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Top 10 Best Fraud Detection Software Companies Worldwide


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Online best fraud detection software, often known as fraud detection software, is used to spot risky and illegal online activity. To detect possibly fraudulent purchases, transactions, or access, these systems continuously track user behavior and compute risk statistics. The IT and compliance teams of enterprises and digital banking organizations utilize fraud detection systems to keep an eye on potentially fraudulent behaviors taken by their users. These solutions are used by businesses to safeguard sensitive data about their clients and customers while preventing cyberattacks, fraudulent transactions, and identity theft.

Fraud detection solutions can do real-time risk classification based on device and IP reputation as well as other criteria by utilizing machine learning and real-time behavior analytics. There is some overlap between e-commerce fraud protection software and fraud detection systems. But rather than watching, spotting, and alerting to fraud occurrences as they happen, those tools are more focused on upholding laws and examining consumer behavior. Here we will discuss the top fraud detection companies worldwide.

List of best fraud detection software in the world

  1. Signifyd
  2. ClearSale
  3. SEON. Fraud Fighters
  4. Riskified
  5. Sift
  6. CertifID
  7. Arkose Labs
  8. NoFraud
  9. Eye4Fraud
  10. Kount

Details for fraud detection software firms

1. Signifyd

In order to increase conversion, automate the customer experience, and stop fraud and customer abuse for merchants, Signifyd offers an end-to-end commerce protection platform that makes use of its commerce network. Big data and machine learning are used by Signifyd to offer a 100% monetary guarantee against chargebacks and fraud on accepted orders.

By effectively transferring the responsibility for fraud away from ecommerce merchants, this lowers the risk while enabling them to grow their business and enter new markets. Signifyd has offices in Denver, New York, Mexico City, Belfast, and London in addition to its headquarters in San Jose, California.

2. ClearSale

In 2001, ClearSale, a provider of fraud control and chargeback protection services, was established in Brazil. With over 1,000 people, it has offices in So Paulo, Brazil and Miami, Florida in the United States. E-commerce businesses and ClearSale collaborate to spot fraudulent transactions.The best ecommerce fraud protection tool is ClearSale.

We offer a balanced, practical approach unmatched by anything else on the market by combining the most sophisticated statistical technologies with the largest staff of specialized fraud analysts in the world. We provide the industry’s greatest order approval rates and lowest false decline rates.

3. SEON. Fraud Fighters

The best ecommerce fraud protection tool is SEON.Fraund Figters. We offer a balanced, practical approach unmatched by anything else on the market by combining the most sophisticated statistical technologies with the largest staff of specialized fraud analysts in the world. We provide the industry’s greatest order approval rates and lowest false decline rates.

4. Riskified

With a machine learning platform powered by a worldwide merchant network to reduce fraud and increase net income, supported by true chargeback guarantee and premium partnership models, The market’s most knowledgeable and precise ecommerce fraud management partner is Riskified.

We review millions of transactions every day on our platform, which has more than 400 million users in more than 180 countries. Our software learns from each transaction since this data is given back into it. All of this information, not just the ones in their own database, is useful to our merchants. Along with our strong Chargeback Guarantee offering, Riskified has created a wide range of solutions to safeguard and assist merchants during the whole client lifecycle.

5. Sift

Sift enables businesses of all sizes to generate income without taking any chances. Sift helps market leaders like Twitter, DoorDash, and Twilio maintain their competitive edge and security. With industry-leading technology and knowledge, an unmatched global data network, and a dedication to forging lasting relationships with our clients, Sift eliminates fraud. Our Digital Trust & Safety Suite reduces false positives, powers frictionless experiences, and actively blocks fraudulent payments, phoney accounts, spam, scams, account takeovers, and disputes.

6. CertifID

To stop wire fraud, title companies, legal firms, lenders, realtors, and house buyers and sellers employ CertifID, a digital identity and device verification solution. The greatest risk to the real estate sector in the United States is wire fraud. CertifID gives customers peace of mind and up to $1 million in direct insurance coverage on every wire it secures by verifying the identities of the people involved in a transaction and securely exchanging bank information.

Due to CertifID’s integration with the top title production software platforms, busy title and escrow operators can do away with laborious manual processes from their daily operations. Tens of thousands of transactions and no insurance claims have been made, and CertifID has helped protect billions of dollars from fraud each month. The purpose-built solution CertifID was created by owners of title companies and wire fraud victims is ready to take on the greatest danger facing the sector.

7. Arkose Labs

The most frequent online dangers that businesses encounter today are stopped by Arkose Labs. These threats are spread by automated bots and human click farms and include reverse proxy phishing schemes, account takeovers, IRSF, and credential stuffing. B2C firms like Microsoft, Roblox, PayPal, Honey, Zilch, and Pitney Bowes, among others, trust Arkose Labs because of the way its platform gets rid of sophisticated bots, annoys fraudsters, and streamlines the customer online experience so that it is safe and convenient.

The AI-powered platform uses enterprise-grade CAPTCHAs to defeat persistent bot and fraud farm attacks and defend customer online platforms from credential stuffing attacks, account takeovers, fake account creation, spam, scraping, reverse-proxy phishing attacks, and more. It does this by combining real-time risk classification with dynamic challenges.

8. NoFraud

NoFraud Protection works with your eCommerce platform to provide an accurate pass/fail decision for each order. We are so confident in our accuracy that we offer a money-back guarantee. We will reimburse you if you receive a fraudulent chargeback.

A faster checkout means more conversions. However, in order to prevent fraud, we require ALL of our customers to fill out more fields than necessary, making the process more difficult for everyone—regardless of risk.  NoFraud Checkout boosts conversions by providing a beautifully designed checkout experience that prioritizes trustworthy customers.

9. Eye4Fraud

Eye4Fraud was initially developed as a branch of a financial services firm and launched in 2012. The management of that business started a modest, first-of-its-kind fraud protection service after seeing the urgent need for tight and safe fraud protection. After only two years, Eye4Fraud had established itself as a distinct brand due to the business’ quick growth.

10. Kount

The concept for Kount was hatched in 2006 on the back of a sushi napkin. Since then, innovation has taken the lead. With more than 30 issued and pending patents, Kount is currently the market leader in digital fraud protection. Over 15 000 brands use Kount’s solutions globally, and their cutting-edge AI and machine learning models are informed by more than a decade of data.

In 2021, Kount and Equifax teamed up to transform consumer analytics and digital enablement. Their digital fraud solutions create thorough client identities by fusing physical and digital identification data. By levelling the playing field and granting more companies access to data that can help them target the right customers at the right time, Kount and Equifax are enabling more businesses to compete.


We tried to collect the top fraud prevention software organizations. We hope this information will help you. Last but not least, please leave comments that are helpful.


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