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Top Biggest Augmented Reality Store and AR Shopping In Metaverse


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In this article, I’d want to focus on the retail industry and share some of my favorite examples of how AR and VR are being used to boost conversion rates and make the consumer journey more engaging. Even before the pandemic, retail, particularly the internet buying experience, was ready for change. There’s a well-known reason why people don’t often buy furniture online: it’s difficult to evaluate the size of a couch, end table, or dresser without seeing it in person.

However, merchants are increasingly adopting augmented reality to assist customers in digitally projecting furniture into their homes, allowing buyers to precisely determine whether an item is the right size and design for their room. Similar things are now possible for glasses, jewelry, clothing, shoes, and anything else that customers desire to buy.

What is Metaverse augmented reality shopping malls?

Many businesses are already devoting money to developing a website where clients may chat and shop online in order to improve their metaverse purchasing experiences. “There will be a significantly larger market, a bigger business,” says Richard Kerris, Vice President of the NVIDIA Omniverse Platform. In other words, the market and industry for virtual worlds will be larger.

NVIDIA is just one corporation that is profiting from the booming online commerce environment. NVIDIA contributes to the ever-increasing demand for online shopping in a variety of ways, including the provision of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and the creation of unique AI avatars for metaverse users. Most designers nowadays are focused with creating items that people will use, such as vehicles, buildings, clothing, and shoes. Kerris, keep going. It is the next stage of internet evolution in which everything is magnified several times.

It goes without saying that the pandemic spurred the shift to online purchasing. According to research, internet retail sales will have climbed by 18% by 2021, hitting $710 billion. Despite the fact that the majority of this money went to giant firms such as Amazon, the trend has spurred many small enterprises to double or even triple their online sales.

List of Top Biggest augmented reality store

  1. Nike
  2. IKEA
  3. Warby Parker’
  4. L’Oreal
  5. Luxury watch retailer WatchBox
  6. FaceCake
  7. BMW’s
  8. Apple
  9. Toms
  10. Fashion retailer Asos

Details for largest augmented reality online shopping stores

1. Nike

In its physical locations, Nike employs augmented reality and virtual reality. Customers can scan things such as shoes or apparel to access information, or they can enter a virtual reality world to experience the various phases in Nike’s supply chain to learn how and where items are created.


IKEA has created The Place App, which allows customers to use augmented reality using their smartphone camera to place furniture products in their homes and see how they will look in their environment.

3. Warby Parker’s

Customers of Warby Parker may utilize augmented reality to put on glasses from the comfort of their own homes, allowing them to find the perfect frames.

4. L’Oreal

L’Oreal now provides augmented reality-powered makeup try-on experiences in partnership with Facebook. Customers can try on cosmetics from Maybelline, L’Oréal Paris, Lancôme, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and Urban Decay, among others.

5. Luxury watch retailer WatchBox

WatchBox, a luxury watch shop, employs augmented reality to allow clients to try on several sizes of watches to choose the perfect one and ensure it looks well on their wrist.

6. FaceCake

FaceCake has developed an Infinite Virtual Closet, which allows users to design and build a fantasy closet full of aspirational wardrobe and jewelry pieces, then virtually try them on. Customers can also get curated style recommendations from the AI-powered buying portal. Imagine being able to virtually try on earrings and seeing them dangling from your ears!

7. BMW’s

BMW’s augmented reality experiences allow automobile buyers to enter showrooms and personalize vehicles with new colors or styles using their tablets or phones. They may also put on virtual reality goggles and experience what it’s like to drive the automobiles, which will help them comprehend their options and make the best decision for their new vehicle.

8. Apple

During the pandemic, Apple used AR technology to advertise their items in their real retail outlets. Customers can utilize AR Quick Look to see what new iPhone or iMac models look like in their environment or in their hands.

9. Toms

Toms, a shoe and apparel brand, has put virtual reality in hundreds of their stores across the world, allowing customers to go to Peru. Toms distributes $1 of every $3 made to workers in their supply chain, and buyers may experience the impact of that program through virtual reality.

10. Fashion retailer Asos

Asos now offers simulated models on its website that you can dress up with AR to explore how different clothing looks on different body types. We will most certainly have our own avatars in the future, so we can have our bodies scanned and try out our own avatars in the digital world.

AR shopping in Metaverse

Successful brands are active not only in the physical world, but also on the internet, mobile devices, and social media. That presence expands organically into the metaverse. By implementing VR, retailers may be able to engage customers with the brand in a one-of-a-kind; immersive setting that tells the company’s narrative and acts as a point of uniqueness. The more immersive and interesting a store’s 3D environment is, the longer customers are likely to stay when making a purchase than when using a mobile app or a standard website.


With the support of augmented reality shopping technologies, brands and retailers may now have a fully working 3D 360-degree digital storefront on their website.


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