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Freelance App Developers Cost Worldwide


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What is the price of creating an app? One of the first things app brands and developers need to know before starting an app development project is the answer to this question. The most fundamental and yet important part of every mobile app development project’s budget is an app development cost estimate. It’s a common concern among business owners to wonder how much it will set them back to build an app in-house versus how much it would cost to hire an outside app development company.

Both strategies have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s examine both in order to shed some insight into how they each affect the cost of developing an app.

Freelance App Developers Cost
Freelance App Developers Cost

After several years of operation, app development companies can develop the necessary skill set to successfully complete multi-platform mobile app development projects. App projects are frequently quite complex and may involve cutting-edge mobile technology, such as Machine Learning to power complex computation, augmented reality, Blockchain, IoT, and more.

In other words, by collaborating with such a seasoned group, you may avoid making the same rookie errors that even the most proficient app developers eventually figure out how to avoid. Building an app is a multi-step process that requires planning and a realistic timeline, both of which should be informed by previous experience.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn the ropes and design your own mobile app, you might be able to save money in the long run compared to hiring a company to do it for you.

Developers of Featured Apps

Despite our best efforts, we are only able to provide a ballpark figure for app development costs because there are so many factors that contribute to the overall price tag at every stage of the app creation process. Thankfully, you can estimate app development expenses based on a variety of factors that assist establish budgets.

App Development Benchmarks: 

  • Costs for simple apps range: from $16,000 to $32,000.
  • The price range for medium-complexity app development: is $32,000 to $48,000.
  • Cost of developing a complex app: over $72,000
  • It costs $105,000 a year to employ a software developer in the United States.

The other sections of this study lay out the information on the app a development cost that is currently accessible, utilizing a variety of sources and approaches.

List of Top App Development Companies

Freelance App Development Cost
Freelance App Development Cost
  1. Emizen Tech
  2. The Distance
  3. eleks
  4. Light IT
  5. Owebest Technologies
  6. Intuz
  7. Konstant Info Solutions
  8. A3logics
  9. Groovy Web
  10. EvaCodes

Benchmarks for App Development Costs

Since the launch of the two most popular mobile operating systems, iOS, and Android, the cost of developing apps has been very different. According to numerous studies by reputable app development businesses, the cost of developing iOS and Android apps would be nearly comparable by the year 2022. At this stage, sophistication—which can be arbitrarily characterized as Simple, Medium, or Complex—is the main aspect that determines the cost of developing an app.

According to SPDLoad, an app development company, it takes two to four months to build a simple app and six to nine months to build a complicated app. These are undoubtedly only estimations, as the actual timetable for developing an app ultimately depends on the team’s productivity and coordination skills.

According to Salary.com‘s app development hourly rates, which are currently hovering around $50 per hour, the US app development price ranges from $16,000 to $32,000 for an app with a basic user interface and a handful of basic features, from $32,000 to $48,000 for a project of medium complexity, and at least $72,000, if not more, for a complex app.

App Maintenance Cost

The expense of maintaining a mobile app is included, just like with another program. Software maintenance costs often range between 15% and 20% of their initial development costs, according to industry standards. The cost of hosting, monitoring, engagement, marketing, updating, and licensing apps may all be divided into separate components.

Details for Freelance app developers’ cost

1. Hosting

What kind of data the mobile app works with—text or media, such as photo, video, or audio—determines how much the backend data hosting costs. A web server with a higher CPU, more RAM, and more disc space would be needed for a media-rich app. An app-hosting web server may cost between $70 and $320 per month depending on these variables. Choose from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud as the top web hosting options.

2. Monitoring

Monitoring mobile applications is actually crucial to their success. You can register with the mobile analytics services we’ve recommended in this guide to keep track of an app’s performance. It is not possible to predict the cost of mobile app monitoring because each app has a distinct user base and audience, but once you contact the businesses on the list, make sure you obtain an idea of the general scope of your costs for this app maintenance cost.

3. Marketing and Participation

A mobile app marketing expense, which includes actions to engage a user base, is made up of various parts. Installs are the first step in any mobile app engagement, and the price an app marketer pays for an install varies on the nation, platform (iOS or Android), and particular ad unit. The cost-per-install (CPI) for iOS in 2021 was $3.6 per app install, compared to merely $1.22 for Android. We can discuss an average mobile app user acquisition cost as we go more specific, from a general app install instance to a desirable activity the app user is expected to take. The following are the typical app UA prices in 2020:

  • Using a mobile app to make a purchase – up to $75
  • Membership – up to $70.

4. Licenses

The cost of creating a mobile app may rise dramatically if it uses one or more technologies for which the developer must obtain a license. A license charge can exceed $120,000 per year for 50 devices, depending on annual rates and the number of devices.


Businesses should first consider the complexity of the app and the location of the development team when estimating the cost of developing a future app. These two elements have a significant impact on the entire development cost. Given the high adoption rates of the iOS and Android platforms, it is a wise move for companies going mobile to create an app for each platform at the same time. Given that infrastructure costs the majority of an app’s development budget, it makes sense for businesses to try to cut costs wherever possible when it comes to third-party API integration, data storage, and scalability.


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