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How to Block Or Erase Someone On Discord


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If you want to effectively manage your Discord server, you must understand how to moderate the topic and deal with toxicity online. While the vast majority of individuals simply want to go on with their lives, there are always a few who seem to love ruining things for others. That is why you must understand how to block and unblock someone on Discord. Discord began as a gaming chat service to compete with TeamSpeak. That’s what it did, and it won. Discord then evolved into much more than just a gaming platform. It is currently utilized by individuals all over the world for a variety of purposes ranging from business to hobbies and everything in between.

Sometimes it’s a cultural thing, and other times it’s simply being a jerk. There isn’t a day that goes by online that someone doesn’t bother themselves in some way. Whether by insults, sarcasm, rudeness, spamming, talking trash, being obnoxious, or worse. Whatever is going on, understanding how to deal with it is critical. Discord includes a number of tools for managing your chat server. The most common are blocking and unblocking. You can also mute, kick, or prohibit people from your channel. This tutorial will demonstrate how.

Block someone on Discord

Blocking should not be the first thing you do, but because it is mentioned in the title, we should start there. On Discord, you can block someone in two ways.

Remove them from the chartroom:

  • To ban someone from within a channel, simply right-click on their username and select ‘Block’

To block someone from their profile:

  1. In Discord’s messaging section, click on the user’s name
  2. Select their profile image.
  3. Select the three-dot menu symbol in the upper right corner.
  4. Choose Block.

Blocking is only available in chat. The person you block can still see what you write and your status, but they can’t contact you via DM. It may be more beneficial to simply silence the person. This muffles their noise but does not prevent them from reaching you.

how to Unblock a user on Discord ?

If you have blocked someone and they pledge to be good, you should consider unblocking them to see if they keep their word. It’s as simple as blocking if you know their username from chat history or your friends list.

  1. From the DM list, select the Friends tab.
  2. Locate the person you blocked in the Block list.
  3. Select their profile image.
  4. Select Unblock from the three-dot menu icon in the upper right-hand corner.

That person can now interact with you on your chat server. Remember that when you’ve unblocked them, you’ll need to send them another friend request and have them accept it.

Discord Mute Someone

Muting is less permanent than blocking and will free the airwaves of noise, at least for you. For that session, you will no longer hear anything they say on the server.

  1. In the user list on the left, right-click the person’s name.
  2. Choose Mute.

They can now chat as much as they like during that session, but you won’t hear anything! Furthermore, they are unaware that you have muted them. Although it will be obvious if you do not react or respond.

So far, we have dealt with each individual who has been causing problems for you. But what if they are generally bothering the entire server? Then there are two choices for crowd control: kicking and banning. Both are useful in their own right, but should only be utilized in the direst of circumstances.

Removing someone from Discord conversation

Kicking someone on Discord is the same as kicking someone in any other chat. They have been booted from the server and must rejoin if they can. This is how to deal with someone who is causing problems for everyone.

  1. In the user list on the left, right-click the person’s name.
  2. Select Kick and enter a reason if you wish to.

Adding a reason is completely optional, but it will explain to the person you’re kicking why it happened.

Ban Someone in Discord

In Discord, banning someone is the last resort. If you’ve muted, blocked, or kicked someone and they keep returning for more, it’s time to bring out the ban hammer. It’s similar to kicking, except its permanent.

  1. Right-click the person’s name in the chat dashboard’s user list on the left.
  2. If you like, you can enter a reason for the ban.

Again, supplying a reason is optional because it is only seen by the person you are banning.


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