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How to Create Professional Automated Webinars


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Automated webinars are a more flexible marketing tool than live webinars, but up until recently, they lacked live chat, engagement, and other crucial components that make live events more powerful than videos. In the past, the conversion rate was often lower even if an automated webinar may produce more registrants over the course of its lifetime than a live webinar. Additionally, the lack of individual chat responses and an interesting experience from start to finish probably made participants unhappy. The entire encounter had a prepackaged feel to it. We’ll walk you through the process of create professional automated webinars that includes real-time chat, interactive features, personalized scheduling, and more in this post.

To create Professional automated webinars using webinar, follow these seven steps:

  1. Upload a Video
  2. Ensure your webinar is available
  3. Configure Email Alerts
  4. Add Relationships (Like Quizzes, CTAs, and Handouts)
  5. Establish Chat
  6. Create a Custom Landing Page
  7. Create and Disseminate!

Details for How to Create Professional Automated Webinars

Upload a Video

You can upload a video using a few different methods to the eWebinar platform:

  • Utilize the interface with Zoom to import a cloud recording straight from Zoom.
  • Upload a video clip
  • Paste a video link from Vimeo, YouTube, or another online video service.

You can remove the files from your Zoom account or computer to save up storage space because all of the movies are hosted natively by eWebinar inside the platform. The removal of any unwanted branding from the prior streaming platform is another advantage of displaying the video locally inside of eWebinar.

Ensure your webinar is available

The fact that automated webinars may operate automatically without a live host is one of its main advantages. Since the host’s availability is no longer a bottleneck, registrants will have additional options for attending, which helps boost overall attendance.

Offering your webinar at times (and in a manner) that are convenient for everyone is the key to boosting attendance. Because of this, eWebinar enables you to present three alternative scheduling options concurrently, ensuring that attendees can always pick a time that fits their schedules:

  • Just-timed sessions
  • Easily Manageable Recurring Schedule
  • Webinar recordings

Configure Email Alerts

Several pre-made, usable email notification templates are available from eWebinar. Although you may always change these templates, the following is what eWebinar gives you for each new webinar you make out of the box:

  • Email confirmations: This email confirms your signup and includes a link to attend the session as well as a calendar invitation.
  • Email reminders: This email serves as a reminder to registered users of their forthcoming session so they don’t miss it.
  • Follow-ups emails: There are two distinct emails sent as a result:
  • Follow-ups for those who attended: They are thanked for attending, links to any useful resources highlighted during the webinar are provided, and the email is concluded with a CTA.
  • Follow-ups for those who didn’t attend: They can arrange a follow-up appointment or get a replay using the link in this email.

Add Relationships (Like Quizzes, CTAs, and Handouts)

Today, Slack, email, social media, and other distractions compete for your attendees’ attention. Create an interactive experience from start to finish by adding interesting interactions every few minutes to keep your attendees’ attention. These interactions not only successfully keep the audience members’ attention, but they also help them understand the content better.

For instance, if you discuss a subject and then have a pop quiz on it, participants are forced to remember the material, which strengthens it even more. Attendees who respond incorrectly are informed of the proper response, ensuring that they understand any information they may have missed. Additionally, it inspires students to pay closer attention in the future.Because it provides the most comprehensive library of interactions (17 and counting!), eWebinar stands out from other webinar automation tools. Thus, you may additionally include the following in addition to common interactions like polls and CTAs:

  • Tips
  • Feedback
  • Special Deals
  • Pause the video
  • Questions
  • Message Forms
  • Scheduled items
  • Photo overlays
  • Conversion Notifies
  • Quizzes

Establish Chat

The majority of automated webinar platforms claim to enable chat, but in practise, we’ve discovered that most only provide one of two choices, both of which have tradeoffs.

Chat live – This seems like an easy option because attendees anticipate getting live responses to their inquiries. The issue is that unresolved queries vanish after the webinar concludes if there isn’t someone monitoring the chat room constantly. Unfortunately, this forces you to either forgo scalability, which eliminates the primary advantage of automated webinars, leaving unanswered attendees feeling abandoned.

Email Messages Are Sent – Other webinar solutions also let you “chat” by forwarding participant messages to your email. While doing so guarantees that every message is answered, it also negates the point of chat, which is to allow for real-time interaction with webinar participants and prompt responses. Therefore, it isn’t really talk, is it?

Create a Custom Landing Page

With our drag-and-drop editor, anyone (regardless of technical proficiency) may quickly change the landing page templates that eWebinar offers. Or, you may include one of our many marketing widgets if you want to develop your own landing page and need a quick way to link it with your fresh webinar (like a form or fixed bar widget).

Create and Disseminate!

Greetings on finishing your webinar! It’s time to promote it to your target market and increase registrations. Use the share buttons on eWebinar’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to spread the word about it to your network to get things going. Simply copy the registration URL and paste it in your call to action to build further webinar marketing campaigns.

Here are a couple more concepts to get you going:

  • Create a marketing campaign via email.
  • Create promotional blog and social media posts.
  • Join forces with influencers
  • Case studies regarding your goods or services should be written, and a webinar CTA should be included.


We gathered data on How to Create Professional Automated Webinars. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below, and we hope this information is useful.


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