tool transfers and receipts; this guarantees that there is always a record of who should have custody of your company’s tools. Damage tracking is also provided. Because you can weigh the requirement for extra equipment based on both tool demand and availability records, pinpoint tracking allows you to make more informed new tool purchasing decisions.

The Base System, which includes one administrator, costs $65 per month; the Base System plus five users’ costs $115 per month. More users can be added in increments of five for $50 per month.

ShareMyToolbox provides limitless email and phone support. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, however the company says it frequently answers to support queries outside of those hours.

3. GigaTrak- equipment maintenance software

The Tool Tracking System from GigaTrak is intended for businesses that need to track tools, assets, and equipment that can be utilized by various people in different locations. GigTrak’s basic barcoding technology is used to track items. GigaTrak might be difficult to set up, but once up and running, most customers find the program to be reasonably simple to use.

Track various types of equipment, including power and hand tools, radios, mobile phones, calibrated equipment, design drawings, precision equipment, and consumables, with GigaTrak. The software allows you to preserve a full history of each asset, including images, serial numbers, purchase date, maintenance dates, usage hours, and lease and repair record renewal dates. Reorder notifications for consumables are also provided by the solution. GigaTrak includes more than 50 reports, such as assignment, history, precision, and valuation.

GigaTrak is available in three versions: basic, professional, and contractor. The self-hosted version of GigaTrak starts at $2,495 for a one-time price. The self-hosted solution is compatible with any Windows 10 or later computer system or network that employs an Access or SQL Server database. If you choose, you can pay $75 per month for an annual subscription to the cloud-hosted service. The only prerequisite for the cloud-based GigaTrak technology is an internet connection.

4. EZOfficeInventory- equipment maintenance program

EZOfficeInventory is a cloud-based tool-tracking program that allows you to manage the whole asset life cycle. Usage statistics and analytics, an availability calendar, asset reservations, location management, custom fields, employee ID scans, and service and maintenance tracking are all included in all EZOfficeInventory plans.

Your employees can use the EZOfficeInventory software to track tools with barcodes or QR codes. An RFID reader can also be used to scan products with advanced plans. Handheld scanner integration, custom reports, transfer of custody, custom system labeling, service triage, and OneDrive/Dropbox data sync are also included in advanced plans.

While EZOfficeInventory isn’t difficult to use, it isn’t as intuitive as other tool management systems, and as a result, some customers find it difficult to navigate this software. The smartphone app, in particular, could benefit from some tweaking.

The fee for EZOfficeInventory is depending on the quantity of goods you want to track. When invoiced annually, the Essential plan starts at $35 per month. When invoiced annually, the Advanced and Premium plans start at $45 and $50 per month, respectively. Enterprise plans are also available, with costs tailored to your organization’s specific requirements.

5. GoCodes- best equipment management & maintenance software

GoCodes is an easy-to-use cloud-based asset tracking and tool management system. Using smartphone scanning apps and GoCodes’ patented QR code tag and Bluetooth beacon technology, it makes it simple to keep track of your tools and equipment. When a barcode or QR tag is scanned, automatic GPS tracking reveals the location of your tools.

The software can track fixed and consumable assets, monitor service and repair records, establish service reminders, allow authorized users to check equipment in and out, and issue late reminders automatically. Perform a quick assessment of your tools and trace the asset life cycle from first purchase order and acquisition to asset disposal. Track user and tool usage patterns with GoCodes’ custom reports.


Here in this article, we describe list of best equipment management & maintenance software 2023. We hope that this article will help you to find best management tools. If our viewers like this video, please leave your comment in the comment section below.


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