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Integrating WooCommerce and Etsy: A Step-by-Step Guide


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Imagine a world where integrating woocommerce and etsy work together to create a symphony of e-commerce efficiency. This would be a combination of automation and growth that works well together. Your inventory will be synchronized across all platforms and move to the beat of orders that are handled automatically. Taxes are lowered, money flows smoothly through a digital channel, and shipping data is sorted.  Long gone are the days when you had to manually upgrade and switch between computers to make sure everything was in sync. With this integration, your goods can get noticed on both WooCommerce and Etsy at the same time, showing off their stuff without missing a beat.

It makes the market a lively place where people from all over the world come to buy things. Your target market is Etsy’s huge number of users, and your goods get more attention, which makes them easier to sell. With WooCommerce and Etsy working together, you can give your customers a wide range of personalized experiences. With the simple steps in this article, you can integrating woocommerce and etsy.

Step 1: Register an Etsy account.

If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to make an Etsy account before you can start. Go to the Etsy site and click “Sell on Etsy” to get started. Then you will be asked to enter details about your business. Things like the language, location, and currency of your shop. Also, you have to choose a name for your shop that doesn’t already belong to one of Etsy’s sellers.

To accept payments from customers, you must also enter the details of your chosen credit or debit card during the store creation process. Be aware that you have to prove who you are to Etsy before you can start selling on the site and taking money from buyers.

Step 2: Link WooCommerce and Etsy together.

After you’ve set up your WooCommerce store, it’s time to link your Etsy account to it. The easiest way to link your Etsy store to your WooCommerce store is to buy the Etsy Integration for WooCommerce.

For $199 per year, this add-on fully syncs your Etsy and WooCommerce stores.

  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • item characteristics
  • catalogues of goods

You can also set different price structures, shipping options, and stocking rules for each store. Having everything in one place also makes it easier to manage orders. Before you start the connection process, make sure you are logged into your Etsy account. Once you’ve paid for the plugin, you can add it to your WordPress site.

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Step 3: Set the plugin up.

In the WooCommerce admin panel, look for Ecommerce. Click on the tab that says Etsy. Then, a pop-up will appear. Click “Add account” here to link your Etsy Store. After you type in the exact name of your Etsy store, click the “Authorize” button.

You will then go to a page asking for permission. To get to this page, you’ll need to enter your seller log-in information. After clicking “Allow Access” to allow API access, go to your Etsy store and do what it says, then click “Configure.”

Your Etsy account is now linked to your WooCommerce store. You can change how this connection works in the Etsy Panel of your WooCommerce dashboard. If you want to make more changes to your store connection, click “Configure” here.


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