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Best 50 AngularJS Development Companies


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AngularJS, as a strong and versatile web development framework, has revolutionized the creation of high-quality user interfaces. Its scalability, versatility, and user-friendly approach make it an excellent solution for enterprises of all sizes. Finding the proper AngularJS development firm might be difficult in this fast-paced and ever-changing technological environment. With so many firms offering AngularJS services, it can be difficult to pick the finest one that can deliver excellent work on time and within budget. To make things easier, we’ve produced a list of the top 50 AngularJS development firms in the United States. The list is created by thoroughly examining each company’s skills, client feedback, and experience. Thus, keep scrolling down the page to find the ideal AngularJS Development Companies partner to bring your web development ideas to life.

Here list of top AngularJS development firm

Google regulates Angular JS, and a variety of companies help provide development services based on this technology. This article examines a list of the top AngularJS Development Companies in 2023. This study ranks the top Angular Development firms in the United States. In the previous several years, the world of Angular development has come a long way, and the market currently has various new brands and entrants. Stick with us as we examine the best companies.

  1. HTMLPanda
  2. Zibtek
  3. Saritasa
  4. Door 3
  5. Urban Insight
  6. Geekbears
  7. Spinx Digital
  8. Netkiller
  9. Hatchworks Technologies
  10. Ogun labs

The Advantages of AngularJS for Site Development

Top 10 Web Development Companies In The USA

Simple to Understand

AngularJS is simple to learn for people who have technical skill in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This allows web developers to simply create interactive websites and online apps. AngularJS prioritizes code quality and testability above other JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Furthermore, this JS framework makes learning how to design and test a web app simple.

Two-Way Binding Option

Another key benefit of AngularJS is its two-way data binding capability. This means that any changes to the model are reflected quickly in the view, and vice versa. It allows web apps to greatly reduce their presentation layer. It enables a more basic and less intuitive approach to DOM.

Help SPA Development

The purpose of SPA development is to make website transitions speedier. It allows the site to operate and seems to be a native web application. A SPA built with AngularJS loads quickly, works on all platforms, provides an excellent user experience, and is easier to maintain.

Declarative user interface

A declarative UI makes things easier to manage and understand. HTML allows developers to collaborate. AngularJS developers can integrate multiple UI components with data models by using the declarative UI syntax. It also allows developers to specify the user interface’s behavior and structure using HTML templates and directives. This enables the creation of dynamic and responsive user interfaces without the need for extensive specialized JavaScript code.

Google Support is Extensive

Another significant advantage of AngularJS is its extensive professional network. This allows you to accept suggestions whenever they are needed.

Details are here for top AngularJS Development organizaition

1. HTMLPanda

HTMLPanda is the first on the list. HTMLPanda has grown into a successful AngularJS Development Companies by completing a diverse range of web development projects. It has served over 8000 clients and completed over 15000 web development projects since its inception. HTMLPanda’s customers have included big brand names such as Intel, HP, Drivania, and Unilever, with 92% return clients.

HTMLPanda provides bespoke AngularJS development, migration and upgradation, AngularJS front-end development, HTML to AngularJS conversion, AngularJS eCommerce development, and AngularJS API development. HTMLPanda has also won praise from sites such as Cltuch, Goodfirms, Trustpilot, and others.

2. Zibtek

Zibtek is another prominent AngularJS development firm on the list. It is led by veterans of the technological industry with real-world expertise in starting, building, and exiting diverse enterprises. They use agile concepts to efficiently and cost-effectively handle software projects of any size. Its front-end development stack consists of AngularJS, ReactJS, and React Native. Furthermore, the company provides IT staff augmentation, project management, web and mobile development, QA automation, and a variety of other services.

3. Saritasa

Saritasa uses cutting-edge technologies to provide healthcare solutions. They have helped forward-thinking SMBs, progressive organizations, and enterprises in a variety of industries, including commercial, industrial, and high-tech. They comprehend the client’s requirements and assist them in developing a high-quality web solution for their company. They can assist you in every aspect, from optimizing business procedures to increasing revenue.

Among their clients are Addon, J.D. Power, Winegard, iHeartMedia, and others. With five office locations, they have successfully completed 1769 projects.

4. Door 3

Door 3 is next on the list. They’ve honed their skills in software development, insight-driven strategy, and award-winning design. They assist organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations in modernizing and aligning technology with the future. They have successfully completed over 500 projects with a team of over 80 committed and competent individuals. Elsevier, Johnson&Johnson, FreshDirect, GuyCarpenter, and others are among their clients.

5. Urban Insight

Another on the list that can assist you in designing and developing creative websites and web applications. Urban insight have completed over 500 projects for a diverse variety of clients. Among its prestigious clients include LOS ANGELES, The Huntington, Quicken, Lacma, Planetizen, and others. The professional team at Urban Insight has earned expertise in collaborating with organizations in several areas such as higher education, cultural arts, urban planning, and others.

6. Geekbears

Geekbears specializes in a variety of services such as web development, design, and others. They’ve earned expertise working with a variety of companies, including Samsung, Indeed, and Harvard. They can assist you in making your vision a reality, whether you want to automate your workflows or establish a personalized web platform. They have over 200 customers and have received over 100 five-star reviews.

7. Spinx Digital

They are professionals in industry-leading platforms and technology. Their skilled team specializes in B2B and B2C web design and development. Spinx Digital’s business clients include some of the most well-known and recognized companies in the world. They also assist startups and emerging brands.

They have launched over 250 websites and projects since their inception and have received over 30 awards and recognitions. They have collaborated with well-known companies such as Amazon, NBC, and CBS.

8. Netkiller

Netkiller has specialized in offering the greatest level of security and data protection for Google Workspace. They provide enterprise-grade security software that is targeted to enterprises of all sizes and sectors. They have a track record of working with industry heavyweights like FILA, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Microsoft Seattle Research HQ, and NASA.

9. Hatchworks Technologies

Using nearshore agile software development teams, it assisted one of North America’s biggest on-demand staffing organizations in accelerating their digital transformation. They have earned the trust of a wide range of startups and organizations, including Anthem, ICS, Kemper, PWC, Fleetcor, CarIQ, and many more. Node.js, Java, Python, React, AngularJS, and more technologies are used in their technology stack.

10. Ogun labs

Our software development company is made up of classically trained engineers with competence and experience in a variety of technologies and disciplines. They have also founded early-stage firms and served as CTOs and advisors. Los Angeles, California


Here in this article, we create a list of angularjs Development Companies. We provide detail information about companies using angular technology. If our readers have any doubts, let us know in the comment section below.


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