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Top 10 Healthcare or Medical Software Companies in California, Texas, Florida


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It has been said that technology has permeated every part of our lives in today’s society. Everything is a product of technical progress, including the laptop or mobile device you are using to read this article and the plane you see soaring across the sky. In every industry, technological development is accelerating with each passing day. Healthcare is the most affected by technology. Technology has given patients access to cutting-edge therapies and diagnostics. Technology is driving hospitals and other healthcare organizations to seek digitization solutions. This requires finding skilled healthcare software development companies.Our analysis identified the best healthcare or medical software development organizations that could potentially transform the market. We considered the following criteria when compiling this list:

  • Generations of cumulative software development experience
  • Healthcare initiatives completed by the business
  • The company’s stack of technologies
  • If the healthcare application they created complies with HIPAA
  • Reviews from clients
  • Group size

Top 5 Web3 Healthcare Firms Establishes Themself in Virtual Space

List of healthcare software development firms

  1. Atomic Object
  2. Chetu
  4. Intellectsoft
  5. Itransition
  6. Kanda Software
  7. LeewayHertz
  8. Markovate
  9. Sciencesoft
  10. Simform

Details for top healthcare software development organization

Atomic Object

Clients can browse and examine the combined employee claim data using the online interface created by Atomic Objects. It gathers and presents thorough cost data from multiple user bases across various time periods, producing reports on potentially millions of claims. For a big revamp that will serve more consumers, add more data, and replace sluggish, outdated systems, people choose Atomic Object. Users of Atomic Object’s single-page application can find and sort healthcare data with ease.


Chetu is one of the healthcare or medical software companies. Chetu is a startup that creates scalable, cross-platform mobile apps for the healthcare industry. These apps enable smooth information exchange between patients and healthcare professionals, as well as the tracking of patient data. The review of historical medical record systems, data migration, user training, pilot testing, ICD-10 codes, and other processes are facilitated by developers. For cloud-based billing, lab data transfers, insurance databases, communication modules, charting and reporting, and other uses, they integrate third-party technology.


GBKSOFT has more than ten years of experience, and it can help you design and build medical solutions that meet the needs of patients and clinicians. For Healthcare or Medical Software Companies, providers, medical ISVs, and manufacturers of medical devices, GBKSOFT creates custom software. To suit the evolving needs of the healthcare sector, they provide top-notch custom development services.


Intellectsoft is one of the most reliable Healthcare or Medical Software companies that offers clinical data management systems, electronic health record systems, mobile and online apps for the healthcare sector, and other digital healthcare solutions. Its software solutions are designed and built in a way that reduces the likelihood of errors and human interaction. Using cutting-edge technology, the company blends the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver the highest-quality services.


Itransition is renowned in the industry for healthcare software development, providing pharmaceutical businesses and medical professionals with cutting-edge healthcare services. Consumer health apps, clinical software, and health management systems are all part of their portfolio of healthcare solutions. Itransition’s development team helps healthcare businesses manage healthcare procedures and automate their operations through the use of technology.

Kanda Software

Kanda has served leading medical software developers and digital health pioneers across the software development lifecycle for over 25 years. They design, develop, deploy, and support healthcare software in a highly regulated industry. Kanda has helped several healthcare businesses quickly launch high-quality software solutions. They know medical IT. Kanda serves digital health startups and Fortune 500 companies.


LeewayHertz, a healthcare software development company situated in the US, creates and provides scalable solutions for the healthcare sector. They come up with new solutions that make the healthcare ecosystem more secure and scalable while taking into account the needs of each client. They provide telemedicine software development, remote patient monitoring systems, patient engagement solutions, mobile health app development, and Internet of Things (IoT) health software development, among other healthcare software services. Also, because they know about new technologies like blockchain, IoT, and artificial intelligence, they can come up with cutting-edge healthcare solutions. 


Markovate is a well-known healthcare technology partner. Their expertise in cutting-edge technologies is well known (ML, AI, IoT, big data, etc.). They offer custom apps and SaaS solutions for administrative software (EHR, inventory management, etc.), lab and imaging tools, and patient-focused software. Markovate employs 6–12-year-old medical software developers.
Markovate provides medical software to hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, and medical device manufacturers. The company develops HIPAA-compliant software. They plan and create IoMT, SaMD, EHR/EMR, hospital apps, and telehealth apps.


ScienceSoft, an American IT consulting and software development firm, was founded in 1989. They are a 700-person team made up of business analysts and technical experts. ScienceSoft creates software to help 200 hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities process patient and drug data in the United States.


It might be hard to make a customized app for mobile health care. So, Simform is a digital product engineering company that offers complete solutions, such as trends, types, and design considerations, for making a healthcare application. Also, they have made more than ten different kinds of apps for healthcare. Simform looks at the development of healthcare apps based on their years of experience making apps.


Innovations that are driven by technology could help patients learn more about their condition and allow for more personalized care. So, you should look for the best healthcare software development company that will meet your needs and go above and beyond what you expect. Based on our research, the companies in the first part of the list are the most reliable when it comes to providing new healthcare solutions to healthcare startups and institutes.


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