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How to Create an Electrical Drawing


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Power, lighting, and communication details for a building or structure can all be found in the electrical sketch. Working drawings for electrical systems include “lines, symbols, dimensions, and notations to precisely represent an engineer’s design to the workers, who implement the electrical drawing system at the job site.”

For a typical electrical system in significant projects, a full set of working drawings typically consists of the following:

  • A plot layout displaying the positioning of the structure and the exterior electrical wiring.
  • Floor plans indicating where each floor’s electrical systems are located.
  • Panel board diagrams from power risers.
  • Solitary-line diagrams.
  • Diagrams of general arrangements.
  • Construction drawings combined with schedules and other data.

Electrical workers who assemble, install, and repair electrical equipment and wiring in communication centers, power plants, and electrical distribution networks, and buildings employ wiring and layout schematics created by electrical drafters.

What is an electrical wiring Drawing?

A wiring diagram is a visual representation of an electrical circuit. The significant elements of the circuit, including the power supply and the signal paths, are represented by special symbols on the wiring diagrams.
In engineering and educational settings, wiring diagrams are frequently used to show how electronic equipment is put together. It’s simple to read and understand wiring schematics. Wiring diagrams can be used by experts to check whether electronic items have been installed correctly and securely. They also make it possible for anyone to comprehend how a device is put together and make repairs easier.

How to make electrical drawing effortlessly?

Creating your own electrical wiring diagram with Edraw Max

  1. Launch the EdrawMax desktop program or web application.
  2. Select [New] > Building Plan > Telecom and Electrical Plan
  3. Choose a template for an electrical wiring diagram to edit, or click [+] to start over. Additionally, you may personalize your electrical wiring diagram using the vast libraries of electrical wiring diagram symbols and elements in the left menu.
  4. After you’ve completed creating the document, you can export it in a variety of file types, including Graphics, PDF, an editable MS Office file, SVG, and a Visio vsdx file.
  5. You may also post your diagram online through websites and social media. You may also upload your diagram to the EdrawMax template collection to share it with others.

Learn how to draw an electrical wiring diagram by watching the video. Please visit YouTube if you are having difficulties viewing the video tutorial.

Examples for how to make electrical layout

Example 1: Sample Home Wiring Plan

Make a precise and detailed wiring design to guide the job while planning your house wiring project. You can use this home wiring plan template as a starting point when creating a wiring plan.

Example 2: Basement Wiring Plan Template

A wiring design for the basement is essential for laying out the cables. A template for a basement wiring plan is provided here for downloading. When you want to get going quickly, you can use it to construct your wiring layout.


This article primarily consists of three sections: an explanation of what an electrical wiring diagram is, instructions on how to make one, and examples of electrical wiring diagrams. Typically, an electrical wiring diagram displays both the signal connections between the devices and the circuit’s components as streamlined shapes. Because it shows how the connections and terminals are situated in relation to one another, an electrical wiring diagram is a valuable resource.

With the help of EdrawMax, you can easily design any form of diagram, including electrical wiring diagrams. Making electrical wiring diagrams could be made as simple as feasible with the use of detailed electrical wiring diagram symbols and clipart. Additionally, it allows you to share your work with others and export it in a variety of formats. Create your electrical wiring diagrams right away!


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