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Fixed! Can Not Connect To the Docker Daemon


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Customers who are new to Docker may find it challenging to utilize because they frequently run into problems shortly after installing it. The “cannot connect to the Docker daemon” error in Docker commonly occurs when the docker-compose build command is executed.

  • Prerequisites
  • Terminal or command-line access
  • A functional Docker installation

Error “can not connect to the Docker daemon” Resolution

There are numerous approaches of dealing with the “can’t connect to the Docker daemon” problem. If one solution does not work for you, try the next until you find a solution.

Method #1: Examine the Docker Engine

If the Docker engine is not operating, docker-compose is unable to reach it, resulting in the error.

1. First, ensure that the Docker engine is operational.

2. If the Docker engine is not running, use the following command to restart it.

3. Rerun the docker-compose build command after restarting the Docker engine. If the error persists, try one of the options below.

Method 2: Assign the Docker UNIX Socket Ownership

The “cannot connect to the Docker daemon” problem can also occur if the Docker Unix socket file does not have the correct ownership given.

1. Determine who owns the Docker Unix socket.

2. If necessary, assign ownership to the user.

Method 3: Determine Who Owns Used Files

Ownership problems can also occur in files utilised by your Docker build. If Docker needs to utilise a file that it cannot access, the error “cannot connect to the Docker daemon” occurs.

1. for each individual container, run the docker build command. This produces a thorough report that highlights any potential errors.

2. Examine the output for each container, looking for a “can’t connect to the Docker daemon” error message. If the file ownership is incorrect, the error report will identify the files that the docker build command cannot access.

3. There are numerous approaches to resolving the ownership of used files:

You can simply delete the files in question, but this will affect any other builds that use the same files.

Another option is to include the.dockerignore file in your current build, which will exclude the folders that your build cannot access.

Lastly, you can modify the file ownership using

Method 4: Join the Docker Group with Your User

The issue is also caused by a lack of appropriate user privileges. You must be able to use the Docker engine without the sudo command.

1. To resolve this issue, use the usermod command to add the current user to the Docker group.

2. Log out and then back in again to validate the changes.

Method 5: Install Environment Tables on Mac OS X

If you’re running Docker on OS X, you may need to add the following environment variables:

1. Begin by launching the Docker virtual machine:

Docker-machine start!

2. Obtain the Docker environment variables with:

Docker-machine env

3. Finally, configure the environment variables:

 Eval “$(docker-machine env default)”


Following this lesson, you should be aware of the probable reasons and solutions to the “Can not connect to the Docker daemon” error. Discover the best Docker container management methods for a productive and secure Docker environment. We collect and share information about Fixed! Can Not Connect To the Docker Daemon. We hope this helps you. Lastly, but certainly not least, please leave a comment below to tell me what you think.For more topic and details follow website https://techdeposits.com/


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