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iTop PDF – Simple, Powerful & Free PDF Editor


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iTop PDF is a sophisticated and easy-to-use PDF editor that allows users to manipulate PDF files in a variety of ways. This program is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, making it an excellent resource for professionals and businesses. One of iTop PDF’s key advantages is its powerful editing capabilities. The tool allows users to modify PDF documents by adding, removing, and changing text, images, and other content. Users can also combine and divide PDF files, reorder pages, and lower the file size of their documents.

iTop PDF Evaluation

iTop PDF’s provides a number of text editing tools. Users can choose and edit single words or phrases, change font sizes and styles, and customize text color and alignment. The program also has optical character recognition (OCR), which allows users to edit text from scanned documents.

The application also includes strong image editing tools. Users can rearrange, resize, and crop photos, as well as adjust their brightness and contrast. This makes it straightforward to create PDF documents that appear appealing and professional.

iTop PDF’s includes a number of annotation and markup tools. Users can emphasize content in their papers by highlighting or underlining it, as well as adding comments, sticky notes, and text boxes. Working with others and providing input on a PDF document is made easier by these capabilities.

Along with editing options, iTop PDF includes a number of security features that can aid in the protection of private PDF files. Users can make their files more secure by adding password protection, eliminating sensitive material, and digitally signing their work.

ITop PDF’s is an excellent tool for organizing and altering PDF files. Because of its user-friendly appearance, powerful editing capabilities, and solid security measures, it is essential for anyone who frequently works with PDF files. Whether you need to compress or combine PDF files, modify text, pictures, or annotations, or compress or combine PDF files, iTop PDF provides everything you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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8 Useful Hints and Tips for using iTop PDF Effectively

Tip #1: Get acquainted with the iTop PDF user interface in a matter of seconds.

You simply need to spend a few minutes getting acquainted with the interface before altering your Files using iTop PDF thanks to its simple main interface. The toolbar at the top of the screen contains all of the tools you need to change your PDFs. Long papers can be readily accessed by using the PDF thumbnail view in the left sidebar.

Tip #2: For accurate editing, use editing tools.

From the ‘Edit’ tab text editing capabilities, you can simply update material, add text and photos, crop pages, experiment with watermarks and links, and add bookmarks.

Tip #3: For the described collaborative editing, use the Comment and markup tools.

The comment and markup capabilities of iTop PDF allow multiple users to collaborate on the same document. Use the highlighter tool to draw attention to specific text sections. Use the text box tool to add comments or notes.

Tip #4: Batch processing tools can save you time.

iTop PDF has a number of batch-processing options that can help you save time while editing many PDFs at the same time. For example, you can quickly update the content in multiple documents by utilizing the “Batch Replace” option.

Tip #5: Take advantage of OCR technology for text recognition.

iTop PDF has OCR technology for reading text from scanned documents. This makes it straightforward to alter text that was previously uneditable. Go to the “Protect” page, then select “Signature” > “Create New Signature” to create an e-Signature.

Tip #6: To customise your PDF files, use advanced formatting tools.

iTop PDF’s rich formatting capabilities allow you to change the appearance of your documents. Using the “Page Design” tool, you can change the page size or margins of your document or you can create a unique watermark using the “Watermark” tool.

Tip #7: Create fillable PDF forms quickly.

iTop PDF includes a form-building tool that makes it simple to create fillable PDF forms. Use the “Form Field” tool to add text fields, check boxes, and other form components to your document.

Tip #8: To protect your PDF files, use iTop PDF.

To protect essential files, iTop PDF has a number of security features. You can use the “Password Protection” tool to add a password to your document, or you can use the “Redaction” tool to remove sensitive info from your PDF.


However, despite the trustworthiness of PDF files, they are difficult to alter. To simply modify a PDF file, use a PDF editor such as iTop PDF. iTop PDF is a free PDF editor for Windows that lets you browse, comment on, and add text to PDF files. iTop PDF also works as a converter, converting PDF to a variety of file formats including Word, Image, Excel, and PowerPoint. If you want a great tool for editing and converting PDF files, iTop PDF Editor is a terrific choice.


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