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How do I reinstate my deregistered company?


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Someone can form a business and then deregister it for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they no longer had time to focus on their business, or the market circumstances were too difficult. However, the individual may attempt to reinvent themselves and resurrect their business. This article will explain how it works. techdeposits.com we will discuss about how do I reinstate my deregistered company?

Is It Possible to reinstate my deregistered Company?

You certainly can. According to Hong Kong legislation, you can request to reinstate a corporation that you previously deregistered. Companies Ordinance Section 756, which provides that even if a corporation dissolves, the liabilities of every director, manager, and company member may still be enforced, applies to this case. A disbanded corporation technically does not cease to exist; therefore it can be restored at the request of the directors or shareholders.

The Consequences of Deregistration

A deregistered company has lost its legal identity. Shareholders and directors can no longer act on the firm’s behalf. The company can no longer own property or assets; any assets formerly owned must be returned to shareholders upon deregistration. To summarize, a deregistered company cannot perform any corporate responsibilities.

The Reinstatement Process and Its Requirements

You have the option of reinstating a previously deregistered corporation. Perhaps you’ve learnt a lot and have chosen to give your old business another attempt. Perhaps you took a break and resolved to continue in a better manner. There are several reasons why someone may decide to reopen their business, and they are free to do so.

Restoring your company is not the same as establishing a new one. You will not have to start the company registration procedure from zero because you have already handled the major components.

The following conditions must be met in order for a company to be reinstated:

  • The application must be made within 20 years of the firm’s dissolution.
  • When your company’s name was removed from the Companies Registry, it was still in operation.
  • You refund or pay the Companies Registry for any costs spent in dealing with assets during the dissolution procedure.
  • At the time of dissolution, the applicant must be a director, secretary, or employee of the company.
  • When the business is revived, the applicant must declare that they will be able to pay any corporate debts.
  • There is no judgment that prevents the applicant from managing a business.

To reinstate your business, you must pay an administrative cost of HK$2,700 to the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

How to Request reinstate my deregistered

Court orders are used to restore businesses. You will file the application with the Court of First Instance, Hong Kong’s lower court. It is recommended that you seek outside assistance from legal and business specialists to help you reestablish your company. Osome is a professional services organization that can help you every step of the way.

Your application will include a justification and argument for restoring your previously deregistered firm. In some situations, the court will order further evidence or a formal court hearing, causing delays. Restoration often takes 4 to 6 months, which is substantially longer than a fresh registration.

Following your application, the court will review your case and decide whether or not to award the restoration. Delays are generally caused by a backlog, and any additional hearings will lengthen the process. If your appeal is successful, your firm will be reinstated by court order, and you will be able to resume normal operations.

The process of reinstate my deregistered corporation varies based on the jurisdiction and the circumstances behind the deregistration. Because I lack information on your unique jurisdiction, I can only offer generic advice on how you could proceed. It is critical to seek the advice of a knowledgeable professional or legal adviser who can give advice customized to your specific situation.

Here are some general processes to re-register your deregistered business.

  • Examine the requirements: Begin by learning about the rules and regulations that regulate business reinstatement in your area. Look for details on the procedure, costs, and any necessary papers or forms.
  • Examine the cause for deregistration: Determine the reason for your company’s deregistration in the first place. It might be the result of noncompliance, failure to file needed paperwork, or other factors. Understanding the root reason can assist you in resolving any lingering difficulties.
  • Rectify any unresolved issues: Determine any outstanding duties or noncompliance issues that resulted in the deregistration. This might include submitting delinquent yearly returns, paying unpaid fees or taxes, or meeting any other regulatory responsibilities.
  • Gather the following documents: Gather all of the paperwork needed for reinstatement. A completed application form, financial accounts, tax clearance certificates, and any other documentation needed by the relevant authorities may be included.
  • Application preparation and submission: Prepare the reinstatement application, ensuring that it is correctly filled and that all needed papers are attached. Follow the application instructions supplied by the regulatory authorities. Depending on the jurisdiction, this may entail applying online or in person.
  • Pay the following fees: Pay any mandatory reinstatement costs or penalties. Keep in mind that there may be extra charges connected with restarting a corporation, such as late filing fines or accrued interest.
  • Follow up and comply: After submitting an application, follow up with the appropriate authorities to confirm that it is being processed and to answer any extra requirements or questions they may have. Respond quickly to any requests to accelerate the reinstatement process.

Remember that these are only suggestions, and the real process may differ depending on your jurisdiction. It is important to speak with experts who are familiar with the rules and regulations regulating business reinstatement in your unique region. They can walk you through the procedure and verify that you meet all of the criteria.

Because of policies like this, Hong Kong remains one of the greatest places to do business. Many nations do not allow you to restart a deregistered corporation, but you may do it here and carry on as usual.


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