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How to disarm a criminal with a gun


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Let’s assume the worst occurs and you find yourself the target of a gunshot. There are various methods you can employ to disarm a criminal, but they are all extremely risky. To discover if there are any alternative measures to lessen the threat, you should first examine the scenario. Getting trained in professional self-defense is another smart move.Here we will discuss about How to disarm a criminal with a gun.

Here Is List of How to disarm a criminal with a gun

  1. Removing the weapon from the bad person
  2. How to Stop an Attack
  3. Getting the criminal’s attention

Details are here How to disarm a criminal with a gun

Removing the weapon from the bad person

  1. Remember that the most important thing in a situation like this is to stay alive. Fighting back increases your risk of death. Doing what a handgun-wielding attacker says is safer, except for getting into a car. This is especially true if you haven’t undergone much martial arts or police, military, or military weapon-removal training. This isn’t a movie—you’re risking your life, and the attacker will usually be better prepared than you.
  2. Grab their arm at the wrist. Spin the gun away from you to disarm the bad man. Don’t or you’ll get shot. Dangerous approach. Don’t do anything unless you’ve trained enough. Make sure the pistol is pointed away as you grab and turn it. Turn your back on the criminal and turn the gun arm around you to the right to maintain momentum. Grabbing the gunman’s arm, spin right and throw him. Keep one hand on the attacker’s arm and grab the gun. Step over the gunman and seize his arm with your leg.
  3. Release the rifle. Break the criminal’s finger while lowering the gun. The perpetrator pulls the trigger. Take aim. These approaches may hurt you if the offender is stronger. The pistol might shoot bystanders. Take the injured criminal’s gun. Stop them with your right hand while they bend their left wrist, clutch the gun, and press down. It’s vital. Before twisting, grip their wrist. Humans only use thumbs and forefingers. Breaking a thumb-supported hold requires punching or twisting the thumb.

How to Stop an Attack

  1. Assist the attacker. If the shooter’s demands, like robbery, don’t imperil your life, it may be safe to comply.  Give a thief your car, wallet, or handbag if they ask. It’s not worth risking life. Throw a purse or keys behind them to make them grab it and run away. The victim may be shot after giving the attacker what they want. This dangerous, fast-moving circumstance has no foolproof way.
  2. Turn the fire. The best defense is to eliminate the nearest threat. A gun pointed at you means immediate danger. Avoid the fire. Shift yourself or the flames to do this. Start slowly. If you twist or dodge, the assailant may fire. Hands-on rerouting. Deflect fire with your hand to avoid critical areas. Laterally, move the weapon in the shortest line. If the pistol is aimed towards your chest, turn it. Pushing can lift the handgun.
  3. Move away. This choice is perilous because the shooter may shoot you. Throw something, like your wallet, to distract the assailant while you run. Run zigzag. This is incredibly risky again. Yet, danger is omnipresent. Following the rules may be best. In an active shooter situation, run, hide (by barricading oneself behind a door), and fight if found.
  4. Distract them. Imagine you’re facing a murderer. As in prior school shootings, the perpetrator wants to kill, not rob. Flee if possible. Leave the area. If you cannot run, hide. Hide behind a door and silence your phone. Before calling police, lock the door.

Getting the criminal’s attention

  1. Raise your hands with fear and apathy. If you don’t fight, the attacker may not damage you. To confuse the assailant and disarm them, be humble and compliant. You shouldn’t have to take any risks—just cooperate. Be cooperative and passive. Want what? Make the attacker think you are harmless. Raise your arms above the gun. Waving your hands side to side will distract the attacker and hide your defensive motion.
  2. Distance the pistol. Grasp the gun quickly with your head. Turn the cannon. Shooter wrist invert. To distract the gunman, hit or kick. Reach underneath the weapon with your free hand on the hammer, watching the barrel. Hold the weapon while punching, stomping, or kneeing the shooter. Grab the gun with both hands and twist the shooter’s wrist. You’re armed.
  3. After getting the gun, retreat. You should flee after obtaining the gun. Run with the gun. If the shooter keeps coming, you may need to touch the magazine bottom to make sure it’s in. Scream to grab attention. Hoping the shooter flees. Avoid firing again. Learn self-defense laws. If you’re in immediate risk of significant bodily harm or death, you can protect yourself.
  4. Keep calm. Showing fear could make the gunman scared, which is dangerous. Keep your psychological edge. Eyeball the shooter. This will make them see you as a person, making it harder to shoot you. Do not stare down.
  5. Avoid danger. Prevent self-defense. Women and disabled people should avoid nocturnal solo treks. Criminals seek opportunity. Target drunken pedestrians. Avoid flashing cash or pricey jewelry. Glance around. Stroll without glancing down. Be aware. Running shoes. If your state allows concealed carry and you have training, get a permit. Work, school, or home security escort. Pepper spray or mace if authorized. Master weapons defense. When threatened, it’s difficult to handle a gun you can’t shoot, fire, or disassemble.


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