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Top 10 HARO Alternatives | Help A Reporter Out Alternative


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You can use Help a Reporter Out to find sources in an effort to increase the legitimacy of your brand online (HARO). However, up until this point, it has been difficult for you to compete with millions of subscribers for the same email inquiries. On the number of emails they receive each day, other PR professionals provide their opinions. It obscures other messages, making it more difficult for them to go through them to determine which ones are relevant to their area of expertise.

It can be challenging to locate and communicate with a journalist. In fact, it’s one of the biggest obstacles, according to 61% of PR professionals.

List of 10 Best HARO Alternatives

HARO Alternatives
  1. Forbes Councils
  2. Meltwater
  3. OnePitch
  4. ProfNet
  5. Prowly
  6. Qwoted
  7. SourceBottle
  8. Sourcery
  9. Terkel
  10. Twitter

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Details for Help a Reporter out Alternative

1. Forbes Councils

Forbes Councils is a premium annual membership you may want to take into consideration if you’re an executive or business owner seeking ways to get your company mentioned on Forbes.

Senior-level executives who meet the requirements—which include having at least $1 million in revenue or finance or at least three years of experience working as a widely known career, leadership, business, or executive coach—can join the organization by invitation only. If you meet the requirements, you can submit an application through its website, and a selection committee will review it.

Cost: The annual membership price for Forbes Councils is about $2,000.

2. Meltwater

Meltwater gives you the option to interact with your audience by responding to comments on your social media profiles, in contrast to the other HARO options we’ve highlighted here. Meltwater is media intelligence software that enables you to track media mentions to gauge your overall brand awareness.

The majority of its features are best suited for larger businesses with strong PR departments and press coverage. You may build dashboards with Meltwater to track the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

Cost: It begins at $4,000 annually.

3. OnePitch

OnePitch is a wonderful platform for you if you work in the tech sector. For small firms, it is perfect. You can communicate with tech writers, make tailored pitches, and secure media attention. Additionally, it’s a fantastic place to establish enduring connections with pertinent journalists. You may log your pitches and make a unique media list with OnePitch as well.

In order to assist you in creating more persuasive pitches, OnePitch leverages artificial intelligence (AI). You explain your tale by completing a pitch form or publishing a press release, which is what actually happens. You receive a curated media list from the AI after it evaluates your pitch and its database of prestigious and trade news outlets. The reporters you can pitch to cover your story can then be chosen from among those who have been carefully selected.

Cost: OnePitch accounts can be created quickly and without cost. You can ask for a product demo as well.

4. ProfNet

Given that they are both owned by Cision, ProfNet and HARO are extremely comparable. When you register with HARO, you may establish media lists and connect with journalists who are looking for experts to quote in their press releases.

The fact that ProfNet is designed for PR professionals sets it apart from HARO. You’ll be mentioned in a press release after your pitch is accepted. You can acquire story coverage using HARO.

Cost: ProfNet offers five accounts for information officers and prices start at $1,500 for a single industry sector.

5. Prowly

Prowly is a full-suite PR solution that may meet all of your requirements for successful public relations initiatives. You can send personalized pitches to potential media contacts using Prowly.

Additionally, you can set up an online newsroom that serves as a resource for journalists who might be interested in learning more about your company or your area of industry expertise. Prowly promises a media database with over 1 million contacts, from which you can pick a journalist who might be looking for information or specialized knowledge that you possess.

Cost: You can upgrade from Prowly’s free version after a 7-day trial to either the Essential plan for $189 per month or the Professional plan for $259 per month when paid annually.

6. Qwoted

On Qwoted, you may locate journalists in a manner similar to HARO and offer your professional opinions about the articles they’re working on. You must first apply to be a source on Qwoted and receive approval. You must establish a profile with your qualifications and area of expertise. Once authorized, you can use Qwoted’s platform to respond to the journalists’ questions.

Depending on your area of expertise and specialty, journalists may contact you because you have a profile up on the profile.

Cost: Joining Qwoted is free, and you are allowed to respond to journalist inquiries three times each month. Also available are paid plans, which begin at $149.99 per month.

7. SourceBottle

SourceBottle is a portal for journalists and expert sources, similar to HARO. Bloggers and journalists who are looking for sources to quote or tales to feature can live there. It alerts you each time a reporter searches for data and insights in your area of expertise. SourceBottle is a free internet service on top of it.

Additionally, SourceBottle offers extra chances if you choose a paid subscription. You can test and evaluate products and receive samples, goody bags, and giveaways from Its Giveaways. For the most part, PR professionals can benefit from its Case Studies. Offering information that may be incorporated into a media pitch, gives you the chance to demonstrate your knowledge.

Cost: It’s unpaid.

8. Sourcery

Help A Reporter Out Alternative
Help A Reporter Out Alternative

Software called Sourcery was created to make it easier for businesses, marketers, PR experts, SEO experts, website owners, and PR firms to obtain high-quality backlinks and media coverage.

You are aware of how time-consuming it is to establish credibility and keep track of your PR outreach efforts. With Sourcery, you can get media coverage from publications with high domain ratings (DR) of 70 and above and reduce your outreach time by 90%.

Cost: Sourcery offers a free trial period, after which you only need to pay if you wish to upgrade. Pricing for Sourcery begins at $29 per month.

9. Terkel

Publishers of content should use Terkel. You’ll get the chance to produce content on this platform simply by responding to questions. It is a community that publishes high-quality blogs including expert advice.

If you’re a company seeking opportunities to get published, you should use this option and get published on one of Terkel’s website partners, such as the University of Arizona. Terkel offers high-quality publication partners.

Cost: For five questions each month, the lite plan is free. Paid packages begin at $99 per month.

10. Twitter

On Twitter, several writers and journalists issue inquiries for professional opinions. The hashtags #journorequests, #PRrequests, and #RadioGuestList can all be searched. You can email journalists directly with your pitches if they include their email addresses in their profiles. Alternatively, you can also message them or reply to their tweets.

You have less competition when using Twitter to conduct keyword searches, which is a benefit. To confirm the journalists or writers and the media outlets that will print your statement, you will need to do more research. You might want to filter reporters who write for low-ranked websites if you want to get featured in high-authority sites.

Cost: It’s unpaid.


HARO continues to be a popular tool with over 75,000 journalists and bloggers, PR professionals have other options as well. To increase your chances of landing media opportunities, you can try other tools or, even better; use them in conjunction with HARO.


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