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How to Recover the WhatsApp Deleted Images in High Quality


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Everyone’s life revolves around images, and no one wants to lose their prized possessions. As an Android user, you are aware that you are usually photographed on iPhone devices. Following that, you will receive the photographs over WhatsApp. However, losing them unexpectedly can be quite difficult. Don’t despair if you’ve lost your WhatsApp photographs; this post will help you recover them.  This post will show you how to recover the whatsapp deleted images in high quality. This covers all of your WhatsApp data, including messages, documents, audio, and photographs. Wondershare MobileTrans is trustworthy WhatsApp data recovery software that can assist you in this case.

Let’s discuss about recover the whatsapp deleted images in high quality

Part 1: Why Did People Delete Images From WhatsApp?

You must be wondering why individuals seek to restore photographs after they have deleted them. There are a variety of reasons why individuals delete images from WhatsApp. Some of these are covered more below:

Concerns about privacy: Some users opt to erase WhatsApp photographs in order to safeguard their privacy. They believe it is preferable to destroy a photograph than to preserve it, especially if it contains critical information.

Storage Issues: As you are aware, WhatsApp photographs take up a significant amount of storage space. You may remove images from WhatsApp to save up space on your cellphone.

Clearing out Old Conversations: While eliminating old conversations, you may inadvertently lose a valuable photograph. It’s a regular occurrence because you remove objects with a flow.

Personal Preferences: Some of you are opposed to having every photograph on your WhatsApp. As a result, you may mistakenly erase the vital photograph to ensure that choice.

Part 2: How to recover the whatsapp deleted images in high quality on Android

It is not difficult to recover the whatsapp deleted images in high quality. You must use the most dependable tool that never overwrites the data. Wondershare MobileTrans is a program that may assist you with this without losing image quality. From the sleek, smooth interface to the lightning-fast processing speed, this program never ceases to wow customers with its enhanced capability. You may use this to recover lost WhatsApp messages without a backup. Aside from that, you may export WhatsApp conversations as PDF and HTML. There is no requirement to save simply photographs or messages because you may backup a variety of WhatsApp data types. This covers places, movies, audio, stickers, GIFs, and other media.

Highlights of Wonder share MobileTrans

Without a backup, recover lost WhatsApp messages on Android.

Not only WhatsApp, but also Kik, Viber, LINE, WeChat, and other applications, may be backed up.

With its Phone-to-Phone transfer feature, this program can also transfer any amount of data from one device to another.

Beginner-Friendly Instructions for Restoring Deleted WhatsApp Data in Record Time

If you are a newbie and don’t know how to use tools properly, then follow this simple instruction since it will walk you through the process of recovering WhatsApp data:

Step 1: Begin the WhatsApp Recovery Procedure. You must first connect your Android handset to your PC/Mac Book via a dependable USB cord. Then, open the Wonder share MobileTrans toolbox and choose the “Deleted WhatsApp Data Restore” option from the “Backup and Restore” page.

Step 2: Download and install WhatsApp via USB. Then, by hitting the “Install” button, you may disable the WhatsApp Google Drive backup feature and install WhatsApp via USB. You will also be required to provide the app the appropriate permissions when prompted.

Step 3: Retrieve WhatsApp Data. After that, sign in to your WhatsApp account and click the “Restore” tab to restore any lost chats or media. The progress may be seen on the MobileTrans interface. Next, pick the necessary data to be restored and hit the “Restore to Device” button to finish the procedure.

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Part 3: How to Manage WhatsApp Media Settings to Avoid Deleting Important Images

If you correctly configure the media settings in the first place, you won’t have to worry about picture loss because your photographs will be saved automatically in this gallery. This section will walk you through setting up WhatsApp correctly so you don’t lose any important photos. Jump down to understand the technique quickly:

Step 1: To configure your media options, launch WhatsApp on your Android device and tap the “Three Dots” icon in the upper right corner. To proceed, go to “Settings” and then “Chats.”

Step 2: On the next screen, look for the “Media Visibility” option. After that, if it isn’t already enabled, toggle it. The WhatsApp photographs will be immediately saved in your device’s Photo Gallery as a result of this.


You learnt how to recover the whatsapp deleted images in high quality in the following article. There are several reasons why individuals delete images at first. You may see the reasons behind this in the list above. Furthermore, Wonder shares MobileTrans, which is also covered in this article, is a WhatsApp data recovery solution that may assist you with this. Many unique elements in this can improve the efficiency of your workflow. The methods to manage the WhatsApp media settings that allow photographs to be automatically saved to the device are also detailed above. They can also help you prevent losing images in the first place.


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