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How to Drive Traffic to the Shopify Stores?


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How to get Traffic to My Shopify Store?

The key to increasing traffic rates is to close the distance between the consumer and the brand. Simply put, you are more likely to have fewer purchasers the less traffic you have.

Your brand will be more successful in terms of sales the more interested clients you are able to connect with. Of course, you must make sure that the clients you do manage to draw inside your shop do so successfully.

If not, your bounce rate will rise and you won’t make the sales. That will have significant long-term implications because Google’s algorithm will judge your store poorly.

Principal traffic sources for online stores

How to generate traffic to Shopify store?
How to generate traffic to Shopify store?

You might need to focus on specific sources if website traffic is a problem if you want to boost the number of people that visit your store. Online traffic comes in small amounts from various online locations. However, you will notice that a few sources will predominate for your website. By website category, frequently changes.

These are the primary, all-purpose traffic sources for the majority of websites.

1. Paid and organic searches

Many consumers start their product search on search engines like Google right away. In this situation, your things may appear through a sponsored advertisement or as a result of the search engine’s SEO algorithms (aka: organically).

2. Referral

Clicks from other websites that lead to your website are referred traffic (not search engines). Typically, a third party will link directly to your website to achieve this.

3. Email

This is the traffic that your email marketing efforts are generating. Given that readers took the time to click on your link and leave their inbox, it’s a pretty strong indicator of how interesting and successful your emails are.

4. Social

These clicks are a direct result of any social media platform buzz that exists regarding your brand.

5. Direct

Direct traffic occurs when a user types your URL directly into their browser after already knowing it. This typically occurs when people have already visited your website and their browser’s search bar has stored the URL.

How to generate traffic to the Shopify store?

how to get traffic to your Shopify store?

When it comes to generating clicks for your Shopify business, it is crucial to have a clear plan. There is no one-size-fits-all method, though, so it frequently takes trial and error to identify the optimum way for your company.

Each firm should constantly consider a few factors when attempting to test a plan to increase visitors. These consist of:

  • Their budget limit
  • The target market that they want to attract
  • The nature of their business
  • The type of company they wish to run

After taking those into account, a strategy can be put into action. What different methods can be employed to increase traffic, then?

  1. Google Shopping free listings
  2. Use search engines organically

1. Google Shopping free listings

For retailers and store owners, a whole new world of options opened up with Google’s debut of free Shopping advertisements in 2020.

You can now list your products on Google’s surfaces for free. Your goods will be shown in the Shopping tab. An (optimized) product data feed and a Google Merchant account is all you require.

Since the advertisements are free, there is a greater chance that your vertical may become congested. Because of this, completely optimizing your product data is more crucial than ever. Speaking Google’s “language” will raise your profile and set you out from the competitors. The same strategies can be used to optimize Google Ads and free listings. We’ll cover Google Ad optimization later in this post.

2. Use search engines organically

A fantastic strategy to increase traffic to your Shopify store is by using search engines. SEO will be necessary if you choose to use search engines to naturally create traffic.

1. Search engine optimization

On Google, the first organic search result receives 33% of hits. Consider your own online search behavior. How frequently do you visit pages 2, 3, and 4 of Google’s SERP (search engine results page) after finding what you were looking for right at the top of the first page? Nearly never.

The entire picture, including website loading speeds and keywords, is taken into account for effective SEO optimization. Everything matters.

You want to contact Google with this message, “Observe me! I provide what the customers desire “.

As a result, applying SEO effectively will result in a significant increase in visitors compared to doing nothing. Nevertheless, securing the top spot might be very difficult.

To increase your chances of landing in the top rank, you must employ each of the website tactics listed below:

Research keywords to see what terms your top rivals rank for and which terms are most relevant to the landing page and product you want to promote. This will guarantee that the correct individuals see your ads, and Google will view them favorably.

Quality content that Google and the typical user will both understand and value. Use the best keyword words in your title and description to address titles, Meta descriptions, and search intent (phrases found from topic research).

The shopper’s intention or aim while entering a query is known as search intent. The appropriate keywords that bring up your website in searches and precisely match what the customer is looking for should be in your title tag. Each page of your Shopify store, as well as the store itself, can have a title that you specify.

2. Entertaining Meta descriptions

Your page is described in the Meta description. When you appear in search results, the text that appears beneath the title is what users will see. Let’s perform a search for “Shopify” and look at the outcomes:

As you can see, they have titles for their main page and each subpage, as well as Meta descriptions that explain what each one contains. You’ll be aware of where to go if you need more information about the business.

A customer can get a sense of what your store offers and determine if you could have what they’re seeking by writing effective titles and meta descriptions.

3. Create engaging content

High-quality content might help your store attract customers. Content is particularly helpful if you participate frequently and produce original content. This encourages engagement and fosters relationships with your current customers while positioning your business as a leader in your industry.

The efficacy of content can also be boosted by including keywords that will help it rank well on search engines. Additionally, you can use information more effectively by re-engaging existing clients and disseminating blog entries as newsletters.

Giveaways and competitions

Additionally, you can increase interest by organizing contests and giveaways. Make it simple for customers by requiring only their email or the completion of a brief form. Contest participants share their entries online 54% of the time on average, which is an added bonus.


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