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How to Upload an Avatar to VRchat?


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Whether you made or had your VR Chat avatar made, you should display it. Enter the game with your new avatar first. With help, downloading your first avatar is easy. After preparing your avatar files, upload them. How to upload an avatar to vrchat, though? Like other game modifications, your things will require additional software. VR Chat is easy to use and promotes avatar creation.

How to upload an avatar to vrchat?

1. Create a Model

VRchat creator companion (VCC) simplifies PC setup for VRchat creation. Get VCC from VRchat. VCC will check if Unity is already installed when installed and started. Unity will be installed if needed. VCC installs the latest VRCSDK-compatible Unity version. Unity editor tampering can break VCC.

Although downloading VCC has numerous benefits, some individuals still generate avatars the old-fashioned method, either because some of their old VRC unity tools don’t work with the new version of VCC or out of habit or spite because they don’t know how to upload VRchat avatars. Use a conventional unity installation if VCC doesn’t support your Mac or Linux OS.

VCC includes avatar-making tools and minor improvements. New users should not install Unity since standard Unity lacks VCC’s tools and the Legacy VRC SDK may be pulled out (albeit improbable). Even though most people use a model, you can build an avatar model from scratch. Any 3D program that exports FBX with an armature is OK. Blender and Maya are popular. For 3D modeling novices, this is only the start. Uploading a VRchat avatar rig and texturing is tricky. Rigged characters have all those powers!

Start simple if you develop your own model. Even if you don’t look like a model, you can do anything with your model.

2. Look for a model

How Virtual Reality (VR) Transforms Defense Training

This is maybe the most important step: your avatar must be a 3D model.

Because this is your first avatar, we recommend purchasing one from the Unity Asset Store because they often arrive rigged, requiring no more effort to upload. If you get your model anywhere other than the asset store, ensure sure it’s fully rigged and in a format that Unity understands.

Check that you have the necessary permissions to utilize the model. Artists spend numerous hours working on models. When they are utilized without a license, both the VRChat Terms of Service and the model author’s rights are breached.

You should use a model with fewer than 70,000 triangles (7,500 for VRChat on Oculus Quest). On a PC, you can upload models with a greater polygon count, but the avatar will be categorized as “Very Poor” in performance. This is due to the fact that excessive polygon counts may have a detrimental impact on performance.

3. Incorporate the model into your project

It is now time to implement the model you discovered into your project. If you acquired it from the asset shop, you may download it and incorporate it into your project right away. If you got the model elsewhere, you must import it, along with any accompanying textures, into your “Assets” folder.

If you are importing your model from a 3D editor, keep in mind that there are many coordinate systems. Blender and Unity, for example, have various default coordinate and unit systems. To export FBX files, you must configure the exporter in Blender as follows: When the model is in your assets, click it to ensure that the settings are correct. Make sure the Animation Type is set to Humanoid on the inspector’s rig tab.

4. Place the model in a scenario

You should now have the model in your assets with the appropriate settings, and you should place it in a scene. To achieve this, drag it into the scene or into your Hierarchy.

Each avatar should have a single scene that is positioned at 0, 0, 0. If the avatar isn’t standing up straight, rotate it. Additionally, ensure that the avatar is no smaller or greater than 5x5x5m; for reference, use the 1x1x1m Unity cube.

5. Including an Avatar Description

  • Navigate to your hierarchy and choose the avatar.
  • Select ‘Add Component’ in the inspector.
  • Find and include the “VRC Avatar Descriptor” component.
  • Add a VRC Avatar Descriptor to get your avatar started.

6. Keep an eye on the position

You should start by determining the view location. This is where your camera will be in VRChat. As a visual representation, it appears as a little white spherical in the scene. If your avatar has a head, the best place to look is between the eyes. If it lacks a head, place it anywhere you believe it belongs. Using the Avatar Descriptor, customize your avatar for VRChat. Remember to change the viewing angle!

7. Mode of lip synchronization

If you don’t know how to upload an avatar to VRchat, have your avatar’s mouth react to your voice automatically.  In your VRC Avatar Descriptor, expand the Lip-sync option. There are five modes available: Pressing ‘Auto Detect!’ will usually prompt your VRChat avatar to reply to your speech. Select ‘Auto Detect!’ to allow the VRChat SDK to automatically detect the right lip sync mode. The mode will then change to one of the following options.

8. The jawbone

If your avatar has a single animated bone, you can specify it. The width of your character’s jaw is determined by the loudness of your VRChat voice. Make sure your avatar’s jaw bone is configured in Unity’s Humanoid rig.

9. Viseme Blend Design

Depending on the program, vertex positions are utilized to alter the mesh using blend shapes or shape keys. This is commonly used in models to build complex speaking animations. If your model has these, use them. VRChat will usually recognize your avatar’s visemes automatically. You may also choose visemes from the drop-down menu.

9. Checking the build tab to ensure the avatar is right

Select VRChat SDK > Show Control Panel > Builder to test that everything is in order in the build window. There, you should see the mentioned avatars game object as well as a Build & Publish button. In between, you’ll see a polygon count, errors, and warnings. If there are any problems, you must first fix them; the most common mistake is having too many polygons; to fix this, you must decimate your avatar’s mesh (es); if you don’t know how to do this, go back and select a different model for the time being.

10. Adding the avatar

Everything is now set up to post avatars to VRchat. The SDK creates your avatar and prepares it for upload when you click the Build & Publish button. The upload screen will next appear where you may name your avatar, select a picture for it, and input any metadata. To alter the picture, move the VRCCam around the scene.

Before selecting the upload button, you must confirm that you may submit the content to VRChat after completing all of the required information. The avatar will begin uploading, and once finished, you may examine it in-game or in the SDK by navigating to VRChat SDK > Show Control Panel > Content Manager.

When you’re happy with your avatar, post it to VRChat and use it in public worlds. You may enable avatar sharing on vrchat.com; by default, no one can duplicate your avatar.


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