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Best DIY projects to take on during the summer


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Summer is an excellent time to get your hands dirty and make the most of your free time. While it may appear that there isn’t much “best DIY projects” you can do outside during the summer, these projects will help you get more out of your home this season:

Make a bird feeder

If you’re searching for a simple and enjoyable summer project, making a bird feeder out of a repurposed Coke bottle is ideal. All you need is some string or wire, scissors or pliers, and a hammer and nail if you want to hang it outside.

To make the feeder, follow these steps:

  • Using scissors or pliers (depending on the thickness of your plastic), cut off the top third of your empty soda bottle
  • Use small nails or thumbtacks to make holes in both sides of the cap (as many as needed depending on how much seed you’re going to place inside). Hang this component through one of its holes so that it can swing freely when filled with seeds, and then fill your new masterpiece with whatever type of birdseed you like!

Design your own flag.

Flags are a great summer project that you may not have considered before. They’re simple to create and may be utilised for a variety of purposes, like decorating your home or creating a spectacular wave during an outdoor event.

If you’ve ever wanted to proudly display your own country’s flag but didn’t have the time or money to travel overseas, now is your chance.

Make some decorations.

Take up a décor the best DIY projects if you’re bored or if the heat is getting to you. There are numerous things you can do around the house to improve its appearance and make it more pleasant for everyone. Even better, decorating projects frequently allow you to get the most bangs for your dollars. Using a 3% cash back credit card is just one way to earn money while spending more on décor and craft items.

Decorating your home could be just what you need to get through the summer. But don’t worry if you’ve never done best DIY projects before–it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated! Opening a SoFi bank account is a terrific method to save for projects like these or larger home improvement projects you plan to tackle in the near future.

Here are some budget-friendly decorating ideas:

Make use of what you already have-If all of these items are already in your home (or close by), you won’t need to buy any new furniture or decorations. Simply find them and arrange them in various ways until they look good enough for everyone’s tastes. This manner, no money is spent unless someone really wants something specific, such as drapes or rugs that match perfectly.

You can make your own tomato sauce

  • Make use of fresh tomatoes. Fresh, in-season tomatoes are essential for a delicious sauce.
  • Combine the garlic and onion. Garlic and onion contribute flavour without overpowering your palate, so use them in your sauce.
  • Add basil and oregano for added flavour! These herbs are both simple to grow at home (or even in your garden), so if you don’t have any growing in your yard right now, don’t worry–you can always buy some!
  • Simmer for 30 minutes, seasoning with salt, pepper, and olive oil, before serving over pasta or as a dipping sauce for breadsticks.

Dice Tower 3D Print

Make your own pickled vegetables.

Pickling is an excellent method of preserving vegetables. It’s simple to accomplish and may be tailored to your preferences. Pickles are also a great way to use up overripe veggies and save money on groceries by creating your own pickles at home!

Painting your porch, fence, or deck may instantly transform it into a new place.

  • Use a paint colour that complements the exterior of your home. If you want to make a statement, paint the entire outside of your house one colour. Choose two complementary colours for the front door and shutters if you want something less dramatic.
  • Choose a paint that is easy to maintain for outside areas such as decks and fences (or even inside). Look for paints with low VOC levels to avoid excessive fumes while painting outside; additionally consider if your chosen finish will tolerate moisture from rain or snow without peeling off over time!
  • High gloss paints are ideal for porches because they reflect light brilliantly while also giving UV protection against fading caused by sunlight exposure during the hot summer months ahead.

Make paper lanterns to hang in your home this summer and throughout the year!

These paper lanterns are a fun activity for youngsters and a lovely way to decorate your home.

You will require:

  • Paper plates can be whatever colour or pattern you like! Consider using a robust paper plate that will not readily tear when cut.
  • String or yarn long enough to hang your lantern anywhere in your home or on your patio. Using thick twine works well since it does not break as quickly as thinner strings when drawn tight around the top hole punched into each plate. If decorative cord is what you’re looking for, you might be able to find it someplace!

Create a planter out of an old wine barrel.

You will require the following items:

  • If you happen to have an old wine barrel lying around, use it. If not, enquire if your local winery or liquor store has any extras they’d like to get rid of. They’re often eager to give them away rather than pay to dispose of them–and by taking one off their hands, you’ll be doing them a favour.
  • A hammer and chisel (or other instruments) to carve out the staves (the wooden slats that form the sides). You can use these tools even if your barrel isn’t fully full; just be careful not to cut into anything crucial, such as metal bands or hoops used to keep pressure inside the barrel during fermentation processes.

DIY pallet chairs can provide some more sitting to your outside environment.

Pallets are a low-cost and easily accessible material that may be utilised for a range of best DIY projects. You can reuse the pallet for several projects, paint it to match your decor, and even turn it into a chair, bench, or table!

The nicest aspect about this project is that no special tools are required; all you need is some wood glue (which comes in tubes), clamps (to hold the pieces together while the glue dries), sandpaper, and paint if desired.

Make a wire flower basket for your yard’s hanging plants or flowers.

What better way to enjoy the warm weather than with flower-inspired best DIY projects when summer arrives? Here are some designs for your own wire flower basket:

  • Cut 2 foot long lengths of wire and bend them into rings. You’ll need six or seven circles in total for this craft, depending on the size of your finished basket.
  • Twist two pieces of wire together at one end to produce a closed loop (the ends should be flush). Repeat until all loops are connected by their ends, and then twist another piece onto each end to produce hooks that may be hung from anything in your yard like trees or poles.
  • You are now ready to add vegetation! Bend short branches into shape with pliers if necessary; once secure, use them as supports for whatever flowers/plants you like-violets would work well here because they grow well in shade but also look fantastic against green foliage!

Paint furniture with blackboard paint to make it easy to write on and update on a weekly (or daily) basis.

Chalkboard paint is simple to apply and ideal for upgrading your home’s decor on a monthly or daily basis. You can write on it with chalk and then effortlessly wipe it when you’re finished. If you want to make this job even easier, go to your local craft store and pick up some blackboard stickers–they’ll make writing in the kitchen a breeze!

If your children’s rooms need some TLC over the summer (or even if they don’t), consider painting one wall in each room with chalkboard paint so they can hang their artwork on it. The best part about making this project is that if they get tired of their creations after a few days, weeks, or even months, they can simply wipe them off the wall surface again!

Repurpose an old dresser into a home office entertainment centre or workstation.

Repurpose an old dresser into an entertainment centre or workstation for your home office.

If you have a huge surface area to work with, consider converting an old dresser into a desk. This can be accomplished by fixing the piece of furniture to the wall so that it does not move when in use and, if necessary, adding light fittings above it. You could also leave it on its feet and use strong adhesive to secure any cords or wires that may become loose over time due to frequent use of this sort of furniture in this position (or just use Velcro straps).

If you don’t have enough space in your apartment to create an entire room for yourself but still want something more than having everything piled up on top of each other on the floor, consider using one large drawer from an old chest of drawers set inside each room where people tend to spend the most time relaxing.


These are just a few ideas for projects you can work on this summer. Best DIY projects are enjoyable, inexpensive, and an excellent way to improve the appearance of your living space. We hope that this post has inspired you to try some new best DIY projects with your friends and family soon.


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