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10+ Best Bitcoin or Ethereum Mining Software for iOS and Windows


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Bitcoin mining is the consensus method that generates new Bitcoins through the use of a proof of work system. Bitcoin uses Blockchain technology, similar to that of many other cryptocurrencies. This is a decentralized system without a single point of failure, and its distributed ledger keeps track of all past transactions. Bitcoin miners use computing power to solve difficult mathematical puzzles in order to earn the privilege of adding new blocks to the Blockchain, which contain the recorded and encoded transaction data.

The computational power required to solve these equations, called a hash, keeps growing. To find the next hash, miners use special computers (called “mining rigs”). Beneficial miners are compensated for their efforts by receiving Bitcoins that have just been mined.

Top Ethereum Mining Software Rankings

  1. Pionex
  2. ECOS
  3. Kryptex Miner
  4. Cudo Miner
  5. BeMine
  6. Awesome Miner
  7. BFGMiner
  8. MultiMiner
  9. EasyMiner
  10. CGMiner
  11. BTCMiner

Details of best mining software for Bitcoin or Ethereum

Best crypto mining app
Best crypto mining app

1. Pionex

Depending on what you plan to buy with Bitcoin, it is best to set up automated deposits to an external wallet.

In order to cash out their mining profits, the vast majority of miners send their funds to exchanges or mobile wallets. However, those interested in engaging in active trading may wish to fund a trading app or exchange. Pionex is a cryptocurrency trading robot that uses a network of 16 independent trading bots to execute transactions automatically.

Pionex’s 16 robots make it possible to use leverage when trading. In addition to using the Pionex Lite app, the exchange now permits direct credit card deposits. The verification process can take up to an hour if you need to provide an ID copy and a selfie.


  • Tracking the order history from the account.
  • Charting for the spot market.
  • Leverage up to four times your initial stake when trading cryptocurrencies.
  • Select between using manual and automated trading.


Best for genuine and open services.

ECOS is a leading provider of cloud mining services. It was started in the Free Economic Zone in 2017. It’s the first cloud mining service with actual legal standing. There are currently more than 90,000 active users of ECOS from all corners of the globe.

ECOS is also a complete investment platform. They provide cloud mining in addition to wallets, exchanges, investment portfolios, and savings accounts. There is a useful mobile app for ECOS. It’s obtainable via both Google Play and the Apple iTunes store.


  • The minimum price for a mining contract is $49.
  • The website provides a handy calculator for selecting a mining contract (has standard and pro versions).
  • Comprehensive transactional history.
  • Weekly payments
  • From 0.001 BTC, the withdrawal minimum is very low.
  • A variety of contracts.
  • Sign up and get a free monthly mining contract automatically.

3. Kryptex Miner

Best for both experts and beginners. The equipment offers the most performance when mining the best coin. A Windows program called Kryptex can identify the coin that will yield the highest profit. The most complex distributed cryptocurrency computations are within its capabilities. With this app as a starting point, getting the software, signing up for an account, keeping Kryptex updated, and getting paid are all breezes.

Kryptex operates in the background and compensates the computer for its labor. The least amount that can be taken out is $5. You can remotely manage mining with Kryptex from any location.


  • Kryptex takes great effort to ensure that its modern miners have access to all of the features they need.
  • It offers comprehensive real-time statistics.
  • Kryptex keeps track of the market-available GPUs’ hash rates and profitability.
  • The best GPUs for your mining rig and the most lucrative altcoins for the specified energy pricing are displayed by its mining profitability calculator.
  • The calculator will compute your expected revenue based on the graphics cards and power prices you supply.

4. Cudo Miner

Best for novice miners looking to make money from their computer or laptop.

A GPU and CPU miner with a wealth of features, Cudo Miner supports a number of algorithms. It is a Bitcoin mining platform with capabilities not seen in other well-known mining software that is simple to set up and very profitable.

Hash rates, earnings, hardware health information like wattage and temperature, suggestions, and transactions may all be monitored remotely, in addition to a plethora of other data points of interest. The application facilitates the transfer and receipt of funds in multiple currencies.


  • Idle mining
  • Pleasant user interface
  • Effective web console
  • Algorithms that can be tweaked to improve productivity and bottom-line results.
  • Selecting a payment method.
  • Remote control
  • Sophisticated tracking abilities

5. BeMine

BeMine is a cloud service that lets you pool together ASIC miners. The purpose of a machine known as an ASIC miner is to swiftly perform calculations like confirmations of transactions. Every single second, an ASIC miner is hard at work, and it requires a particular environment in which to function optimally. BeMine supports a wide community of miners. Besides selling ASICs, BeMine also offers a cloud mining service.


  • BeMine only provides the necessary machines.
  • For financial gain, you can invest in either the full ASIC or just one-hundredth of it.
  • It allows you to top off your own account in a number of ways, including Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Exmo, Bitcoin Cash, etc.
Best crypto mining software
Best crypto mining software

6. Awesome Miner

Best for users seeking to manage their mining operations centrally. Powerful mining software called Awesome Miner can support multiple types of mining gear at once. In addition to supporting over 25 mining engines and interacting with all popular mining algorithms, it also allows for the simultaneous management of multiple miners’ pools.

You can easily manage your cryptocurrency mining activity with Awesome Miner. With its help, you can track the status of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in near-real time.  Additionally, the mining program provides a dashboard that displays the hardware’s temperature and state, enabling you to monitor its functionality and health.


  • Works with all ASIC hardware.
  • Shows GPU performance data such as temperature, fan and clock speeds, etc.
  • Using only one click to mine.
  • Supports more than 50 mining applications.

7. BFGMiner

Best suited for experienced users who want to modify the mining method

An ASIC and FPGA mining program called BFGminer forbids GPU mining. It has a sophisticated remote interface and tracking, and clocking capability, making it ideal for miners looking for a personalized mining experience.

Due to BFGMiner’s well-organized code, job submission and acquisition occur on different threads, which eliminates the risk of overloading the system’s working resources. It also has a built-in proxy server for the network and the strata. BFGminer is a cross-platform program that is not only incredibly adaptable but can also be used on a Raspberry Pi.


  • The ability to simultaneously hash using various popular mining techniques.
  • Concurrent mining for a number of different coins.
  • Cross-platform
  • Strong mining characteristics

8. MultiMiner

The best mining software for beginners searching for simple usage. A GUI-based tool called MultiMiner was developed as a component of the Windows 10 Bitcoin mining platform. It can also be used with Linux or macOS, however, this would require the installation of additional programs.


  • The ability to select which coins to mine based on the connected mining gear.
  • Remote access to the rig.
  • Placeholders to help with jargon comprehension.
  • Direct access to API settings and engine arguments.

 9. EasyMiner

The best option for users who want to manage many cryptocurrencies from one location. For miners who choose not to use the often-used Command-Line Interface-based mining equipment, EasyMiner is a user-friendly substitute. This program also provides a visual depiction of your data and results, which is really useful.

For miners who want to simultaneously mine Litecoin and Bitcoin, this Bitcoin mining program is suitable. EasyMiner launches directly into “MoneyMaker” mode, where it generates income for the user upon activation. This automatically creates a Litecoin wallet and starts using your computer’s CPU to mine on a private pool.


  • Ability to simultaneously mine Bitcoin and Litecoin.
  • Having the option to choose your own hashing method for your pool.
  • An ASIC mining
  • A conversation platform that connects novice miners with experienced ones.

In moneymaker mode, you can start mining right away.

10. CGMiner

Best for Miners that seek open-source mining software that is compatible with a wide range of mining equipment and can run on any system.

One of the ASIC/FPGA/GPU mining applications that are currently most widely used and have been around for a very long time is CGminer. CGminer is a C-based command-line program that is compatible with Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.

CGminer is a mining program that can be run from the command line and is compatible with many various mining pools and hardware configurations. However, the command-line GUI is incredibly user-friendly. The speed of the fan, among other settings, can be adjusted with a few taps of the keyboard.


  • Fan speed control, a remote interface, and overclocking capabilities.
  • Enables ASIC, FPGA, and GPU mining.
  • Compatible with many different computers and mining rigs.


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