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Fitness App Development Costs Worldwide


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Users can log their workouts using a fitness application, which can be used on desktop, mobile, or web platforms. Fitness apps usually contain features for keeping track of workouts and progress over time.

Fitness apps commonly share features with other health and wellness apps, such as apps for diet and mindfulness. Well-known fitness programs include Nike Run Club, Nike Training Club, Google Fit, Fitbit, Strava, and MapMyRun.

Here are some examples of recent fitness apps

Fitness app development cost
  • Fitness applications are compatible with the Garmin watch range. Your watch will get the workout you choose and will then direct you through it. The rep count, the workout, and the health information will all be displayed on the watch.
  • An application that can manage to score and judge competitors Contestants register for the event and create profiles. At the event, judges recorded scores.
  • A mobile application that is quite similar to Strava but also features competitions. You’re cycling, walking, jogging, and cycling activities will be tracked by the app. You can participate in competitions and receive an email when you place first, second, or third. Must monitor distance and speed.

How much does it typically cost to create a fitness app?

Typically, it takes $15,000 to create a fitness app. However, the whole expense may range from $5,000 to $25,000 in total. A fitness app with fewer features (often referred to as a “minimum viable product,” or MVP), will be less expensive than one with all of the targeted functions.

Here are a few current fitness app prices, for instance:

  1. $15,000
  2. $7,500
  3. $22,500

How long does it take to create an app for fitness?

Cost to develop fitness app

Developing a fitness app typically takes 200 hours. However, it is possible to create a fitness app in as few as 67 hours or as much as 333 hours. The exact timeline is heavily influenced by how complicated your application is. Generally speaking, if you need highly customized designs, specialized functionality, or unconventional release platforms, it will take longer.

The following hourly estimations were provided for the most recent fitness apps:

  • 267
  • 133

How to expand your fitness application with success

A fitness app can increase the number of users it has by offering consumers a lot of value in return for their data. For instance, a fitness app may use the data of its users to deliver material that is more relevant to their requirements. The app may also make use of this information to assist users in understanding their outcomes so they can get better over time and interact with other users via social media.

How can a fitness app be created from scratch?

You’ve made the decision to develop a fitness application. But where do you even begin? How can you create a product that generates income while offering an exceptional user experience?

The difficulties and dangers of developing a fitness application

The safety of the user and other nearby users puts fitness applications at risk legally and in terms of their reputation. It is advised that you take decisive action to confirm identity and stop abuse in your app, like barring users who are aggressive or persistently unresponsive.

The following six considerations should be made before submitting your own application:

App type for mobile fitness – there are many different kinds to pick from, including apps for yoga, home workouts, personal training, activity tracking, and healthy eating.

Platforms- Do you want to develop a fitness app for a certain platform, such as Android? Or do you want to introduce a mobile solution that works with every device?

Development strategy – Cross-platform and native development are your two choices if your goal is to reach iOS and Android customers and increase revenue. If you choose option 1, you develop a single mobile fitness app that functions on both platforms. Engineers create a native application with two code bases. While a cross-platform strategy enables cost savings, native solutions offer a superior user experience.

Possibility – A fitness app’s development costs and time commitment increase due to complex and comprehensive functionality. You can identify the features that will meet consumer needs by developing user stories and applying feature prioritization approaches.

Income generation- Before developing a fitness app, you should also think about this. There are many monetization techniques available that might assist you in making money. Advertisements, in-app purchases, pay-per-install, freemium models where users must pay to upgrade to the PRO version, and more

Promoting mobile applications- Even if you create fantastic fitness trainer software, it won’t be enough to draw in millions of users and bring in money. Create a marketing campaign to help sell your goods. It may involve a variety of channels, including social media, news outlets, user reviews, app ratings, influencers, etc.


Despite how fiercely competitive the market is, there are strategies that can help you create a winning product. Consider your rivals, identify your target market, and discover customer wants and preferences before developing a mobile fitness app. You will be able to clearly understand what features your product needs as a result. Consult with a seasoned IT service provider with expertise in iOS and Android development if you want to create a fitness app of the highest caliber and monetize it properly.


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