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How much will it cost to build an online auction platform?


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When was the last time you bought something from a street seller and bargained with them to get it for less? If you remember that event, think about how it could be shown on a digital stage in a more sophisticated way. Websites and programs such as Ebay, BidSpotter, Auction.com, and others. make it easy for users to place bids in many different categories to buy things at the best price. The fact that these auction platforms exist and are so popular shows how useful it is to make an online sale app for both B2C and B2B markets. Here we will discuss what cost to build an online auction platform?

Benefits of having an auction website

Investing in online auction tools has a number of benefits, which makes it a good idea for business owners to start their businesses there.

1. Wider reach

 Online auction platforms make it easy for businesses to connect with buyers all over the world.

2. Long bidding window

 Online bidding that goes on for a long time gives businesses a better chance of getting bidders.

3. No logistical costs

 Since the goods are shown online, there is no need to store them in a warehouse or go through the whole supply chain process.

Due to the constant rise of the industry and the many benefits of online auction apps, many businesspeople around the world are thinking about making real-time auction apps as their next business. How much cost to build an online auction platform? Is now the most common first question they ask?

What will the cost of developing an online auction platform be?

A simple web auction app could cost between $30,000 and $45,000 to make. Applications that don’t use cutting-edge technology like blockchain smart contracts or AI processing are not very complicated.

Characteristics of an cost to build an online auction platform

The most important and cost-affecting part of making an online sale app is the features. Let’s look at a few MVP-level features to better understand the development work. It’s important to remember that online auction apps will be made up of three parts: the seller, the user, and the admin.

Apps for sellers that are used for online sales have certain features that are geared toward them.

  • Listings creations
  • Dashboard

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1. Listings creations

By entering information about a number of different factors, online bidding apps make it easy for sellers to create a listing for the item they want to sell.

  • Brand name
  • Description
  • Category
  • Images

In addition, they can include information about how the auction works, how long it will last, the favored currency, the number of items, how to pay, how to ship, and the reserve price.

2. Dashboard

Sellers must know how well the products they offer work. Auction bidding apps make this easy by giving users a full dashboard. After looking at a summary and thorough view of the number of sales, income, ratings, and traffic that came to their listings through the dashboard, they can decide what to do next with their business.

Features of online auction software creation with a focus on buyers

  • Product search
  • Product page
  • Bidding process
  • Shopping cart
  • Payments integration
  • Ratings and reviews
  • In-app chat

1. Product search

An online auction program makes it easy for users to look for things they want to buy by letting them choose from filters like item condition, category, price, seller review, buying format, and delivery options.

2. Product page

This feature of the online sale app makes it easy for buyers to look at the items in detail. It has information about the product’s photos, name and description, price, state, shipping and delivery information, accepted payment methods, seller information, and returns policy. The details give the buyers peace of mind about what they are buying.

3. Bidding process

Both buyers and sellers need to set rules for bids. But first, you have to decide which of the three sale models you want to use.

  • Buy it now: In this model, the product is offered at a set price and a bid price, and the highest bidder wins it.
  • Proxy bidding: In this sale, software in the form of a mobile app is used to bid on items. The app has information about the highest price for each item. Then, this bidding method sends bids for the lots on its own.
  • In the model, the lot is sold to the person who bids the most, which could be the same as or more than the seller’s reserve price.

4. Shopping cart

Online auction apps are similar to ecommerce apps with additional features. The shopping cart lets customers buy multiple items from different merchants at once. Managing your shopping cart and changing product quantities are essential.

5. Payments integration

Online auction apps integrate payment modules in two ways: Sellers identify their chosen payment method, and buyers use it. You can also offer vendors and buyers a choice of payment modules.

6. Ratings and reviews

The way that mobile app creation for online auctions works helps to build trust in the system. Customers can decide whether or not to buy from a seller based on how they have been rated and reviewed in the past. On the other hand, sellers can use the reviews they get to improve how they do business.

7. In-app chat

The auction buying app should have a feature that makes it easy for buyers to get in touch with sellers if they have questions about the item or want to know more about how bidding works.


Here in this article, we describe the top How much will it cost to build an online auction platform?. We hope that our readers like this article if have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.


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