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How To Monetize Instagram | 10 Tips for 2023


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To share photos and videos, Americans can use Instagram, which is owned by Meta Platforms. Users are able to upload photos and videos that can be customized with a variety of filters and sorted geographically or by hashtag. 

What is Instagram monetization?

How to make money on Instagram

As mentioned earlier, Instagram wants you to spend time on its platform. Its owner decided to develop features to help Instagram creators make money on the app. Monetization of Instagram focused on in-app features created to diversify revenue streams for creators within the platform. However, there is an important difference between monetization and sales. For creators and influencers, monetizing their Instagram accounts doesn’t mean selling physical or digital products to a social audience.

Before discussing the monetization options available, let’s first take a look at Instagram’s monetization requirements.

Requirements for monetizing Instagram

While each monetization practice has its requirements, there are general guidelines Instagram has set for creators looking to monetize their apps. You can’t earn money by sharing on Instagram:-

  1. Content that is sexual, violent, profane, or hateful.
  2. Image slideshow
  3. Misinformation
  4. Creative and misleading content
  5. Polarizing or inflammatory content related to race, gender, age, or other sensitive issues.

For more information, see the full list of Instagram’s content monetization policies.

how to earn money from instagram?

1. Activate your subscription to ensure your relationship and earnings are set up

Instagram Subscriptions is a service that launched earlier this year. This is reminiscent of the same service Meta, the parent company of the two social networks, launched on his Facebook two years earlier. During that time, Meta got enough feedback to extend its business model to Instagram creators as well. Works similarly to Patreon.

Selling subscriptions and memberships is a chance to offer this unique know-how and earn a little extra income from it. For a fixed monthly fee, subscribers get access to new content faster Get access to exclusive content and take advantage of several other perks and perks. Creators can start a paid subscription at any price that grants followers access to exclusive content such as posts, live, stories, chat, and reels. This makes for an incredibly valuable monetization opportunity for many obvious reasons.

  1. Consistent and predictable monthly income.
  2. Ability to market it to existing audiences who are likely to become paying subscribers. Grow your business with new tools and services for this core group of subscriber supporters.

2. Enable Ads on Instagram Reels

Instagram offered in-stream video ads as a method of monetization. This allowed brands to advertise before, during, and after posting videos on their Instagram profiles (previously he was called IGTV ads). It’s similar to Instagram’s TV ads where creators get a portion of the ad revenue. Instagram ads aren’t always an immediate success as part of Instagram monetization. you have to put up with them. You can also grow your customer base over time.

After Reel became Instagram’s primary video focus, the platform announced the retirement of the usual monetization options for video post ads. Design and sell your products such as clothes, books, collectibles, and cosmetics. Instagram is pushing Reels as the primary way to consume video content on Instagram because the format is very similar to his TikTok. To qualify, you must be 18+ and have an Instagram creator account.

3. Monetize Instagram with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money on Instagram as many people are successful with it. However, you should find a balance between posting affiliate content frequently and helpful, educational, or entertaining content. If you post only the content you want to monetize on Instagram, you will quickly lose engagement with your followers.

Earnings from our affiliate program are based on commissions. If this is the path you want to take to make money on Instagram, make sure the brand you choose has a great reputation. There are hundreds of programs you can join, but it can be a little overwhelming for those new to affiliate marketing. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Promote products you already use.
  2. No matter what industry you are in, we have a summary list of top affiliate programs to help you choose some of the top affiliate programs.

4. Create Masks and Photo Filters for Instagram Stories

The launch of Instagram Stories in 2016 must be one of the platform’s defining moments. The growing number of users on Instagram and Instagram Stories means that your posts must be unique and compelling to stand out from the crowd of other content. Research shows that 500 million Instagram users create and view their own Instagram Stories every day.

It’s a simple fact that Instagram Stories are only available for a limited time. So when a celebrity or influencer posts her Instagram story, viewers are instantly hooked because they don’t want to miss content that doesn’t exist forever. This allowed users to create masks and filters for her Instagram stories. While big brands mostly rely on in-house creative teams, smaller brands are more likely to work with creatives who can create fun and exciting Instagram masks and filters.

5. Badges

Instagram Badges is an interesting Instagram monetization feature that allows users to support businesses and initiatives by purchasing badges. Similar to the donation process. Avid fans can purchase specific badges from their Instagram profile to post on live streams and more. Badges are currently only available in select countries such as the US, UK, Germany, Brazil, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Japan, and Australia. You must also be over 18 and have a Creator or a Business account on Instagram.


The best strategy for monetizing your Instagram account is to drive your most loyal fans to an independent video membership site that you own while using the built-in monetization features that qualify. This way, you have full control over content, pricing, features, and success. He recommends having patience and taking small actions by implementing one strategy at a time and scaling accordingly.


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