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Where Can I Find the European Cryptocurrency Exchange License?


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Using cryptocurrencies professionally or commercially necessitates a government-issued “crypto license.” The most prevalent license is for cryptocurrency trading on exchanges, which prohibits mining but permits one to trade fiat currency.

What is a crypto license?

Crypto trading license

A crypto license is a government-issued license required for cryptocurrency in the field or business. The most common type of license is a cryptocurrency license, which allows individuals to trade fiat currency on exchanges, but not to mine cryptocurrency. Before choosing an EU jurisdiction, you should understand the nature of your project and the type of services required. Most require a Cryptocurrency Exchange License. However, there are generally some common requirements that must be met regardless of jurisdiction.

  1. Establishing party’s ID verification
  2. Fully observations laundering regulations and policies
  3. Partner with a bank or financial institution to set up a fiat currency exchange


When building a blockchain project and starting to offer cryptocurrency exchange services to customers in Europe (mainly the European Union), be sure to consider the regulation of cryptocurrencies and virtual assets and the need for cryptographic requirements for your project. need to do it. Obtain a license to conduct VASP activities in certain European jurisdictions.

Currently, not all European states have developed and implemented principles for regulating and governing crypto exchanges and crypto exchange activities, and in many EU countries the cryptocurrency industry is still in a gray area. . To date, the regulation of VASP activities for the exchange and storage of cryptocurrencies, and the possibility of obtaining corresponding registrations or licenses at the legislative level, are in Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Estonia.

Where can I get a crypto license?

Cryptocurrency license

Crypto exchange licenses are one of the first factors to consider as you will need to choose a jurisdiction to set up your trading platform. The market is expanding steadily. On the one hand, the list of crypto-friendly countries is not wide enough. Home to many European crypto exchanges, it requires new players to register their businesses and apply for their FSAEE. Required documents include an incorporation certificate, KYC certificate, and risk assessment documents. The license costs 3,300 euros. England. To obtain a license in the UK, an applicant must set up a business, open a bank account for crypto trading and demonstrate that the activity complies with his AML and KYC guidelines. The license costs €15,000.

Additionally, beginners can obtain licenses from Japan, New Zealand, the United States, and other crypto-friendly countries. On the other hand, every jurisdiction has its requirements and pitfalls. Get an Encryption License: A Step-by-Step Guide. If you are creating a cryptocurrency exchange, check the steps required to obtain a license.

  • Choose a country and operate your business there: – Each country has requirements and due diligence on what information must be provided and by whom. Some countries allow applicants to meet these requirements themselves, while others require third parties such as lawyers and accountants.
  • Open a corporate account at a banking institution.
  • Check the documents required for document creation.
  • Supervisory authorities check whether the company meets the requirements.
  • Pay the required fees and duties. Obtain a crypto license that allows the trading platform to offer crypto-related services.

Why do we need a crypto license in Europe?

The main reasons for adopting a crypto license are to protect end-users and regulate crypto trading activity. EU authorities have already announced the launch of crypto licenses already included in the proposed crypto regulation. The government is taking strict steps to find and shut down unauthorized businesses and prosecute their owners. Such misconduct has recently resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in judgments and fines. Several geographic groups share common exchange license attributes.

  • North America: -The federal government only issues licenses for cryptocurrency exchanges to companies registered as state residents. You can apply for a license to operate a cryptocurrency exchange from any state, but keep in mind that each state has its requirements. A US cryptocurrency exchange license authorizes its holder to operate a cryptocurrency exchange. Except for crypto exchanges, all other applicants wishing to provide payment services are interested in obtaining such a license.
  • Canada:- Canada has rules and regulations that are very similar to those in the United States. Virtual currency exchanges must be registered as Money Service Businesses (MSB) and registered with the Financial Trading and Reporting Analysis Center of Canada (FinTRAC).
  • UK:- Since the UK’s exit from the EU, UK regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges have required exchanges to comply with AML/CFT regulations and be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • Switzerland: – Switzerland requires the registration of cryptocurrency exchanges requiring a license issued by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). CSSF must be licensed as a crypto exchange in Luxembourg.
  • European Union:- European crypto exchange licenses vary by member state. The EU Member States that have already approved a Bitcoin Broker License or Cryptocurrency Broker License.
  • Estonia:- In Estonia, licenses are issued by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit and specify AML/CFT reporting and KYC rules. Several new cryptocurrencies and trading platforms are created every week, most of which are licensed in Estonia. This is because local arrangements require crypto licenses to be obtained more quickly than, for example, other national jurisdictions.
  • Lithuania:- As one of the leading fintech countries in Europe, Lithuania is fast becoming the destination for a wide range of digital services for businesses and critical organizations around the world. These services to clients in various sectors include cryptocurrency exchange licenses and crypto wallet licenses. These are big issues on a global scale and provide a legal and secure environment for safely exchanging payments. A company may have one or both licenses. Licenses are issued by the Lithuanian Financial Crimes Investigation Service (FCIS).
  • Malta:- Malta was one of the most loyal and promising jurisdictions for blockchain and crypto service providers until 2018 when new regulations were passed. As the legal framework steadily improved and became more transparent, the largest stock exchanges were eager to set up offices there. The applicant must have incorporated a company in Malta and have a registered capital of at least €730,000 of his. The license cost is approximately EUR 30,000.


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