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How to sell my YouTube channel


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Daily YouTube viewing exceeds a billion hours. Top YouTubers earn $54 million. YouTube is the second-most popular social network. A popular YouTube channel with at least 100,000 subscribers can generate monthly revenue. You may make money without making videos. Several people acquire YouTube channels to monetize existing videos. Read on to find out How to sell my YouTube channel.

Here discuss about sell my YouTube channel?

Sure, you may purchase and sell YouTube accounts just like any other type of business model or digital asset. People have been buying and selling accounts for years, and it is legal to do so. You might wish to take a few factors into mind before buying or selling an account.

  1. Does the account have a face?
  2. A brand account, is it?
  3. What is the channel’s age?
  4. What is the channel’s revenue model?
  5. What kind of media does the station produce?
  6. How many names are on your contact sheet?

Why would someone want to buy a YouTube channel?

You might wonder why you would ever give up a YouTube channel with a lot of subscribers and money coming in. Still, there are many reasons why you might want to give someone else control of your YouTube account.

Personal factors

You might want to sell for personal reasons, like if your life has changed a lot or if you no longer need your YouTube account. After all, it takes a lot of time and work to keep making videos.

Future possibilities

If your online business has spread to other parts of the internet, you might decide to sell it and use the money to start new businesses.

Why you should have a YouTube channel

Someone might want to buy your YouTube account for more than one reason. Making money on YouTube could be a side business. To get started, many business owners might want to buy an account that already has subscribers.

There are many good reasons to buy and keep a popular YouTube account, such as:


Whether it’s your main business or a side gig, YouTube channels can bring in extra cash.


YouTube is a great place for creativity, whether it’s live broadcasting or hand-picked videos.


If you have other businesses, the YouTube algorithm may help you improve your online visibility and search engine rankings.


The market for digital video content around the world grew by 10% in the first quarter of 2022.

How much can I sell my YouTube channel for?

Your niche market and the number of people who follow you on YouTube are just two of the things that affect how valuable your channel is. Think about what comes next:

How much do you get paid every month?

Using the last three and twelve months, you can figure out what your average monthly income from YouTube is.

How quickly do you grow?

Calculate growth over the past three and twelve months to account for seasonal changes.

How does your channel make money?

How much money the new account owner can make will depend on how you make money from the account? Most of the time, things will sell faster if you have a YouTube Ad account, an AdSense account, or an affiliate marketing account.

How long has it been around?

Your channel would be worth more if there was more evidence of steady growth.

List of how to sell my YouTube channel?

You must work with a digital asset broker if you want to purchase or sell a YouTube channel. Take these actions to get going.

  1. Enhance your channel
  2. Register now
  3. Get a valuation
  4. Describe your YouTube channel
  5. Complement buyers
  6. Selling your YouTube channel

Details are here for sell my YouTube channel

Enhance your channel

Optimize for the best offer before selling. Private YouTube. Subscribers adhere. Selling requires ownership transitions without channel depreciation. Selling your account requires no minimum subscribers. Monetized accounts trade better. Pay for your movie if you have 100,000 followers and 4,000 hours of viewing in the past year. This will help you locate customers. Channel management profits. Customize your homepage and remove obsolete videos. Manage comments. Eliminate copyright claims.

Register now

Find an exchange to list your YouTube channel. These marketplaces let buyers and sellers swap blogs, ecommerce sites, and YouTube channels. Start trading after becoming a verified seller. Start with information (such as your business name, URL, and registration date).

Get a valuation

You need to know how much you’re YouTube account is worth before you can set a price and start negotiating. How much money your YouTube channel is worth depends on how many views it gets, how it grows, how it makes money, and how many people subscribe to it. Also, the value of your account will go down if you have been accused of copyright violations. Get in touch with our team right away to get a quote.

Describe your YouTube channel

Finally, you’re selling. To attract customers, offer your goods. Provide all relevant details when listing your YouTube account. Choose your monetization strategy, YouTube URL, start date, amount of hours worked on the company each week, revenue and costs, and connect your Google Analytics account. Enter more details to sell faster. Check a buyer’s offer for accuracy. A one-time listing fee of $10–$49 is required. Sell your account by setting a price or auctioning it.

Complement buyers

Private buyers. Upon considering your account, someone will offer. Agree, disagree, or compromise. Your acceptance concludes the sale.

Selling your YouTube channel

Finally, sell your YouTube channel using your preferred payment option. Before signing, write out the terms and conditions. Provides a sample selling contract and LOI for security.


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