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Best IoT App Development Companies for June 2023


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IoT is widely employed in a variety of industries, including healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, government, utilities, and others. According to a Microsoft report, 47% of businesses do not have enough experienced professionals to adopt IoT technology. As a result, organizations choose to employ an iot app development Companies to reduce risks, decrease costs, and access a talent pool. However, how can you choose the best IoT software development company? How can you discover an IoT development partner who can fulfill your specific company needs? Based on precise selection criteria, we have compiled a list of the top iot app development Companies.

Here list of top Best iot app development Companies for June 2023

1. LeewayHertz-one of Best IoT Development Companies

LeewayHertz, headquartered in the United States, is an IoT development business that offers full-stack IoT services such as consultancy, prototype development, embedded software development, AI edge processing, analytics, and support. LeewayHertz IoT professionals assist startups and corporations in launching IoT solutions, updating an existing IoT application, and integrating any IoT solution with a legacy system.

They have worked on a variety of Internet of Things projects, including a multi-room speaker control app, the world’s first tea-making robot, an EV charging app, a freight monitoring system, and many others. They collaborate with major OEM manufacturers in the industry to guarantee that clients benefit from consistent reliability across solutions.

2. HQ Software

HQ Software is a digital transformation organization that offers consultation, mobile and online app development, and software re-engineering. They assist enterprises in unlocking the business potential of linked IoT devices as an IoT service provider.

They specialize in IoT ecosystem consultancy, firmware development, bespoke IoT platform development, and cloud deployment.

The Future of Connectivity: How IoT Is Evolving?

3. iTechArt- iot app development

iTechArt is a software development firm that offers scalable digital solutions and specialized engineering teams to startups and fast-growing IT firms. They create safe IoT systems with extensive analytical layers.

IoT app development, API deployment, third-party integration, IoT gateway deployment, data analytics, and wearable connection are among their IoT development services. Their IoT expertise is focused mostly on consumer and industrial IoT.

4. Softeq- iot software Development Company

Softeq, headquartered in Houston, is a full-stack IoT development firm that specializes in both app software and hardware level IoT expertise. Consumer IoT, healthcare IoT, and industrial IoT solutions are among their specialized IoT solutions for end-users and organizations.

Softeq IoT professionals work on a variety of IoT services, such as hardware design, firmware development, IoT dashboards, and mobile app development for linked devices.

5. Softengi- popular internet of things (IoT) company

Softengi is a software development business based in Ukraine that specializes in bespoke software development, AI, and AR/VR development. They create scalable Internet of Things hardware and software for their clients, such as mobile and web apps and sensors.

They have worked on a few Internet of Things projects, including an app for automated door unlocking and an asset monitoring system for the oil and gas industry.

6. Intuz- iot application Development Company

Intuz is a bespoke mobile, web, and IoT app development agency that specialize in IoT firmware consultation, development, and maintenance. They have worked on a variety of IoT projects, including a 3D Media Player, Control Electronics for a two-pulse x-ray machine, remote monitoring systems for pump control, and a gsm-based remote monitoring and control system.

7. Oxagile

Oxagile, a renowned IoT development company, offers a comprehensive variety of IoT services, including consultancy, IoT software development, hardware prototype, integration, and continuous improvement.

Oxagile creates breakthrough connected solutions and IoT ecosystems by using its capabilities in AI, ML, Computer Vision, and Big Data. They have created enterprise-grade IoT solutions for sectors such as healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, retail, and others.

8. Fluper Ltd. – iot app development Companies

Fluper is a one-stop shop for web development and design. Their solutions are cutting-edge, long-lasting, and deliberately intended to boost the value of the brand.

They are innovative developers who set trends and reinvent Web and App Development norms. Their team is dedicated to creating solutions for a variety of business industries that will fulfill future market expectations.

9. Dogtown Media

Dogtown Media, based in California, specializes in app development, AI development, and IoT app development. They guarantee that an IoT solution is designed and delivered from start to finish by combining skills in project management, design, development, and marketing.

10. Konstant InfoSolutions- iot app development Companies

Konstant InfoSolutions is a well-known brand in IoT development, with 18 years of expertise and over 2500 clients. The company’s concentration on innovation and technology leaders allows it to successfully service off-shoring clients from the United States, the United Kingdom, and other major economies.

11. Brancosoft

Brancosoft is a robust, rising IoT service provider with over 200 apps built and over 20 countries served. The firm has developed a niche in low-cost IoT app development, making it a low-cost IoT service provider in India.

12. TechAhead- iot application Development Company

TechAhead, with a diverse team of creative individuals, prides itself on being among the first to comprehend innovative technologies such as IoT. Over the course of the company’s 12-year history, it has served over 600 clients. The company’s emphasis on co-creating IoT apps makes it a hot cake for fans of high-quality IoT apps.

13. Reinvently- iot software Development Company

Reinvently is a well-known company that provides superior online and mobile solutions as a result of its extensive IoT experience. It assists organizations in building scalable products as part of their digital transformation, rather than projects, and reinvents the client’s go-to-market strategy.


Here in this article, techdeposits describes iot app development Companies for June 2023. We provide detail information about each one of IoT Development Company. We hope that our article will clear all your doubts. If you guys have any queries, please your question in the comment section below. For more information visit our official web page www.techdeposist.com


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