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How to Make Your Cover Photo Private on Facebook


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At first glance, Facebook’s privacy settings may appear conflicting. Facebook isn’t exactly known for protecting its users’ privacy. With repeated reports about the company mishandling customer data, it appears that the company has progressed from a privacy concern to a privacy scandal. But, this is not the only advantage of being aware of your Facebook privacy settings. If you don’t want everyone and their dog to have free access to your photographs, change a few settings and learn how to make your Facebook cover photo private. If you have a public or commercial profile and a separate private one, you’ll want to make your profile as secret as possible.

Unfortunately, Facebook makes it difficult by dispersing options throughout the site. If you follow our advice, you’ll be able to take power from Facebook’s grabbing tentacles, which is where this guide comes in. Many people like changing their Facebook profile images. The new cover photo usually appears on your timeline as well as on the News Feeds of your friends. Isn’t that great? But what if you want to edit your Facebook cover photo in private? How can you change your profile photo without making it apparent in the News Feeds of others? Read this guide to find out how to make Your Cover Photo Private on Facebook.

Why Make Your Cover Photo Private on Facebook?

You cannot hide your cover photo. Hence, your current post will always be accessible. Facebook prohibits this because it would ruin profile visitors’ viewing experiences and leave them unclear what to do with the leftover visual space. Making Facebook Cover Photos private is easy, but most people won’t bother unless they’re looking for it or think it’s impossible.

You do this for personal, professional, or other reasons. Remember Even though your current Facebook Cover Photo is public, you may still set your previous ones to friends-only or just you. Your cover is private.

How do you conduct a reverse image search?

Details are here how Make Your Cover Photo Private on Facebook

How do I adjust Facebook cover photo privacy?

  • Facebook recommends tapping and then your name in the top right.
  • Tap Photographs.
  • Tap the album’s privacy settings.
  • Press Edit.
  • Choose Audience to share your album.
  • Tap to change audience (For example Friends).

Step 1: Privately post on Facebook.

The fastest way to update your Facebook cover photo without informing friends is to post it privately. Uploading or updating your cover photo on an Android or iOS smartphone lets you share it on the News Feed. Unchecking that box prevents your timeline and News Feed from sharing the cover image. How to make my cover photo private:

  • Access your Facebook News Feed by on your profile photo in the top left corner.
  • Facebook app.
  • Tap your cover photo to see options on your profile.
  • Choose “Choose photo on Facebook” or “Upload photo” to select a photo from your phone or Facebook photos album to alter your cover photo.
  • Facebook cover photo app alternatives
  • Uncheck “Send your update to News Feed” at the bottom. Press “Save” at the top.
  • Facebook cover photo editing
  • Your cover photo update won’t appear in News Feeds.

If you’ve used the site for a while, you presumably have cover photos you’d like to keep private yet share with friends and family for nostalgic reasons. Facebook now lets you make Cover Photos private, however it may be better to save them to a hard drive and delete them.

Step 2: Change your Facebook photo.

Changing your Facebook cover photo is easy. Cover photos are larger than profile pictures and display above and below them.

  • Open Facebook and click your name to see your profile.
  • Scroll up for the full cover photo.
  • Modify cover image.
  • Facebook Modify Cover Picture
  • Edit a Facebook Page.
  • Choose wisely.
  • Choose Picture lets you select a Facebook photo.
  • Click Upload Picture to select a cover photo from your computer.
  • Reposition allows cover picture editing. If the image isn’t visible or you want to refocus, try this. Remove your cover photo.

Step 3—Editing Facebook cover photos

Follow the chosen instructions. Select Picture lets you select an uploaded photo.

  • Latest Facebook photo albums
  • Drag the cover image into place.
  • Save changes.
  • Change Facebook cover photos with an app.
  • Change your Facebook app cover photo:
  • The steps may vary by operating system, but the process is the same.
  • Tap the app’s upper-right menu button.
  • Click your profile photo.
  • Click the camera icon below your cover photo.
  • Upload a photo.
  • Choose a previously posted photo to use as your Facebook cover photo. Some devices call this Select from album.
  • Choose photos from your device to create a cover collage.
  • Android Facebook app menus.
  • Choose your Facebook profile image.
  • Resize the image for the cover photo before saving or using.

Make Your Facebook Cover Picture Private on Android

  • Hit the menu button in Facebook’s upper right corner, and then tap your name.
  • By scrolling down, you may access the Photos tab.
  • Hit the Albums symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Tap the album for which you want to change the privacy settings.
  • Tap and then select Edit from the menu.
  • Choose the current degree of privacy settings (Example: Friends).
  • Touch to select a different audience, and then tap to proceed.
  • Choose Done.

PRO TIP: These Facebook Cover Image Ideas

As shown above, changing the cover photo is easy. Choosing a good photo is harder for you. Don’t pick a photo from your Desktop or page. The image should fit your website and provide a function. Utilize these tips to make the best Facebook profile cover photo, but remember your constraints.

150×400 pixels is the minimum image size. It needs 851×315 pixels. Change the image smaller to load faster than 100 KB. View other Facebook cover photo dimensions. The current cover photo must be public. You can make earlier ones private in the Cover pictures gallery (e.g., certain friends only or only you).

PNGs are better for logos and text than JPGs for “real life” photos. Your cover photo will notify all your Facebook friends. If you’re modifying the photo from the app, uncheck the publish option, or quickly set the post’s visibility to only me after editing. Before the update, make them private. Watermark your photos to protect your brand.


This article is all about Make Your Cover Photo Private on Facebook .You may still set your prior Facebook Cover Photos to friends-only or private, even while your current one is public. Hence, your cover photo album becomes private. After using the service for a while, you may have cover photographs you want to keep private but share with friends and family. Facebook can make Cover Images private, but it may be wiser to save them to a hard drive and remove them from the internet.

Organize and beautify your Facebook page. As hiring managers are increasingly checking applicants’ social media sites, you should know what they (and your family) can see. Only the Facebook mobile app can update your cover photo without posting it to your profile and other users’ News Feeds. You can alter profile photo privacy after publishing.


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