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How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Employer Brand


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Employer Branding on Social Media: What Should You Do? You’ve probably heard that you should spend more time, effort, and money Use Social Media to Boost Your Employer Brand. Nobody, however, is teaching you how to do it. What kind of information should you post on your company’s social media sites to portray yourself as a good employer?

Here are eight inspiring examples of use Social Media to Boost Your Employer Brand

  • Testimonials from employees
  • The office and the workplace
  • Advantages and benefits
  • Corporate culture
  • Company gatherings
  • Appreciation/awards
  • Content for recruitment

Explanation of how to use Social Media to Boost Your Employer Brand

Creative Ways to Raise Brand Awareness on Social Media

1. Testimonials from employees

Include staff anecdotes and testimonials.

Sharing their personal stories may help potential candidates understand the type of people you are searching for.

Marriott International, Inc., for example, is a leading worldwide lodging corporation with over 6,000 locations in 122 countries and territories.

Marriott has an excellent Instagram page called Marriott Careers, where they frequently showcase employee testimonies.

2. The office and the workplace

Share videos and photographs of your working space.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t have the trendiest office ever.

Most candidates do not anticipate a large yoga studio or a video game room in your office.

They simply want to view the area where they will be spending the most of their time.

Highlight aspects of your office that give off a positive feel. Perhaps you have a cozy coffee shop. Or a spectacular vista. Alternatively, some interesting posters on the walls

Example: L’Oreal’s Instagram career page, for example, is called L’Oreal Talent.

Although L’Oreal has many “to die for” workplaces, they keep it genuine by displaying images of their employees’ desks.

3. Advantages and benefits

Make a point of emphasizing the perks and benefits you provide to your staff. Your firm is unlikely to provide an employee discount for a vacation to exotic islands. Sigh: But, hey, your company must have something unique to offer your employees, such as flexible working hours, tuition reimbursement, gym membership, free lunch, and so on.

4. Corporate culture

Positive relationships with coworkers, supervisors, and corporate leaders are the foundation of a great company culture. You should communicate the message that your corporate culture values trust, collaboration, teamwork, and support.

5. Company gatherings

Aside from your business-related activities, it is equally crucial to present your non-business-related events. These events include team building exercises as well as any other similar events or social gatherings of your employees, such as parties, celebrations, special occasions, and so on.

For example: Nanobit is a company that specializes in designing and delivering mobile applications and games. They frequently host Saturday Game Jams, where their employees congregate in the workplace to play games, talk, and have fun in a casual and cozy environment.

6. Appreciation/awards

Make a point of emphasizing every award, accreditation, and recognition your company has received. Celebrate your accomplishment and remember to praise your staff for their hard work and dedication to a greater purpose.

Example- HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that assists businesses in attracting visitors, converting leads, and closing customers. On Glassdoor, Hubspot was been named the Best Place to Work in 2018. Here’s their Instagram post to celebrate.

7. Content for recruitment

If you want your company to be viewed as a serious employer, you must create and share specific recruiting content. But what exactly do I mean when I say “specialized recruiting content”? Recruiting content is social media content that is designed to inform potential employees about your hiring process.

Example- Microsoft. Microsoft Life, their Facebook career page, is fantastic. Microsoft Life provides live interviews with Microsoft recruiters on a daily basis.

Candidates might submit questions ahead of time and listen in during the live broadcast. Candidates who were unable to watch the event live can view a recording of the event on Microsoft’s Facebook job page. Live interviews are an excellent approach to engage potential applicants and answer their queries. An example of a Facebook post published by Microsoft to publicize their event is shown below.

Social media employer branding lessons

Social media simplifies visual storytelling. People want to imagine working with companies. Photos and videos on all social media platforms help them achieve it.

Share images and videos of:

  • employee testimonies office and workplace benefits
  • Your company culture educational, corporate, and recruitment events honors and accolades you won (particularly Best places to work recognitions) specific recruiting content.


No magic formula exists for identifying the optimal content and communication channel for every role and firm. Your candidate persona determines what works. Your ideal candidate’s persona is semi-fictional. Your candidate persona will help you choose content and channels. This blog’s examples should have inspired you and given your ideas for a winning Social Media Employer Branding plan!


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